stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. III [IC] (Completed)

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First Post
Ladreth Dorkunan
HP: 38/38 AC: 21 F-R-W: 9 - 6 - 0
2 Negative Levels

Ladreth, seeing the abomination come to life, moves in a step and takes two mighty hacks at the beast, the half-orcs body still weakened from the soul-sapping attacks he earlier endured.

5' Step to F-10: full attack with +1 Greatsword +13/+8 2d6+10


First Post
Marot the Deadly

"Absorb this -- ghoul-like man!" shouts Marot as he brings his now glowing right hand up to point at the undead aberration.

A white and gold bolt of energy flashes between the two.

OOC: +8 ranged touch, spirit blast 4d6+5 damage


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
The End

The fight had just begun in the depths of the dungeon. But, with vast magic released by the canceling of the wards made scrying difficult. The watcher frowned, but no lines disturbed her perfect face. Soon the image was gone.

It had been some time since she had sent her thrall Mateusz to recover the secrets of the lost ir'Zarovich's. If she was right, it would do well for Kaius to have them. If he could not be freed of his malaise, well, it would do well for him to utilize the most of its power. Undeath need not be a curse. She had concerns of this "Lord Sergei", but would have to send someone else to look into it if she could not watch for now. Perhaps she would find the remains of her expedition; perhaps not. But she would have it dealt with.

With that, Moranna ir'Wynarn ordered some fresh blood. There was work to be done.

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