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D&D 5E EB's One Shot: Legends are Made, not Born (OOC)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Ha! :)

Nah, my cleric holds all the dwarven deities in great regard, but he has committed himself to Dumathoin, Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, god of the precious metals within the earth, keeper of the dwarven dead.

So he's a pretty smart, devout dwarf, who just happens to wield a warhammer with great skill. Also, I've finished his crunch in the RG. All that's left is a decription, a small bio, and of course a name. :D

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Charwoman Gene

Leilara is proficient in Investigation and Perception she doesn't have thieves tools proficiency to disarm, but could make the attempt with dex if she purchased them. as she just purchased them.


And that wasn't so hard...

Nameless dwarf cleric
- or Hjolgrun the Blessed of Clan Hammerhand
- where does cannot become lost underground come from?
- under combat training thrown hammers got errated into light hammers
- twice I have leftover gold at 6gp, and maybe you should buy a pouch(belt) for easy access to potion/holy water


- wow she has 42,736 HD but only 9 hp? lol
- with euipment listed you should have 5 gp leftover as well
- don't see the thieve's tools I would trade them out for the lute and then you are 10gp up


- background says outsider /should be hermit
- will allow spells from other offical sources as this helps create different character types
- dispel magic should possible be detect magic
- have leftover gp at 19gp 5sp // need to spend 5sp on the pouch your money is in (haha)

Milady de Winter

- is ready to go


And now for how to get he group together...

This adventure is just your usually villagers kidnapped - need heroes to go save them

Easy right, well not all things go as planned.

I already know why Leilara would be on this jaunt - as she would want to observe real heroes in action

Anyone else have a motivation to help me get your characters into the mix. Nothing serious just a hook.


Milady has high dex and an inclination to theft, but no thieves tools at the moment. Too expensive. She was who I thought would work best for this party too. She might need some incentive to help people, but I suppose I could come up with something lol

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Cool. Ready to go.

Now I just need to get back into Badger's character. Muahaha. I've always wanted to have a magic user with all the Fire Cantrips. Not as much utility, but man, should be fun!

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I sort of set Hassan up as a general do-gooder. Wherever there is injustice, he'll be there, etc. But he could be drawn in by any number of things, the challenge, a beautiful woman, the promise of good beer...

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