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The Heroes of Dyvers Chapter Six

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth



The party has arrived in the city of Hochoch, having made their way to the Tower of Lady Abigail (Collin’s mother); introductions are in the process of being made.

Current Time: Patchwall 23, CY 963 7:20 PM

The party attacked the Giant Steading at 9:00 AM during the heavy rain storm, interrupting a special “Dignitaries Breakfast” that was being thrown in honor of Prince Delliak and the three Stone Giant Elders. The battle was over in a matter of minutes, and the party escaped the Steading with the aid of a juvenile Gold Dragon named Collin. After a 9-hour flight in a magical sled pulled by Collin, the party arrived in the city of Hochoch. After waiting 20 minutes to get into the city, and a 45-minute walk to the tower, the sun has just begun to set.

GM: Where we left off:

...Seated behind the desk is the most comely woman anyone has ever seen; even the Elves of the party cannot remember seeing another Elf maiden of such surpassing beauty. She smiles upon the party’s entrance, and rises to greet them.

Lady Abigail 001.jpg

She is a Gray Elf, standing 6’7” tall, with flawless, fair skin, silver hair, and bewitching, violet-amber eyes. She is thin, and lithe, statuesque in form, having wide hips and a bountiful chest, though her clothing is modest, and not very revealing. Even the gorgeous Nelvandra pales in comparison. She looks quite young, perhaps akin to a Human female in her mid-20’s, but everyone in the party is far too wise to proceed upon such a foolish assumption; to be who she is, to hold the station and wealth that she does, she must be ancient in age.

She introduces herself in a polite, cordial manner: “Greetings, I am Abigallendoraleppendroxx, but you can call me Lady Abigail; I am a member of the Hochoch Merchant Guild, and serve as a council member on the Lord Mayor’s advisory cabinet. I am also an emeritus member of the Hochoch Mage Guild, the current Guildmaster, Miskatuuk, having once been my greatest student. My son, Collin, almost never brings me any company, so I can surmise that this visit must be of great import and significance. Whom might all of you be?”

EVERYONE: What do you do?
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With a deep bow and a slightly smitten expression on my face I introduce myself, “I am Dewydd Moresby of Dyvers, second son of his Lordship Cadeyrn Moresby, under his Excellency, the Baron Kalinstren of Furyondy. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”


Tam speaks up next, his voice a little subdued, he being in awe and infatuation toward such a beautiful lady, dragon though she may be. He speaks in nearly a whisper:

" I am Tamartamlin Quickfoot of Littleton, more recently Dyvers. I am honored to meet you, fair lady --- er, dragoness, --- er..."

Tam blushes even more.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
What Happens During The Downtime

GM: DM Note: Someone pointed out that the party has been tramping through the city streets with a Red Orc and a Drow in plain sight. This is was not an oversight on my part; I assumed that the party would have taken measures to disguise the presence of the two “suspicious” party members; there are two Hats of Disguise in the party’s possession (Lathir’s, and Respen’s) that could have been used to mask their identities. Also, simple hoods / long sleeves could also suffice for casual inspection. Lastly, the party was accompanied by Collin, who seems to be well-liked and respected by the city guardsmen. Therefore, to speed things along, I simply assumed that the party made it through the city without incident.

GM: If you haven’t yet posted your introductions, simply post them anyway, and I will assume that you had already done so. This is a long part of the game, with a lot of exposition, therefore, I need to take certain things for granted, in order not to bog down gameplay. I am writing this post under the premise that the party has introduced themselves to Abigail, and that Collin has informed her of the party’s exploits.

After the introductions have been made, Abigail introduces herself…

Abigail speaks: “As you might have guessed, being Collin’s mother, makes me a Dragon as well, and a much older one at that. I am of sufficient age to have seen the calamity of mutual destruction that led to the fall of the Suloise and Baklunish empires; I have lived sufficiently long to not only amass a great deal of knowledge, but several potent enemies as well. My greatest foe is a red Wyrm known as Mythendrixxelonn, who is as powerful an agent of evil as I am an agent of good. Both of us have gone to great lengths to hide our presence from one another; Myth knows, as I do, that allowing our locations to be known is tantamount to inviting unwanted attack, and even sudden death. My late husband, Collin’s father, discovered the harshness of that reality first-hand; Myth not only killed him, but also took his very soul, draining it with a powerful gem known as the Mother of Darkness, a jet-black pearl some 12 inches in diameter, which was created in ages past, by a dark Magus named Kolmar. Thus, both Myth and I work behind the scenes, through other agents, and through obfuscated channels, to further the goals of our respective deities, who are themselves also enemies. Myth serves the goddess Tiamat, while I serve the mighty Bahamut. Neither of us acts directly against any problem, nor against any foe. I am far too wise to expose myself needlessly, and Myth (and rightfully so!) fears my wrath; thus, we both remain hidden, lurking in the shadows, so-to-speak, waiting, and watching. But we both lend aid where we can to potential allies, such as yourselves. I am a learned sorceress, and I have untold wealth and abundant resources at my disposal. Would you be willing to act in my service, and thus, ultimately in the service of Bahamut, in return for my aid, sponsorship, and mentorship?”

While the party ponders her offer, she goes on to explain: “Regardless of your acceptance of my offer, sundering the power of Nosnra and his dark queen was a great service to the region. I would be happy to provide you with respite, hospitality, advice, and training. Consider this tower your second home, for as long as you’d like to stay. If you decide to accept my offer, you can even go so far as to pick out a room of your own, and to furnish and decorate it as you please.”

During the next ten months, several things occur:

Lady Abigail introduces the party to a powerful ally, her lover, Ellis Kvar, the Hierophant Druid of the Vesve Forest.

Upon seeing Kleborn’s gray cloak, Ellis comments: “Not more than a week ago, I entertained some friends of yours, Gray Cloak. Your organization must be more widespread than I thought, no doubt owing to the popularity of your relentless, strong-willed, stubborn, impetuous, yet admirably brave leader.”

Kleborn laughs, as he nods knowingly; Osprey was all of those things, and more. Kleborn, you can’t help but wonder what dangers the Gray Cloaks must be facing, possibly at this very moment.

During their 10-month stay, any mages in the party enjoy unlimited access to Abigail’s spellbook library; a few of them are hers, but fully hundreds, perhaps thousands of them, are obviously captured spellbooks, from enemies long dead.

GM: Whatever your max level spells are, assume that you get to copy ALL SPELLS of those levels, from most of the 3.5 core and source books; however, oddball spells remain subject to DM approval.

Also during the downtime, Nelvandra goes to full term, and gives birth to two children, one girl, and one boy. Both are obviously Elven, although the girl’s skin is inky black, her hair snow white, and her eyes a vibrant, purple-amber, having received the dominant Drow female genes; in contrast, the boy’s skin is ashen and gray, like the dying embers of a fire, and his hair is a bluish-gray, like that of a Human elder, while his eyes are bright yellow, like a jungle cat. Both children seem to be strong and healthy.

GM: Both children have the stats and racial abilities of full-blooded Drow; their stats at the age of adulthood are listed below.

[sblock=Stats for the twins:]
STR 10
DEX 17
CON 10
INT 19
WIS 12
CHA 17

STR 12
DEX 15
CON 10
INT 20
WIS 14
CHA 17

GM: Respen, you need to come up with baby names. And then you’ll have to run them by Nelvandra.

During the first two weeks of downtime, Abigail gathers the party together and says. “I have been scrying on the Steading, and I have news; Nosnra’s daughter, Varnella, has assumed leadership of the remaining Hill Giants. There are only 6 Hill Giants left, or 7, counting her. She is being advised and counseled by a Drow Wizard named Glimval, who also seems to be her lover. She has the support of the Troll and Bugbear tribes also, but from what I can surmise by listening in on their conversations, both the Trolls and the Bugbears see Glimval as the true leader at this point.”

Abigail pauses a moment, then continues, “I cannot scry upon the Troll leader, Brunk, nor upon the Troll Shaman, Vlagg, but I know they exist, from the context of what I overheard. I also have previous knowledge of the Armbreaker Tribe; they are minions of my enemy, Myth, and I know that he has bred with them. Many of them no doubt have Dragon blood coursing through their veins, and are probably resistant to fire; if you approach the Steading again, be prepared to deal with them. Being among his strongest minions, I have no doubt that Myth has shielded them somehow from scrying. Besides Brunk and Vlagg, there are 18 Troll Warriors in the Steading; and they are supported by Wyggum Vrendar, Chief Bugbear of the Skullseeker Tribe, and I count 51 Bugbears, all armed with crude armor and weaponry; apparently, the Drow-crafted equipment that the Giants enjoyed did not make its way to their weaker allies. I have also been able to determine that there are 3 Drow Clerics in the steading, who seem to be giving Glimval his orders. But even these 3 sisters are not in charge; they have been sending magical messages to a Drow Priestess by the name of Eclavdra.”

Nelvandra gasps at the mention of that name. “Oh, no!” she exclaims. “The Grand High Enforcer of Lolth, second only to the Queen. This does not bode well.”

Abigail nods, continuing, “Fortunately, although the Trolls serve Myth, I do not believe there to be any dialogue between Myth and The Drow. The Trolls talk constantly of the need for the Drow Sisters to raise Nosnra from the dead, but they keep refusing, citing the fact that his failure in battle has angered Lolth. This is a point in our favor.”

Abigail turns to Dewydd, as if he had posed a question, despite his silence this whole time: “By the way, three days ago, I visited the Giants at their campsite, and they were exactly where Collin told them to be. I opened a portal for them, depositing them about three miles away from your manor house, in a small copse of trees. I told them to wait for nightfall, and to approach your house and ask for lodging. I gave them a token of mine, that will prove their good intentions to anyone who sees it; it bears the Holy Mark of Bahamut. Barring any unforeseen complications, they are resting comfortably now within the confines of your estate.”

GM: At this point, the players can begin posting their intentions for how they intend to use their downtime. You guys can also divide and sell your loot; Lady Abigail offers to buy anything you wish to sell, and she makes an additional offer to sell the party anything that they might have need of from her personal hoard. She mentions specifically that she has many magical tomes she could part with (for a fair price) which would greatly enhance the party’s physical and mental abilities, permanently enhancing them.
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
“Greetings, I am Abigallendoraleppendroxx, but you can call me Lady Abigail; I am a member of the Hochoch Merchant Guild, and serve as a council member on the Lord Mayor’s advisory cabinet. I am also an emeritus member of the Hochoch Mage Guild, the current Guildmaster, Miskatuuk, having once been my greatest student. My son, Collin, almost never brings me any company, so I can surmise that this visit must be of great import and significance. Whom might all of you be?”
Lathir nods at the introduction. He would tip his hat, but he has already given it to Tam. Lathir offers no flourish or fanfare.
"I am called Lathir. I was once a forward army scout. I am a dedicated druid of Mielikki. It is good to make your acquaintance. I sure there will be time for us to share more news of our circumstance at a later time."


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir: Down Time

Obviously Lathir does not care for remaining indoors. He spends as much time out and about as possible. Also, he has no needs of the Lady's libraries, but does make time to converse with Ellis, extensively, the druidic ways being passed more by discourse than writ.

When it comes to the discussion of the agents of malevolence and their gathering forces, Lathir suggests removing the Bugbears from the equation as the simplest approach to weakening the enemy.

"As an army scout, my gathering information was always used by those in command to formulate plans of attack to move directly at an enemy's command, whether surgically or in force. Occasionally this was successful, but often not, and the cost to life on both sides could often be staggering. My suggestions then were categorically ignored, but my ideology has not been deterred, though I no longer serve in any army. I have always thought that to attack the outliers or weaker elements of an enemy force, first, would allow the greatest opportunity to weaken an enemy without giving away too much knowledge of one's own forces or one's own power."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: SUPPLEMENTAL INFO: The Dwarf and two Halfling prisoners who were rescued accompanied the party to Hochoch, and are resting / recouperating in Abigail’s tower. Unless anyone has specific things to ask them, they are spending their time resting, training, and planning their return trips home, via caravan or other means.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
A Find of Great Historical Significance

In the process of sorting treasure to be sold to Lady Abigail, Respen shows her Prince Kraven's helm. Lady Abigail gasps with excitement, and then explains to the entire party the significance of their find.

She says, "This helm is priceless. It is the Helm of Veldomar, a famous Elven Druid, a former Heirophant of the Vesve Forest, from ages past. The helm was thought to be lost forever; Veldomar was killed by a Drow assassin in CY 13, and the helm was taken into the Underdark."

Lady Abigail casts Legend Lore upon the helm, and discovers that the assassin was named Solimok The Silent. The helm stayed in Solimok’s family for many years, until Solimok’s descendant, Matron Vonimar, gave it (recently) to Kraven, in return for his loyalty.

Nelvandra confirms that Matron Vonimar is a known collector of rare magical items, and that many items in her collection were gotten through devious means.

Powers of the Helm:
Comprehend Languages, Speak With Animals, always active, and Tongues at will as a free action. Also functions as a helm of Underwater Action. Helm will size to fit ANY wearer. Helm is considered to be a Minor Artifact.
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Sylvar B.

Sylvar approaches Abigail half with curiosity and half with reverential awe. Normally Sylvar would be cautious, however, If she is who he thinks she is, the party is in the presence of a living legend, and withholding information is useless anyway. Sylvar bows deeply..."My Lady, I am Sylvar Belanor, although sometimes I go by Gretious Von Kirk... I am a Bard, adventurer, and recently named Champion of Uller...might I be so bold as to inquire... Are you the same Abaghaeilli who created Oros and Mirios?

Aust Thale

Respen Post #1: Housekeeping

After introductions and getting acquainted, Respen finds a space in the tower where he can open and empty the portable hole of the loot acquired during the party’s recent adventures. He inventories it, and queries Collin on the dragons’ ability (very considerable) and willingness to trade for more liquid currency and/or magic items and equipment the party might be able to use.

OOC: I decided to add the lists here.

[sblock=Rollup List of Loot]
36,500 in two (2) magic items from Dorinda encounter: Dewydd, Lathir, Sylvar, Vale, Tam, Respen

157,974 in assorted magic items, stuff to sell, currency/gems, & fine goods from road encounter:
Dewydd, Lathir, Sylvar, Vale, Tam, Kleborn, Thallok

879,149 in assorted magic items, stuff to sell, currency/gems, trinkets, and Voodoo magic from giants: Everybody.

[sblock=Two (2) special magic items]
1) CE intelligent weapon to be destroyed for 35k xp or 35k gold; vote on which one
2) Minor Artifact: Helm of Vendomar - priceless (sell to collector, use, or trade for favor)
Everybody involved in this.

[sblock=Assorted “party” gear]
640 arrows (mundane)
Iron Rations (280 days for 1 person)
2 Horses
4 large chests
1 small chests
Assorted sacks & pouches.

Potions (10):
Potion of Bull Strength
Potion of Extra Healing
Potion of Healing
Potion of Hill Giant Control
Potion of Storm Giant Strength
Potions (3) of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Delusion
Potion of Poison

[sblock=Pre-Portal List] Split among following
Dewydd, Lathir, Sylvar, Vale, Tam, Respen
32,000 g.p. Dorinda's Ring of Protection +4 (Vale currently holds)
4,500 g.p. 1 Wand of Hold Person, Fully Charged (50) (Sylvar currently holds)
36,500 Total g.p.

[sblock= The Road to the Steading] Split among the following
Dewydd, Lathir, Sylvar, Vale, Tam, Kleborn, Thallok
17,496 gp MW Arms & Armor (assorted)
16,600 gp 4 Suits of Elven Chainmail (From the Elves) (Sylvar has 1 suit)
2,800 gp 4 Masterwork Composite Longbows [Set for 16 Str] (From the Elves) (Vale has 1 bow currently)
1,970 gp Arms/Armor (mundane)
24,338 gp Currency
21,000 gp Rare Spices, 10 bolts Silk, 10 barrels Elven Wine, 10 barrels Wintershiven Ale
13,310 gp Gems
2,000 gp Hide Armor +1 [Large-sized]
3,000 gp GreatClub +1 [Large-sized]
18,000 gp Chain Shirt +4 [Large-sized]
20,000 gp Naginata +3 [Large-sized]
2,000 gp Ring of Protection +1 (Platinum, set with an emerald)
4,000 gp Cloak of Resistance +2 (Large Size)
4,500 gp 1 Wand of False Life, Fully Charged (50)
6,960 gp 4 Quivers of 20 Arrows ea.; Elven Arrows +1 Minor Holy (@ Sylvar/2 quivers; @ Tam/2 quivers)
157,974 gp TOTAL

[sblock= The Steading List] All current party members per DM splits
18,650 gp Horn of Dire Wolf Command : (Works like Trident of Fish Command, up to 30 HD worth of Dire Wolves)
110,000 gp Tome of Clear Thought +4 (taken from dead Wizard)
10,000 gp Glove of Storing
5,000 gp Rare Book (Moaine’s’ Tome of Planar Knowledge) +5 Knowledge (Planes) checks
19,500 gp Mithral Full Plate Armor +3 (Dwarven-sized)
8,312 gp Warhammer +2 (medium-sized, formerly owned by a Dwarf of the Goldbeard Clan, from the inscription.) 15,000 gp Giant Slaying Sword (unique: illusion of unlit torch until touched): 14 INT, 8 EGO; NG align
4,500 gp 3 Javelins of Lightning
100,000 gp 2 Rings of Spell Storing (5 Levels)
2,500 gp Ring of Sustenance
15,000 gp Ring of Water Walking
4,000 gp Ring of Counterspells
6,942 gp Currency
31,730 gp Gems & Jewelry
57,810 gp Swag/Trinkets/Miscellaneous Belongings
356,900 gp MW Arms/Armor (Drow)
113,305 gp Voodoo Delliak's, Vulka's, Kraven's Special Magic Weapons:
879,149 Total g.p.

[sblock=Total Share By Party Member]
TOTAL Party Member Share
109,260 @ Dewydd 1
109,260 @ Lathir 1
109,260 @ Sylvar 1
109,260 @ Tam 1
109,260 @ Vale 1
103,177 @ Kleborn 1
103,177 @ Thallok 1
86,692 @ Respen 1
80,609 @ Duncan 1
40,304 @ Bronze1 0.5
40,304 @ Bronze2 0.5
40,304 @ Ebony 0.5
40,304 @ Nel 0.5
1,081,172 TOTAL 11


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