Against the Giants 5e PBP (Full)

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FYI, I still haven't received a character quest. I assume it has something to do with finding tobacco? ;)
Yeah, I can't say that I entirely know why you're even here. I think it's because I want the Nameless Sherriff to be mysterious. If I understood what he's up to, he'd be less mysterious - so I don't let myself think about it. Also: If Doc succeeded on whatever his mission is, would he go back to the Whispering Mesa? I wouldn't want that to happen.

But... I'll have to think "smaller". It wouldn't be fair for you to not have a mission. So maybe a personal mission that can come with a reward. Finding Tobacco might just do it. I'll give it some thought.


Hey, let's go over EVERYONE'S "Quests" because I've started to grow hazy myself on a few of them:
@Hriston Bible was looking for Cordit (DONE! I have to come up with a boon, or something, but for now, Cordit being around is your reward!)
@Blue Eoghan ... I don't remember.
@Lidgar Jack was looking for a Rakshasa (Details are fuzzy ATM but... we will see.)
@VLAD the Destroyer Quinn ... I don't remember.
@TerraDave Tenibor, has dropped out so it's not really important
@Shadowedeyes Valda was to wrestle a giant (has she done that, exactly? I mean, she's fought them for sure!)

@Kobold Stew The Colonel, was to mentor Donnell (and keep him alive). Working on it for sure.
@Snarf Zagyg Doc Vileweir, was to find out why the Nameless Sherriff sent him to this world (I think we'll keep it "to Find Tobacco")
@JustinCase Duvrael Oolo, has dropped out, so it's not really important
@Tonguez Kahru Karavetra, was to get back at the Ogres who raided his people?
@Maxperson Kaligan ... finding out what's up?
@Steve Gorak Gimlak was to rescue the dwarves. DONE!

Please fill me in on details that you remember and we'll get them narrowed down to doable things.

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