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Into the Woods

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Albrecht's ax bites into the wood of the flailing tree, revealing the rancid, oozing, pulpy center.

Angelique @Skarsgard


The writhing negative energy cast by the small girl blasts the tree-thing, knocking off the last of it's leaves and opening the split in its trunk from root to branch. With a soft, wrenching groan the great limbs slowly come to a gentle, final, rest.
For the first time in what seems like an hour, the woods are, once again, silent. The defeated tree monster stands limp, the crack in its trunk oozing the nasty green fluid onto the forest floor. In the fog, you can still see the shapes moving around, but they do not approach.
Ahead of you the lone path continues deeper into the trees.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Albrecht is embarassed that he had struggled against a tree so much. He leans over Bimpnott, and tends to his wounds, and with a touch he comes to.

OOC: Cure Wounds with a level 2 slot (4/2 remaining). @JustinCase - roll to add 2d8-1 hit points!.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Bimpnott comes to with a start, covering his face defensively with his arms. Only when he sees the familiar face of his friend Albrecht does the giantkin calm down.

”Did you arrest it?” he asks with his deep voice, before noticing the wooden remains.


He gets up, not taking his eyes off the defeated tree, and mutters to himself.

”Shouldn’t have left. Shouldn’t have come here. Should’ve been more careful.”

Then he looks around with big eyes, seemingly shrinking.

”Where is out?”



Angelique lowers her hands as the tree creature falls and cocks her head to the side. Silence in the woods again, she can hear her companions making noise and talking.

"I wonder if the noise attracts danger?"


Looking around, the only path is the one that you are on and one direction looks mostly the same as the others: misty trees and thorny undergrowth.

Halloween Horror For 5E