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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca

RPG Inspiration: In-Person Events
  • 4
I find inspiration for my adventures everywhere and sometimes it's not online or in a book, but right in front of me.
RPG Inspiration: Non-Fiction
  • 12
Need inspiration? Whether you're making monsters or ending your world, these non-fiction resources will help you get started.
RPG Inspiration: Animated Streaming
  • 11
Need inspiration? Great ideas for your next adventure may be lurking in cartoons.
RPG Inspiration: Live-Action Streaming
  • 6
Need inspiration? Great ideas for your next adventure are just a click away.
D&D's Missing Archetypes
  • 217
Dungeons & Dragons' classes have expanded to include popular tropes from fantasy fiction. Now D&D itself is influencing what archetypes appear in fiction. There's still a few missing.
Playing Your PC Poorly
  • 48
Dungeons & Dragons is often about the increasing power of heroes who start out capable and get stronger from there. But it wasn't always that way.
What Makes a Show "D&D"?
  • 82
Dungeons & Dragons is everywhere these days, and now thanks to D&D-adjacent cartoons, comics, and podcasts, we've got a good idea of what elements constitute D&D-themed media.
For Those Who Support Us
  • 16
My godmother, who always supported my D&D hobby, passed away recently. This is for her.
Who Knows Better, a Player or Their Character?
  • 102
Physical stats in RPGs are usually handled by rolls of the dice, but how to handle mental challenges without biasing against a player or their character?
The Child Becomes the Parent
  • 38
D&D is doing really well, well enough that Wizards of the Coast is starting to take over its parent company, Hasbro. So what's next?
Treating Session Zero Like a Movie Trailer
  • 23
A new adventure, new players, and a new opportunity to get everyone up to speed. I decided to do what I do best: share a PowerPoint presentation.
The Half-Edition Shuffle
  • 341
The next edition of Dungeons & Dragons is finally on the horizon, but it's not here just yet. So when do publishers makes the shift?
"Why is the Tarrasque on the Table?"
  • 19
Green rooms serve an important purpose in keeping actors out of sight before they go on stage, but they can serve a similar purpose for role-playing games.
When Encanto Comes to Your Village
  • 11
The latest Disney movie, Encanto, is about a magical family using their superpowers to help their community. There’s a lot of lessons for fantasy campaigns too. Please Note: This article contains...
What Color is Your Damage?
  • 40
When it comes to portraying spells and monsters in Dungeons & Dragons, there's a visual shorthand that tells a story: color.
Looking Ahead to 2022
  • 36
Predicting anything is a risky business; predicting the future of the hobby business even moreso, as the ups and downs of the industry aren't necessities and therefore harder to judge. But there's...
My Goals for 2022
  • 21
With a 28% success rate on my goals for last year, it’s time to recalibrate.
Looking Back on 2021's RPG Trends
  • 25
With 2020 behind us, it's time to look back at what happened (or didn't happen).
Looking Back on My Goals for 2021: Ouch
  • 20
With the year just about over, it's an opportunity to look back on my 2021 New Years' resolutions and see just how much I can disappoint myself.
Stocking Stuffers: Dice Ideas for D&D Monsters
  • 6
It's D20 Day (get it?)! If your forever Dungeon Master is the type who needs the right dice for every occasion, these monster-inspired dice have got you covered. These dice can all be ordered via...

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