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Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]


World of Kulan DM
End of Round Six
Caerth: 21
Quinn: 21

Wieland: 17 (dropped torch; readying shield)
Prelate: 15
Cultists [x3]: 15
Brutus: 13
Pritchard [Cultist]: 12
Aureus: 11 (searching this round)
Timmins: 10
Meridith: 8
Angus: 6 (double moves)
Phar: 5 (moves and casts spell)
Maur: 4 (double moves)

Cultist: 4 (casting defensively)
Cultist: 4 (moves 5 feet and attacks Brutus)
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World of Kulan DM
So, last round Scotley used magic missile, and (I think) I had used magic missile for Phar at least once before that as well. So, I'm going to have Phar move and fire a Scorching Ray spell. There is no -4 penalty for firing into melee, as he has Precise Shot. He also has Point Blank Shot and is within 30 feet. He gets two rays. I'm going to say he fires one ray at each of the cultists in the side corridor.

The cultists have do cover, however.

Phar - Scorching Ray (x2): 1D20+8 = [14]+8 = 22
1D20+8 = [15]+8 = 23
4D6 = [3, 2, 3, 2] = 10
4D6 = [1, 3, 1, 2] = 7

Both those attacks hit!


World of Kulan DM
@ScottDeWar_jr, here's the battle map as of the end of round seven. For Quinn, I've been using a virtual token created using your old EN World avatar image. I've attached it below for you too. :D

Corridor Fight - End of Round Seven.png


  • Quinn.png
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World of Kulan DM
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World of Kulan DM
Hmm, while making sure that the XP totals I have on Quinn's PC sheet are right, I've come to realize that I don't think I gave out XP for the PCs when they fought the rooks with the rook alpha just before they met Maur. (I also think I missed giving out XP for the fight against the ghast.)

I did calculate the XP for the first fight with Maur as a member of the group against the cultist patrol that the PCs ambushed on the first level of the temple. That turned to to be 900 XP for each PC (or 3,600 XP in total).

The ghast was worth 400 XP and the Rooks with the Alpha were worth 4,300 XP.

That means Maur has gained 1,000 XP for the fights against the first group of cultists and the ghast.

The other PCs have gained 2,435 XP each from those three battles.

Below is the previous summary of XP from earlier in the game...
(Old) XP Summary For Entire PbP Game
Original Group (including Lorien and Quinn)

Second Group (including Aureus, Caerth, Lorien, Phar, and Quinn)
500 extra (ad hoc -- for first interactions with Cruel Justice)
2,723 XP Each

Third Group (including Aureus, Caerth, Phar, and Quinn; Lorien as an NPC [gets half XP])
788 (vs centipede)
591 (vs "doom" zombies)
972 (rats, bats, and wererat)
1,181 (baby scrag [x4] vs PCs vs koalinths w/sharks [x3])
1,500 (story award for returning Lord Pendour's body; Lorien only gets 500)
5,032 XP for each PC
2,266 XP for Lorien

Fourth Group (including Caerth, Phar, and Quinn; Aureus as an NPC [gets half XP]; Lorien not with group)
1,000 (story award for returning with wererat/ratware couple; Aureus only gets 500)
2,400 XP for each PC
750 XP for Aureus
700 XP for Raius and Sir Ghal vs. the wererat assassin
0 XP for Lorien

Revised XP Gained
Caerth: 10,155 XP
Phar: 10,155 XP
Quinn: 10,505 XP

Aureus: 8,505 XP
Lorien: 5,339 XP

This means that Caerth and Phar have gained 12,590 XP in total and Quinn has gained 12,940 XP in total up until the current ongoing battle. So Caerth and Phar should have 33,590 XP each and Quinn should have 33,940 XP before the current fight broke out.

I believe the group agreed to have Maur come into the game with the XP minimum for 8th level since the other PCs had just reached 8th level (or were about to). We should probably do the same for @Tellerian Hawke's PC, Angus.

Regardless, I'm going to say that both Maur and Angus come into the game with half the XP required to reach 9th level. That would give each of them 32,000 XP to start. Maur has gained an extra 1,000 XP, so his total before the current fight is 33,000 XP. He's a bit behind the other PCs but not by a lot.

Angus's first XP gained will be for the current fight. He'll be behind the other PCs but not by too much. His intro into the game was really cool, so I'm giving T.H. a 750 XP bonus for that. :cool:

Hmm, I think also gave Caerth a special XP bonus for using the dire boar as a battering ram... I'll check. Yes, I gave him an ad hoc bonus of 100 XP. It still makes me smile, so I'm going to upgrade it to 250 XP. :D

Aureus gets half of what the PCs get, so she gets 1,218 XP. She now has a total of 30,723 XP.

The other NPCs will have their totals calculated separately from Aureus and the PCs, later. I'm going to treat them as their own adventuring group fighting alongside the characters.

Time for lunch!
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World of Kulan DM
Ah Ha! I did give out XP for the Ghast!

Knightfall said:
OOC: Each PC gets 100 XP for defeating the ghast and there is total story award of 400 XP for destroying the altar and cleansing the shrine of evil. Good-aligned PCs get an extra 100 XP each.
So, each PC has another 100 XP each from the story award, and Maur and Phar both get the 100 XP bonus.

I knew there was something I missed. :p


World of Kulan DM
Current XP Totals for PCs (and Aureus)
Caerth: 33,940
Maur: 33,200
Phar: 33,790
Quinn: 34,040
Aureus: 30,773 XP
-- gave +50 XP for the story award

Some of your PCs might make it to 9th-level after the current fight. Not sure yet, but the number of bad guys is adding up!
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