Speculation on the next UA in April

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Treantmonk said 3 weeks in his video.
So even if it was second hand, now third hand knowledge, I guess that tracks with the previous releases.

I expect at least 20th if not 27th of april.

If they hit the 20th, they will actually be on-point for their "bi-monthly" new schedule. Hopefully that will happen. AFAICT all the previous UAs (barring the first one) were late (from when they were expected), but that's probably why they went for the new schedule. Hopefully it was to make it a schedule that they could keep.

They know with the UA playtesting the speculations about future releases start again.

I see now they are more focused into the updated edition than adding new things.

Maybe we could see some new about the ardlings and the glitchlings. The idea was not bad, but the design of the specie traits need work.

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