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Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]


World of Kulan DM
Starting positions as of the beginning of Round Seven...
Corridor Fight - Round Seven.png

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World of Kulan DM
Remember that Wieland is carrying the torch, so there is bright illumination in a 20-foot radius around him and a 20-foot radius shadowy illumination beyond that. So, Timmins, Meridith, Quinn, and Brutus are all standing in the bright illumination while Angus and the three cultists are all standing in the shadowy illumination at the beginning of round 7.

The light in the brazier room is considered shadowy up to the center of the brazier . The last 15 feet is in darkness.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Like I also said to Knightfall through PM... Apologies for my abrupt disappearance. Switching to a new job has taken up all of my time; hopefully I'll settle in quickly so I can get more active again.

DM, feel free to NPC my character for now. And thanks for reaching out.

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