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D&D 5E EB's One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (OOC)

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I'm working on a half mad wizard who likes blowing things up, and I have my Tabaxi Ranger. Either could be fun.

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Well, I hope to claim that fifth spot then! :) I was thinking of bringing my dwarven cleric of Dumathoin (still working on it) to give some divine support if that's alright.


Milady de Winter, Human Battlemaster, is now up, along with Magdalena the human paladin, Zuleyka the drow bladesinger, and Ivar the duergar battlerager. All are ready to adventure.



Party so far:
1) hafrogman: Hassan Verduk human male, paladin 1
2) tglassy: Taxabi Ranger or Mad Wizard
3) Charwoman Gene: Barbarian or Bard
4) KahlessNestor: undecided
5) Justin Case: possible cleric

And Steve Gorak gets first spot next One Shot

Now just the group to decide on finally party config. an we will get things rolling


EB's One Shots - Recruitment Thread (Recruiting)

I'll probably go with the Wizard depending on what KahlessNestor goes with. I've already got his stats ready. I just need time to post them up.

Actually quick question, the keen mind feet. It allows a person to accurately recall everything they have seen or heard within the last month. Would that mean that they could effectively memorize their entire spell book? And as long as they had seen it within the last month they could accurately reproduce it into a new spell book? Not in a manner in which they have all their spells prepared, but just that if they were to lose their spell book they could copy all their spells into the new spell book rather than just the spells that they had currently prepared. It wouldn't cut down on the cost of copying the spells necessarily, but would be a great resource in case he were to lose his spell book, which I see this wizard potentially doing more than once.

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more than once - yikes

We can make it that keen if you wish. So no problem as long as you get to writing things down in time, then maybe some rolls might be involved.

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