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Too Young to Retire

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Merin will accelerate healing first on himself, then on Sheldon. He will also look through the handler's belongings, to see if anything has any proclivities.

67 = Accelerated Healing on himself
83 = Accelerated Healing on Sheldon

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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Merin will accelerate healing... look through...
Merindell: 30(medicine) + 65(restore) + 83(d100) = 178
Sheldon: 59 + 52 + 83 = 194
Merindell walks over to his prone friend. The wolf takes a step back and lays down. When Merin lays his hands on Sheldon, the bent waylines fluctuate synergistically between the both of them, accelerating their natural recovery simultaneously.

Looking at the Handler, Merin is fairly certain that the man is a Kinamin, and thinks it strange to find one of such age and semblance of sanity, though malevolent he was. He is heavily adorned with all sorts of trinkets. He has two small belt pouches containing some tiny seeds and two others, one with a black stone containing translucent purple streaks, the other with a dark red stone. He has a talisman of some dark red feathers tied in his hair, another of three long blue feathers and a third of large black feathers.
Merindell: 30(alchemy) + 42(analysis) + 67(d100) = 139, fail
It seems ridiculous that the man would have adorned himself with such items if they were of no mystical use to him, having such talent to control the mind of a wolf, but Merin can sense nothing from them.

When Sheldon can sit up, he beckons the wolf to him, removing its collar. The collar looks more like a belt with several cinched pouches. Each pouch contains a stone. The wolf looks from Sheldon to the way out a few times, then runs off, free to return to its own nature and habitat.
Merindell: Body: 2, injured.
Time: 80 days/ (178 + 194) = 5 hours, 10 minutes
Surcoat: 79 - 2 = 77
Tunic: 56
Sheldon: Body: -1, incapacitated.
Time: 110 days / (178 + 194) = 7 hours, 6 minutes
A-tunic: 59
Cockatrice feathers: 1 pair, (Motility & Cohesion +3)
Cockatrice venom: 2 measures, (toxicity x4)
Jackal Canines: 8 pair: (Strength +3)
Jackal Dew Claws: 7 pair: (Strength +3)
Jackal Hearts: 8: {+strength x 3, +athleticism x 3}
Quillion Quills: 1: (Health +3), {toxicity x4}
Lizard Claws: (Motility & Strength +3)
Ram's Horn: 1, (Will +3)
Boar Tusk: 1, (Strength & Confluence +3)

Amber: 1, (Persona +3)
Nebulastone: 1, (Confluence +3)
Nightstone: 1, (Adhesion +3)
Ruddystone: 1, (Health +3)
Slickstone: 1: {- heat x2}
Sulfur: 1 brick, {heat or acidity x4}
Waterstone: 1, (Motility +3)

Copper: 1, (Persona +3), {shock or -Mind x4}
Manganese: 2, {any Mind x4}

Mend Leaves: 10 measures, {Mend x2}
OOC: Each character receives 5 DP. State actions and intentions. Provided a random roll.

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