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Into the Woods

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As Gertrude falls to the ground, the grey mist that has filled the room and, really, the entire house, begins to flow into the green, jagged gem embedded in the body that has been suspended above you this entire time. Then, as if gravity has suddenly noticed this affront to it's pull, the body slams to the floor and a barely audible sigh escapes its withered lips 'thank you'.
The ghouls,, turn to the scene in the room and, seeing their creator felled, issue a hollow, terrifying shriek and bound towards the closed double doors.
Umbrils' shadow suddenly becomes solid and his normal solid form fades as he swaps places with his echo. He grabs hold of Bimpnott and begins dragging the fallen form of his large companion towards the double doors as well.
A zombie attacks Terry but wildly mises.
A Zombie attacks Umbrils Echo but misses.

Zombie 3 [4]+3=7 to hit, miss
Zombie 5 [14]+3=17 to hit, miss

Albrecht @Kobold Stew


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"So this is a safer place to rest?" asks Umbril, but ceases pulling Bimpnot and attacks the zombies
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
While Umbril and Terry discuss plans, Bimpnott starts snoring peacefully at the elf's feet.

OOC: Stable and no longer dying thanks to Spare The Dying, but still at 0 hp. :p


The combination of Terry and Umbrils Spiritual weapons finish off the Zombies and the Ghouls continue out the double doors and are gone from sight. For the first time in what feels forever, teh room is quiet. the mist is rapidly receding, flowing into the lumpy green gemstone that lies on the floor by the body on the floor.
OOC: out of combat!

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