Adventure: Poisoned to the Core DM: FourMonos Judge: KarinsDad


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Tondrek does not look at the waiter, instead looking down at the ground and muttering something about ...elenamental oven fast bake... and ...blueberries look like Khyber shards... while occasionally holding up his finger in the air to catch a signal.

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First Post
River gives ten gold pieces "Here your five, and another five so you wait here fifteen minutes. We will probably need a coach to ride back once we got what we need."

River leads Pok and Rumbum to House Jorasco.

I'll get the ride back and the tip River. the gnomes two legs worked furiously to keep pace with the shifter as Pok spoke, You're sure we won't have to fill out any paperwork, no red tape for Rumbum to cut through? You can cut red tape, right Rumbum?


First Post
"I've done a lot in the past for the House. Even if I am not an halfling, I am an honorary member of the family. I might get though it without too much administration."

OOC: [MENTION=88601]FourMonos[/MENTION]: FYI, Knight Hospitalier Theme give, at level 5, free access to lodging and food from my order and noble house, except under the most odd circumstance. I am well aware there is no explicite bonus for what we want to do now, but at the same time, it show that River have gained some respect among the House... so do what you think best with that information.


First Post
***at the coffee shop****

At first, the waiter is hesitant to reveal anything to such an... interesting trio of people, but Amarande's smooth reassurance calms any reservations.

"Mister Gladdenstone eats here almost every morning. His house is just across the street there. Number 813."

*****House Jorasco*****

River is out of the House Jorasco building almost before Pok can catch up to him. The halflings knew him at first glance. Given the pressing time, River had to decline tea with the healers.

Smiling, River relates what the pleasant steward told him, "Master Shageon comes here often, as its so close to his home. Offering to help out from mopping to bandage changing. He lives up near the Shard, number 813."

Moving back to the skycab, the group notices three men sitting up near the driver. The driver comments, "They said they're going up to the Shard. You don't mind if they ride, too."

[sblock=Insight 12] The driver is overjoyed to get two fares to go the same location [/sblock]


First Post
Pok tugs on River's robes, We shouldn't have taken the first available skycab, never take the first one... Pok tugs his hood further down and continues Don't let them come, I don't want to jump out of a skycab...

Voda Vosa

First Post
"Thank ye lad! I'll be here for a good beer when all this is over with, cheers!" the dwarf says and walks towards the pointed out address.


First Post
The three guys look blankly at the shifter.

The middle one finally says, "Um... you can get dropped off first if you're in a hurry. Or get the next ride?"

The skycab driver seems more disturbed about the potential loss in revenue.

"Don't be silly, everyone aboard, let's go!"


The waiter, relieved now that the heavily armed (pun intended) gentleman aren't about to explode into chaos and destruction, visibly relaxes and offers to get a menu, if you are staying for a quick bite.

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