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I'll predict that RoS makes back its own expenses (and provides the management team with a nice bonus check) plus some, but will not provide the next Star Wars movie with an adequate cash bankroll, ready-to-spend.
RoS could gross zero dollars (BTW, I believe it passed $500,000,000 globally already) and Disney could (and would, eventually) spend a moon-sized sphere full of cash on the next Star Wars movie.

Disney had %80 of the top-grossing films of 2019. They could bankroll an aircraft carrier, if they chose to (umm, and the government agreed to sell one). Rise is underperforming because it‘s expected to challenge the top box office performers of all time.

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Empire strikes back
Return of the jedi
Star Wars (sorry they can’t get away with retroactively changing a title with me)
Attack of the clones
Revenge of the sith
Rogue one
Phantom menace
ewok adventure
The Christmas special
rise of the skywalker
The force awakens
The last Jedi


Jedi Master
Tier 1 - A New Hope
Tier 2 - Empire Strikes Back, The Last Jedi
Tier 3 - Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens, Rise of Skywalker
Tier 4 - Attack of the Clones, Rogue One, Solo

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