Dr. Si's Curse of the Crimson Throne - Seven Days to the Grave - Page 57
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    Things reach an impasse.

    Majenko and Dh'jn hear snatches of voices from the tunnel to the south, but in the guard room the humans can only hear the wailing of the shrieker.

    "...on of them pursudo-dragons..."
    "...don't breathe ice, must be a real..."
    "Get Girrigiz."
    "...humans in the first..."
    "...wait 'em out..."
    "...first strike in the revolution!"

    The flickering firelight that comes from the unexplored room is extinguished. Eventually the mushroom calms down and all becomes still.

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    "Let's go," Brindom whispers stepping forward. "Just carefully."

    Move 30' in Total Defense down tunnel.

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    Manachan follows Brindom, crossbow at the ready.

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    The liripoop clutched delicately in his teeth, Majenko slinks stealthily towards the right-wing side tunnel to carefully peek around the corner.

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    From two directions, the heroes press further into the were-rat lair.

    Edging down the shallow stream of sewage, Brindom comes to an opening into a larger cavern, ripe with the smell of rat noticable even over the sewer stench. Faint red embers of a fire give a dim light in the centre of the room, the walls are lost in darkness. A noise to his right alerts him, and he sees a dark humanoid shape lurking just to the right of the entrance. Suddenly another, hulking, shape leaps from across the fire embers and charges him with a yell. A flash of silver darts out and clashes against Brindom's shield, as a massive, scarred rat-man with a hostile glint to its dark eyes lunges at him with a rapier. Edmond counterstrikes over Brindom's shoulder, but his attack goes wide of the mark.

    Meanwhile, Majenko, approaching from the other entrance, can see five ratmen in total with his draconic darkvision. The two lurking near his tunnel do not seem to have noticed him yet.


    Brindom is aware of #5 and #4, but not the others. Edmond and Manachan are now aware of #5 but are not in a position to see the others. Majenko can see all 5.

    #5 wins initiative, attack on Brindom misses.
    Edmond activates readied attack, 1+9=10, miss.

    Initiative count then goes:
    Ratmen 1-4
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    Didn't Edmond readied attack trigger when the ratman entered the square adjacent to Brindom?

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    OOC: I didn't see anything about a readied attack.

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    Yes, I just checked, whole post is missing

    At the moment we heard so,mething and Brindom moved with total defense toward the hall, I wrote that Edmond stands ready just behind him (similar setup as with vampires) using aid another for AC bonus and readying an action to attack whoever enters one of his threatened squares (in practice, whatever steps up to Brindom )

    But I see the post didn't make it


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    OOC: The post is in the OOC thread here, from February 03.

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    OOC: NP, I was quite prepared to retrofit anyway. Post above amended; I'm afraid I rolled badly!

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