OOC: Endur's Return to TOEE part 2

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Well, knowledge is always useful... right now, I guess the only real plan we have is move in there and kill everyone, before they can complete their ritual. ;)

What would be useful to know is, when the ritual will be complete, so we know how much time we have. Also knowledge how to reach the place where the ritual is held. IIRC, this is not in the Black Tower where Craven is held, though.


Paxus Asclepius

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Belaver would certainly like the Ring of Protection, but can't really use any of the other permanent items; he should probably take Naquent's scroll and the wand of Cure Light, to spread out the reservoir of useful stuff in case Torn should be disabled.


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With her improved Spellcraft now, Lenya should be able to discern the school of magic of most, if not all items we got there, using Take 10. That would be helpful in guesstimating what the items might be good for. ;)

Any chance we can get an aura strength/school listing for the unidentified items?



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Magical Auras

Naquent's full plate (Torn): faint abjuration
cultist's ring (Torn; made her feel warmer): faint conjuration
Mind Flayer's cloak: faint abjuration
Mind Flayer's ring: faint abjuration
Mind Flayer's wand: faint illusion
Mind Flayer's wand: faint evocation
Naquent's boots: moderate transmutation
Naquent's cloak: faint abjuration
Naquent's wand: faint abjuration
Daagra's chain shirt: faint abjuration
Daagra's gauntlets: faint transmutation
Ukemil's leather armor: moderate abjuration
Ukemil's short sword: faint evocation
Ukemil's wand: faint evocation
Ukemil's scroll of cure light wounds, divine favor, and locate object
cultist's ring: moderate evocation
lens: moderate divination


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Torn has only moments to take her wishes. It seems to her they must penetrate this tower and destroy those within, so wishing to remove the prisoners is pointless, since they mustenter the tower and fight that battle anyway. Instead, they must focus on helping their mission.

Wish one: "I wish to know the best way for me and my companions to foil this evil cult we have been battling."

If feasible, Torn would prefer to get the answer to wish #1 before proceeding to wish #2.



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I divided up some of the items, as listed above, and a few more that made sense.
I also removed some scrolls from Torn and gave them to Belaver (those, that Druids can use). Torn received the two scrolls Paxus listed above, because they contain mostly Cleric spells.

Let me know, if you think anything should be different.

Fragarach the Sword of Heroes
Naquent's +1 full plate
+1 large steel shield of arrow deflection
amulet of natural armor +1
cloak of resistance +1
Daagra's gauntlets of ogre power
ring of sustenance
wand of Silence (42 charges)
divine scroll of Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Locate Object
divine scroll of True Seeing, Summon Monster V, Invisibility Purge
divine scrolls of Bless, Divine Favor, Hold Person, Summon Monster II, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Summon Monster III, Neutralize Poison, Inflict Critical Wounds (2), Restoration, Greater Command, Slay Living, Greater Dispelling, Heal
potions of Fly, Water Breathing

His own equipment
amulet of natural armor +2 (-> amulet of natural armor +1)
potions of Cure Serious Wounds, Haste (2), Heroism, Water Breathing

Talisman of Pure Good (2 charges left)
bracers of armor +2
ring of protection +1
wand of Cure Light Wounds (15 charges)
divine scrolls of Bear's Endurance, Cure Serious Wounds (2), Neutralize Poison, Flame Strike (2), True Seeing, Heal

Deck of Many Things
+1 dagger
+1 mithril chain shirt
cloak of resistance +1
amulet of natural armor +1
Mind Flayer's ring of protection +1
lens of detection
potion of Bull’s Strength, Water Breathing
Naquent's potion of Gaseous Form

headband of intellect +4
Mind Flayer's cloak of resistance +1
bracers of armor +2
arcane scrolls of Summon Swarm, Detect Thoughts, See Invisibility, Dispel Magic, Empowered Magic Missile, Displacement, Dimension Door, Wall of Fire
potions of Lesser Restoration, Neutralize Poison, Water Breathing
Spellbook of Dirass the Drow
Spellbook of Kadiss the Albino Gray Elf

Orb of Silvery Death
crystal ball with ESP
arcane scroll of Greater Invisibility
figurine of wondrous power (Bronze Griffon)
Ukemil's +2 leather armor of silent moves
Naquent's cloak of resistance +1
Naquent's boots of speed
Mind Flayer's wand of Invisibility |
Mind Flayer's wand of Magic Missile (5th) |
Naquent's wand of Dispel Magic |
Ukemil's wand of Fireball |
wand of Inflict Moderate Wounds |
wand of Arcane Lock |
wand of Summon Monster IV ||

Toriah (currently prevented)
greater arrows of slaying (humans) (3)
bag of holding
Daagra's +1 chain shirt

Craven (missing in action)

+4 longsword (from Torn)
+1 longbow
+1 short sword
Ukemil's +1 short sword
+1 full plate
cultist's ring: moderate evocation

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Thanks a lot, Thanee. That was a lot of work. I reckon we should use some of the other items as well. Torn will take Naquent's boots. Kerwyn should take a bow and the human slayer arrows.

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