Into the Woods

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Running from the law is a crime," Bimpnott intones with poorly-conceiled anger as he sees the creature attempt to fly towards the ceiling. The giant-kin reaches out and grabs the thing with a massive hand, trying to hold it down.

OOC: Grapple attempt! Opposed Athletics (or Acrobatics) checks again. :)

Bimpnott Athletics: 1D20+7 = [15]+7 = 22


OOC: Although not Rules as Written, I am granting the Cloaker advantage as it is one size larger AND difficult to grasp AND, at the moment, actively trying to stay out of range.
_: 1D20+3 = [4]+3 = 7
1D20+3 = [16]+3 = 19
and he still managed it.
Okay, Bimp, you are now HOLDING a cloaker. Good luck.
@Kobold Stew it is your turn


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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The cloaker's scream still echoing in his ears, Albrecht sees Bimpnott rushing in to grab the monstrosity.

He always will play the hero, says Albrecht the old adversary. Reliable.

The beast can't move, but that doesn't make it easier to hit. Now Albrecht swings his axe and has to try to avoid Bimpnott as he does.

The razor sharp blade seems to peel the skin of the unwholesome creature.

OOC: Attack: 1d20+6=23 If a hit, damage - 1d10+4=10 magical slashing.
39hp, AC16.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Ouch," Bimpnott says softly. The firbolg looks frail suddenly, as if his wounds from the woods outside are suddenly catching up with him.

Did Bimpnott get hit by an ally or did the cloaker bite him?

Re-reading the whole thread, I discovered that Bimpnott's hitpoints are a lot lower than I thought. Currently he has 2 hp...

HP: 2/27


you take 3 damage. I believe this takes you to 0. Until you receive healing or are stabilized, make death saves on your turn. 10 or higher, you succeed. Otherwise, you fail.

Umbrils' strike finds the Cloaker in Bimpnotts' arms but, as soon as it does, the firbolg releases the creature and slumps to the floor, unconscious.
The Cloaker quickly soars to the newest attacker, seemingly more intent on eliminating threats than anything else at the moment. The creature manages to bite Umbril and attaches itself to him again.

OOC: Bite:
_: 1D20+6 = [12]+6 = 18
10 damage.
_: 1D20+6 = [2]+6 = 8

@jmucchiello it is your turn

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Come on, lad, get up!" calls Albrecht to Bimpnott lying on the floor next to him. "Here let me help you."

And as he grabs the firbolg under the shoulder, Bimpnott stands on his own two feet.

OOC: Cure wounds, using a second-level slot. I'll let you roll, @JustinCase: gain 2d8-1 hp.


OOC: @Neurotic , the creature has attached itself to you, somewhat like a leech. I'm not sure how attacking it with swords would work, unless your Shadow is attacking...


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: If Echo attacks I take half the damage, right? Is there a way to get it off me without committing suicide?

EDIT: just go for it. We need rest anyhow and Umbril isn't the brightest bulb in the house :)

Second Wind: 1D10+4 = [1]+4 = 5 - with Action Surge
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Umbril slashes at the creature attached to him and hits, but is unable to detach it.
The Cloaker continues to bite at him. It is difficult to tell the results of the bite, but the Cloakers tail also whips and strikes Umbril, who also drops to the floor.
OOC: Umbril, you take half damage on your own strikes either way due to the CLoakers Damage Transfer. You could have tried to remove the thing with a opposed strength check. 7 damage to Umbril.
Bite: 25=[19]+6 Damage: 10 and the cloaker attaches to the target's head, and the target is blinded and unable to breathe while the cloaker is attached. A creature can hold its breath for a number of minutes equal to 1 + its Constitution modifier (minimum of 30 seconds).
Tail: 26=[20] + 6 Damage: 11
Even with Action Surge I believe that drops Umbril.

@jmucchiello it is your turn.

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