Aust Thale

Vale Stonegallows & Respen Coraellus - Images

OOC: I wanted to post images that reflect what Vale and Respen generally look like.

[sblock=Character Portraits]
Vale Stonegallows (Beard is much shorter; severed during previous injury)
1 - Vale - Formal Dress without Coat of Arms.jpg

Respen Coraellus

1 - Respen - Face .PNG
4 - Respen - Scout.png
2 - Respen - Blue.png
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Party Prepares To Enter The Fort...

Using several magical spells, which include Burrow, and Stone Shape, over a period of several days, Vale manages to make a very nice tunnel that runs down the inside of the cliff face, and comes out behind the fort, in the shaded area between the rear wall and the cliffside.

Vale said:
"...The tunnel is big enough for medium creatures less than 6'1" tall without stooping, and wide enough for 5 foot clearance in most places, except in a couple of turns to wind its way through harder rock formations. It's snug. It travels down a 9-10 degree grade, making it easily manageable. The 'bunker' at the bottom is dug out to have a 6'6" ceiling, as well as a 15-20 degree planed opening 3 feet across and 10 foot long on the west side along the edge closes to the cliff, allowing egress/ingress by simply walking out away."

[sblock=Illustration (Cross-section) of Vale's Tunnel]
000 - Cross Section of Tunnel-Cliff-Underground Room.jpg

Respen said:
"...Respen offers to assist in building snares to catch any creature trying to enter behind them."

GM: Result = 20; Snare is set. Respen waits until everyone is inside before setting the snares.

Respen said:
"...I can use this three (3) times a day, every day." He uses the monocle to look at the wand, whispering to the monocle in Elvish, until the spell does its work.

Nelvandra stops Respen from using the Monocle, "Don't bother. Clare made that wand for the Succubus Queen that she recruited. It's a wand of Hold Person. Very useful if we encounter any Drow or Orcs; it will be useless, however, AGAINST THE GIANTS."

GM: Sorry, couldn't resist the pun! :D

Respen said:
"...I should not waste any opportunity. Show me what else you want to identify; I can do two (2) more items today. First two proposed it shall be. "

GM: Does anyone in the party need anything identified? If so, discuss it in LINE chat, and come up with a finalized list of three items, and I will assume that Respen identified them.

Respen said:
After doing so, he picks up the portable hole cloth and puts it away in his backpack.

GM: I am assuming that Respen's backpack is non-magical? If not, Respen would not be so foolish as to put the Portable Hole into a Handy Haversack. His Knowledge Arcana is sufficiently high to know better.

Respen said:
Respen also prepares himself for the evening, preparing his own meal with Nel. He shares his bedroll and blanket with her while he trances instead of sleeps.

Nelvandra, who is carrying a black, leather backpack with a purple "D" embroidered on it, opens it up, and takes out a small, metal decanter. She offers fresh, cool water to anyone who wants it. The decanter is obviously magical, because until Nelvandra utters the command word (in the Drow language) the decanter is empty. Afterwards, she puts the decanter away, and makes a point of having Respen hand feed her the evening meal. She refuses to lift a finger.

Nel smiles wickedly at Respen, "I want my man, my big, strong hero, to feed me."

Respen said:
He arises with the rest of the party, leaving Nel to her own time, and studying his own spell books (after retrieving from the portable hole), and he works hard to make sure that he picks the proper ones. [...] He then works with Vale to prepare the party's descent into the tunnel, and he helps the others get their gear tied down, etc...To the Fort!!!

Tam Tam said:
As the rest approach, Tam is, for all intents and purposes, his "old self". He gives his big smile while saying: "Are we ready for this? 'Cause I say --- Let's go."

Dewydd said:
Heading into the tunnel I request, "please let me know just before we break through the ground to open air again. I have a few spells I need to cast before we face any threats."

Sylvar said:
Sylvar nods in agreement, ”Same goes for me.”

The party proceeds into the tunnel, making their way to the staging area at the other end. When everyone is gathered in the small room, which is more akin to a foyer, Vale says, "This is it. I will open the door once Dewydd has cast his spells."

GM: DEWYDD: State which spells you cast, if you please.

GM: After Dewydd has stated which spells he is casting, I shall bring Chapter Four to a close. I will post the link to Chapter Five in the LINE chat.


I gratefully accept some water and chuckle when Nel gets Respen to feed her. When given the word by Vale, I cast my spells.

My fingers and words of power come out in a rush. Two spells are cast in the same round. A tangible field of force shaped like armor surrounds me, quickly fades away, and then armor (much like my old armor) forms around me. Grinning, I continue and two more spells are cast in the same round. A tower shield of force appears in front of me and then it too fades from sight. A magical barrier twinkles into existence one foot around me, looking like scales from scale armor before fading out of sight. The next spell takes a moment, but everyone within 20 feet of me suddenly feels their deity speaking through them to other gods, filling the space with diverse divine energies that strengthen us. My outline appears to blur, shift, and waver, distorting due to blades suddenly dancing around me from head to toe.
Suddenly, a duplicate of me steps out and then another quickly follows, each moving to flank me.

Nodding, I whisper, “Let us finish this,” as I grip my greatsword.

OOC: My spells are all different due to Spell Thematics. Spellcraft DC's to identify them being cast are 20 each for the first four and 21 each for the last three.
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Standing by Sylvar, Tam gets ready with dagger and rapier, planning on finding cover and immediately working stealth (Hide and Move Silently) and looking for every Backstab opportunity he can perpetrate against the enemy.

Aust Thale

ID Magic Items

[sblock=Current Loot Count From Teleport Circle Until Staging for Fort:]
OOC: This list was acquired by the party sans Respen & Nel. Neither Respen nor Nel are entitled to any of it except as equipment (bows/arrows, etc.) Any value from the sale of any of it is due the seven (7) other party members.

4 Suits of Masterwork Chainmail (From the Humans)
4 Suits of Elven Chainmail (From the Elves) One (1) Suit to Sylvar
4 Masterwork Large Steel Shields (From the Humans)
4 Masterwork Longswords (From the Humans)
4 Masterwork Longbows (From the Humans)
4 Masterwork Greatswords (From the Elves)
4 Masterwork Composite Longbows [Set for 16 Str] (From the Elves) One (1) To Vale; One (1) To Sylvar
6 Masterwork Chainmail Shirts (Medium-sized) w/ Pomarj emblem (Two of which will need repairs to the abdomen area)
6 Chainmail Shirts w/ Pomarj Markings
6 Masterwork Falchions (Medium-sized) w/ Pomarj emblem
6 Falchions (regular) w/ Pomarj Markings
6 Masterwork Composite Short Bows (Set for 21 Str) w/ Pomarj Emblem
6 Shortbows(regular) w/ Pomarj Markings
16 Quivers / 20 Arrows Each
10 Large-sized Hide Armors
20 Large-sized Javelins
10 Large-sized Greatclubs

Ogre Leader's Hide Armor [Large-sized] (looks WAY better than the others)
Ogre Leader's Greatclub [Large-sized] (looks WAY better than the others)

3 Masterwork Javelins [Large-sized] from the Ogre Leader
2 Masterwork Greatclubs [Large-sized] from the Giants
2 Masterwork Hide Armors [Large-sized] from the Giants

794 pp.
14,415 gp.
18,822 sp.
10,049 cp.

4 Quivers of 20 Arrows ea.; Magical Arrows made from heartwood, w/ yellow runes! (From the Elves) - ID'ed Blessing w/ Elven Blessing (+1 to Hit & Damage; +1d4 Holy Damage)

1 Wand, Fully Charged (50)
Potion (Light Green Liquid)
Ogre Leader's Ring (Platinum, set with an emerald)
Large-sized Magical Chain Shirt (Strong Abjuration)
Large-sized Magical Naginata (Strong Evocation)
Large-sized Magical Cloak (Faint Abjuration)
3 Unknown Potions (Faint Transmutation)

1. Blue Sapphire (wow)
2. Emerald (wow)
3. Moss Agate
4. Bloodstone
5. Jasper
6. Star Rose Quartz
7. Moonstone
8. Onyx
9. Peridot
10.Black Opal (wow)
11. Diamonds (2) (Unknown Value)

Iron Rations (Enough for 20 people to last for 14 days; i.e., 280 days for 1 person.)

6,000 gp. worth of rare spices
2,000 gp. worth of fine silk (10 bolts, 200 gp. per bolt.)
8,000 gp. worth of Elven Wine (10 Pony Kegs aka Quarter Barrels, 800 gp. per barrel - 17" in diameter & 14' tall; 75 lbs, 8 gallons of liquid ea.)
5,000 gp. worth of Wintershiven Ale (10 Pony Kegs aka Quarter Barrels, 500 gp. per barrel - 17" in diameter & 14' tall; 75 lbs, 8 gallons of liquid ea.)

Vale had largely ignored Respen's initial offer to identify magic items for the party. He was busy building a tunnel, and he was as suspect of Respen as the rest of the group. The time with him was helpful; he was helpful. So when evening came, he remembered Respen's offer, and he pointed several items out before Respen placed their accumulated treasure and additional equipment in the portable hole. Nifty item, that thing was. "Thank ye Elf. Nice to 'ave ye back. These are the magic items. Not sure 'bout the armor and greatclub. One of the war parties we encountered had an exceptionally well-equipped ogre leader, a lot of good that did him. These two items were his, as was the ring. I don't know if they are magical. The arrows my axe figured out. The rest, well, we'll need to know at some point. "

[sblock=Magic Items Only]
Ogre Leader's Hide Armor [Large-sized] (looks WAY better than the others)
Ogre Leader's Greatclub [Large-sized] (looks WAY better than the others)
Ogre Leader's Ring (Platinum, set with an emerald)

1 Wand, Fully Charged (50)
Potion (Light Green Liquid)
Large-sized Magical Chain Shirt (Strong Abjuration)
Large-sized Magical Naginata (Strong Evocation)
Large-sized Magical Cloak (Faint Abjuration)
3 Unknown Potions (Faint Transmutation)

Respen looks through the items, first at the Ogre Leader's items. He looks at Vale, as the rest of the party apparently has no preference, he picks the ogre leader ring, the wand from the war party, and the cloak from the war party, thinking they might provide some additional tools against the fort. Looking through the monocle, the items appear clear, with extreme clarity. Respen simply has but to look at the item and whisper two words in Elvish, "Hinual Avae." Frankly, the monocle didn't him to speak in Elvish, nor say those specific words, but the item seemed to work nonetheless. Respen smiles.

Respen: "Vale, who has the ring from the succubus?"
Vale: "I believe that I do. Here, it was in my haversack."

Respen asks Nel if she can identify it as well.
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