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5E D&D Mythic Odysseys of Theros Previews!

Russ Morrissey



Jewel of the North
That sound good... I looked at Oddesey of the Dragon lords and it sounds a bit too /pretty epic for low level characters ... maybe I’ll combine the two.
That's one on the problem of Odyssey: your players are supposed to be famed heroes at level 1, which their stats and features doest not support (5e is pretty deadly at lvl 1), and to keep the illusion of high power at low level, the CR of many ''epic'' creatures seems quite low. I'd probably establish the heroes by leveling them at least 5 levels by doing another campaign (Lost Mines of Phandelkos!) and then start Odyssey while using the ''mythic'' monsters from Theros to boost the fights.

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Small God of the Dozens
Level one characters are pretty powerful compared to regular folks though. I think that's enough to make it a reasonable idea. More than one game works the same way, with level one dudes and dudettes being at least somewhat notorious as adventurers, if not heroes per se.


So the book is out now on D&D Beyond.

I have to say, good show folks, good show! I especially like the Supernatural Gifts - they feel more like 4e Themes than anything (a more potent background than backgrounds are).

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