The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread


Wow! Your ignore list must be huge. I've been told that I'm one of the mist ignored people here, yet I only miss a few posts per page on average. Didn't miss a single one on the page I just quoted you on.

I cannot accept that as fact, I have a short fuse, and I dont think you've ever bothered me, at least not enough for me to come here and snark on you. ;)

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Limit Break Dancing
If pineapple remains as popular as you insist it still is,
and if as many people are still clamoring for it as you say there are,
and if pineapple is truly the goldmine you claim it to be...

...I feel like we would see a lot more pineapple Kickstarters, at the very least.

That really wouldn’t work. You’d have no clue how many books to print. Printing too many or not enough could ruin you, financially. Especially when talking about relatively high-cost products like full-color hardback RPG books. More than likely people honestly use Kickstarter to find out how many books to print. They probably get quotes from a few printers and check schedules to make sure they’re available. Etc.
I have heard of publishers using kickstarter as an advertising or marketing tool. Afaik most of the successful publishers on kickstarter have the lion's share of the work finished, and use kickstarter to pay for art, or other things. The biggest printer of RPG's in the US is Studio 2, so they kind of set the standard for US stuff, even though they outsource the actual printing to China.


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