Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]

EDIT: I found the rules - not really feasible on average non-mage PC :(
It’s essentially making a magic item with the fluff that you are redeeming an item. It’s weird that you need to cast dispel magic to suppress the magic because I don’t think doing that suppresses it for 8hours.

Consecrate dispels desecrate and lasts for hours. That seems more appropriate than dispel magic. shrug

But yeah, you can’t have a warrior ‘teach’ an evil item to be good. You have to reforge it.

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World of Kulan DM
Tellerian Hawke said:
Nature's Rejuvenation: Cure Moderate (2d8+3) =
Angus heals 10 pts. (87) 75 (still not perfect, but Rapid Metabolism should take care of the rest.)
Cut and paste...

EDIT: T.H. has removed and moved his IC post.
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I have a question about @MetaVoid’s post: he’s resistant to magic so I take that to mean he has SR? Phar has Greater Spell Penetration. Can you suppress SP?

Like, if I don’t try to overcome spell resistance, would spells just automatically not work on him?

Or is there some kind of minimum dice that I have to roll?

Edit: maybe he just means he has damage reduction and high saves?

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