Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
EDIT: Never mind... you had Caerth wildshape into a bat. :D

Dire bat, to be exact. Gotta have some punch, and besides, I can't Wild Shape into tiny animals yet.

Man, am I glad I took Natural Spell as a feat, because now this dire bat is about to bring in the magics on Tarrak and the eagle rider... :)


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
@Tellerian Hawke maybe Angus should finish the troll, I need to move back and cast downdraft :)
On the other hand, you're faster, you can get there and protect the innocents (NPCs) - I'll kill the troll, go! Or delay so if I don't drop it, go right after and then we both rush on and you avoid OA. :)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Round Four
Caerth: 22
Criseneth and the Anathaema Eagle: 21 [1D20+2 = [19]+2] (new combatants)
Eleanor Stevyn (bard): 21 (singing)
Aureus: 20 (slowed for 5 rounds)
Phar: 20 ⬅️
Senior Acolyte of Malotoch (Omen): 20
Senior Acolyte of Malotoch: 20
Tarrak: 19
Rook-Harpies [x8]: 18
[1D20+2 = [16]+2] (new combatants)
Monstrous Ghast: 17 (flying)
Angus: 16
Lady Pendour: 15 (sickened, under sanctuary spell)
Mysterious Elf (Galzadar): 13
Scarborax (sorcerer): 13 (paralyzed)
Syndra Stormraven (druid): 13
Maur: 12
Quinn: 12

Wieland: 12 (sickened)
Meridith: 12
Ailward Stepney (cohort): 12
Acolyte Zombies [x12]: 12 (remaining motionless)
Acolyte Zombies [x3]: 12 (can only move 5 feet/round; remaining motionless)
Henry Hawtrey (wild. rogue): 11
Sir Ghal: 11
Samantha Willowchild (cleric): 10
Benedict Stevyn (ranger): 10
Undead Wolftroll: 8
Temperance Redding (fighter): 8 (sickened)
Ghast: 4
Dwarven Militia Fighters [x2]: 4
Elle Redding (cleric): 3
Militia Fighters (male) [x2]: 2
Zephora Chyrche (militia fighter): 2
Militia Fighter (female): 2
Militia Soldiers [x3]: 1

@Scotley, Phar is up next!

Whose turn is it currently?

I think it's Phar's turn. :)


World of Kulan DM
Yeah, Scotley might be real busy with work. He said before last weekend that he wouldn't be able to post much on the weekend and that I should NPC his character. I just wanted to give him a chance to chime in before deciding on Phar's next action.

EDIT: Time for lunch.

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