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Limit Break Dancing

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yeah does not look like an undead horror, if you told me it was a subtype of goblin I would believe you, needs to look more dead and inhuman.
It works fine for me. There are many types of undead. I mean vampires don't look particularly dead or inhuman. I guess I didn't have preconceived notions of what a "wight" should look like.


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Wow that's very specific but... that literally happened in my main 4E game, and yes my reaction was much like that. He did eventually get revived.
Something very similar happened to me in a 4e campaign, only I was the warlock and it wasn’t so much me trying to be a hero as me being careless while interacting with a summoned devil. Also my DM reacted by enthusiastically tossing the module we were playing over his shoulder.
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