Dr. Si's Curse of the Crimson Throne - Seven Days to the Grave
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    Dr. Si's Curse of the Crimson Throne - Seven Days to the Grave

    Continuing the Curse of the Crimson Throne (Beta) Group,

    Seven Days to The Grave

    Neurotic as Edmond Mer'Cauthon
    Mowgli as Manachan Aingealan
    Axel as Mhairi
    Kaodi as Crazy Ignatius

    Ambrus as Dj'hn and Majenko
    HolyMan as Brindom Towar
    Valthosian as Thorson Berith

    Original IC thread here.

    OOC Thread
    Rogues Gallery

    Map of Korvosa

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    The group have penetrated the Dead Warrens beneath Grey District in search of the body of Gaekhen, a young Shoanti brave. They have battled derro, stirges, necrophidii and the brutish ogrekin Cabbagehead, as well as the otyugh known as Thing. So far, they have managed to retrieve the lower half of Gaekhen - the rest of him lies elsewhere, perhaps with the elusive necromancer Rolth.

    Dj'hn scouts ahead whilst the others rest from a fight with Cabbagehead, who was guarding a room full of pits. From one of them comes a plaintive cry for help.
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    "Thank you, Manachan, that's much better."

    hearing the cry, stoic warrior takes his weapon and approaches the pit, careful for trechery.

    OOC: full defense and weapon expertize

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    Manachan moves to the side of the pit opposite Edmond and cautiously peers over the edge.

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    The pit is about ten foot deep, and stinks of human waste and decay. There are two human figures in it; one a wasted and ragged figure so emaciated and haggard that age and gender are difficult to determine. The other looks half-starved and scared but is in not such a bad state; a young woman looks up at you with hope in her eyes.

    "Are... have you come to get us out?" she asks weakly.

    Meanwhile, Dj'hn explores the tunnels. He finds the northward way blocked by a door. No sounmds can be heard from beyond but once again there is blue derro-light just visible under the door. The other tunnel is narrow and winding, and doesn't look like it has been used for a long time. Dj'hn has no problems fitting down it, and derro might be able to pass through, but there is no way the big folk could navigate it.
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    "Of course we'll get you out - hold fast while we make preparations."

    Manachan takes the rope from his pack and prepares to toss an end down.

    "Is your companion able to help, or will we have to lift him unaided?"

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    Curious about the narrow disused tunnel, Dj'hn continues to explore its length a little ways, his magical lantern carefully shrouded in his cupped hands.

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    Brindom keeps guard at the entrance way to the room watching down the hallway as far as he can. He occasional glance at the corpse of Cabbagehead, keeping an eye out incase the monster is not truly dead.

    The aftermath of so much conflict has the young warrior on edge, and he wonders if he has the strength to make a difference in such a chaotic world. "Maybe not alone," he says to himself. "But with my friends we sure could."

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    The woman looks from Manachan down to the huddled figure beside her.

    "Him? He don't remember his own name." She pokes the bundle of skin and bones that was once a healthy human. "Oi, Chuckles, rescuers." The man wearily raises his head. Looking up to Manachan, the woman responds "We might need some help."

    Dj'hn continues down the unbranching corridor until the voices of his friends become faint. Ahead, the air is stirred by a cold, damp breeze.

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    With no way to approach the battle, and no line of sight to get off a shot, Manachan waits with Irori's patience for the perfect opportunity to strike.

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    An enraged half-orc minion

    The half-orc turns to face the adventurers, his green eyes burning with a mixture of madness and something truly primal beyond the comprehension of most civilized races. A bullthroated roar swells out from somewhere deep in his chest and echoes off the walls as he gives himself wholly over to instinct and assaults Edmond, his axe poised to strike.

    Dr. Simon
    Free action => rage for +4 str/con, 1 rage point used, it looks like there's not enough room to charge, so currently Thorson is using Enraged Melee Attack: +7 to hit, 1d12+12 (Crit 20 x 3) and he's at -2 to AC while raging.

    HP: 32 (12 + 16 con + 3 from con mod + 1 favored class)
    Enraged HP: 34
    AC: 15 (4 from armor, 1 from dex), Touch: 11, FF: 14
    Enraged AC: 13

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