Against the Giants 5e PBP (Full)

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Happy New Year, everyone. Both groups are at a good point to refocus and push forward! I am happy to write a "let's get going again" post, but I'd like a show-of-hands as to who's still with me!

I'm gonna poke everyone to make sure that they're still receiving notifications:

@Tonguez playing Kahru Karavetra, Human Druid Barbarian
@Snarf Zagyg playing Doc Vileweir, Reborn Warlock/Rogue Gunslinger
@Blue playing Eoghan, Firbolg Glamour Bard
@Shadowedeyes playing Valda the Runeblade Human Rune Knight Fighter
@Kobold Stew playing The Colonel, Air Genasi Tempest Cleric Soldier
@Lidgar playing Jack "the Knife" Blake, Human Rogue Thief
@VLAD the Destroyer playing Quinn, Human Circle of Stars Druid
@Hriston playing Reeve Bible, Human Champion Fighter Sailor
@Steve Gorak playing Gimlak Silverbeard, Dwarf Prince Psion

We've lost:
JustinCase: Duvrael, Yuan-Ti Diviner Wizard
TerraDave: Tenibor, High Elf Wizard
Maxperson: Kaligan, Human Psi-Warrior Fighter

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