Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Meanwhile in East Texas... I was working in my Minecraft Realm, building my Elven tree fortress, and working on Hawke's stone castle. :cool:

Hawke's Castle 001.png
Tree Tower 001.png


World of Kulan DM
Curses, I forgot to include the bonus to hit and damage from point blank shot if it matters.
It would for the second ray if the lesser globe spell didn't negate the rays entirely. However...

You should have shot both rays at the Rook. The wizard has Lesser Globe running, and will ignore Scorching Ray.
Yes, based on Phar's Knowledge (arcana) roll, the paragon elf can tell that a scorching ray spell isn't going to hurt Galzadar with the protections that the 'other' elf wizard has up, so, logically, Phar would not fire at him with the spell.

Instead, we can say Phar fires the rays at one or two of the rooks. Note that Phar must either cast defensively (a Concentration check [DC 17]) to avoid taking AoO from the rook that is threatening him or make a 5 ft. step away from the rook. There is space (barely) next to Aureus for Phar to step back down the slope, so he can make that 5 ft. adjustment.

I will assume that is the case.

Both rays hit. I will say that Phar targets the rook that was closest to him. The scorching ray puts that rook down. The second ray puts down another rook as well. :)

EDIT: And I just notice you already changed your post to have Phar fire at the rook. Heh. :p
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World of Kulan DM
Round Seven (Updated)
Galzadar's Demon Familiar: 27 (new combatant)
Caerth (dire bat form): 22 (flies and cast flaming sphere vs. Galzadar who is unaffected)
Screech: 22 (flies and attack's elf wizard's familiar; misses)
Bleak Eagle: 21 (double move back to cave)
Crisenth: 21 (fast dismount [move action]; feather falls; throws javelin [misses])
Aureus: 20 (haste counteracted for 2 more rounds; shoots at rook [hits once])
Phar: 20 (casts scorching ray against rooks)
Senior Acolyte of Malotoch (Omen): 20 (using gaseous form spell)
Tarrak: 19 (activates Deathly Aura; lasts until round 9)
Rook-Harpies: 18 (10-ft. Flyby Attacks [near Quinn and Phar])
Rook-Harpies: 18 (slain by Phar's scorching ray)
Rook-Harpies: 18 (grounded [near Quinn and Phar])
Rook-Harpies: 18 (slain by Phar's scorching ray)
Rook-Harpies: 18 (flying but is now 50 feet down in the crevasse)
Rook-Harpy: 18 (grounded [near Lady Pendour])
Rook-Harpy: 18 (slain by Sir Ghal)
Monstrous Ghast (Phre): 17 (prone)
Lady Pendour: 15 (sickened; unarmed)
Galzadar the Fallen: 13
Scarborax (sorcerer): 13 (unconscious [dying])
Quinn: 12
Maur: 12

Wieland: 12 (sickened; near death; withdrawing)
Ailward Stepney (cohort): 12
Acolyte Zombies [x12]: 12 (remaining motionless)
Acolyte Zombies [x3]: 12 (can only move 5 feet/round; remaining motionless)
Henry Hawtrey (wild. rogue): 11
Sir Ghal: 11
Temperance Redding (fighter): 8 (panicked/cowering; sickened; prone)
Ghast: 4
Dwarven Militia Fighter (male): 4 (sickened)
Dwarven Militia Fighter (female): 4 (sickened; unconscious [dying])
Elle Redding (cleric): 3
Angus: 3 (sickened) ⬅️
Zephora Chyrche (militia fighter): 2 (unconscious [dying])
Annabel Ufford (militia fighter): 2 (gets up and runs away) ⬅️
Militia Soldier (male): 1 (panicked; sickened; gets up from being prone and tries to move away from Tarrak) ⬅️

I'm going to write posts for Tarrak, the remaining four rooks, Phre, Lady Pendour, and Galzadar.

After that I will reply to @ScottDeWar_jr's post and it will be @Neurotic's turn for Maur.
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