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Into the Woods


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"It's probably the murder weapon," whispers Bimpnott. Nevertheless, he stays clear of the water. It reminds him a bit of the foul liquids inside a hag's cauldron.

He shivers.

"Let's not stay here."

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"We didn't look for the house either, yet here we are." Umbril says. "Besides, since we're already here we might as well make things better."

With a moment of concentration from Umbril, Umbrilecho moves into the water to the place where the torch fell.

OOC: assuming it is within 30' of Umbril, otherwise he moves first :)


As you're talking, the torch lands in the brackish water making more of a "Splorch" than an actual splash. Almost immediately, a shape oozes out of the pool and stands. It is tall and thin, like a normal-sized being that's been stretched to a unnatural height. The oozy water slumps off of it, leaving clumps of weeds and lichen clinging to it. It turns to the group and it's face is a mockery of what may have once been human: long, thin, and gaunt with skin the color of bleached bone and dead, black orbs where it's eyes should be.
With a wave of it's claw-like hands, some of the bones scattered around the pool area arrange themselves into skeletons and they, too, turn in your direction.

OOC: Initiative time again.


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OOC: Quick and dirty map. hope this helps.
A =Albrecht
B =Bimpnott
T =Terry
U =Umbril
Ue =Echo


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Kobold Stew

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Albrecht scowls at Terry, "Thanks, why don't you go..." he is cut off, as he is looking away, by the sound emerging from the pond.

OOC: Init. 1d20+2=3. Ha!

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