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5E (OOC) Rise of the Dracolich (Full)


Dusty Dragon
I feel ya. I guess I just didn't realize at first, how much of my magic would be wrapped up in 2 slots per short rest and a whole lot of EB spam.
It's funny how they say that the warlock is an easy class to make - is it? There are a lot of moving parts and yet not a lot of resource. Your invocation and cantrip choices are key IMO - you want those "tricks" as back up (beyond mere EB spam).

I may have mentioned this, but I'm very amused that Kalorn is sort of sneering at the necromancy, and his level 6 hexblade ability is well, pretty necrotic...

Some people have said that said ability really doesn't fit the hexblade (why isn't is something more "fight-ish"?). A second attack would be more boring but would fit better, and you would then have an evocation free (thirsting blade) to do something else with... but I think I'm ok with this. It sorts of make sense - the hexblade does have a bit of a necromantic overtone (shadow of moil? armor of agathy?) and it also would make sense that the hexblade's raven queen influence would result in a more "spirit" like type of necromancy.

I know that we'll never reach that level (level 6 spell), but if he had, Kalorn would so be a user of Soul Cage...

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I’ve been gone a few weeks but it looks like everything’s going pretty well.

If we lvl up, Primus gets an additional Discipline and access to his highest tier abilities. Things like creating a gate that transports anything that goes through it up to a mile away, and an AOE that targets Int and does 8d8 damage and stuns everything in a 20 ft cube.

I’ll probably take Telepathic Contact next. It lets me hold conversations with up to 6 people in my head at once, and let’s me try to take over enemy minds.


So Primus can change one Saving Throw Proficiency and switch out 2 skills after the long rest. I usually keep Dex Saving Throws, but Wis might be a good idea. Not sure what Skills would be useful. Any ideas?


Dusty Dragon
Well if we do face the dragon, fear and breath weapon are what are worrisome...

Re trolls: I don't think we can take a decision until we speak to our objective (Maccah - sp?). I just hope she's not in league with the Cult...

So... I don't know if I got an actual consensus - are you stopping at the troll's cave, as you agreed to with them, or continuing on past it to go find Maccath yourselves? It could be a trap (or at least, the trolls could have changed their minds about helping you) or, you could anger them if you don't follow up on the plan.

Hope I'm not making life too hard on you Fitz, figured including him in the conversation might give us more to work with in the end.

No, that's fine. I kind of like writing dialogue for Imani. Just don't expect him to solve all problems for you. If he could do that, he wouldn't have hired you lot.

I've just been rereading the thread to make sure I'm not forgetting what's come before. Man, I sure liked the intrigue you got up to in Luskan. Anyway, a few notes:

Just because Gromph didn't want to pay (or help) you to rescue Maccath doesn't mean she won't be welcome at the Hosttower.

In case anyone's forgotten, the original mission was to get the Draakhorn and get it back to Imani so it can be used to summon a Gold Dragon to fight Dretchroyaster (the Ancient Green Dracolich). Maccath knows how to use it safely.

Lastly, you let Imani know that she wasn't in Luskan and that you would have to go rescue her on Oyaviggaton. The only thing he's not telling you is what their original deal was, but it's not really important either.


Eh, the way that Mord took it is he didn't want her back at all. Of course, she could probably make a compelling case for reinstatement if she wanted to based on anything she learned here. But then again, Mord is manipulative as hell and would rather recruit her directly for the greater mission at hand. I'm sure Imami would like to separate her knowledge and skills from the AB for the cause as well.

@Ancalagon Originally you were sent to Luskan to pick up the Draakhorn from the Hosttower. It turned out that the horn had been stolen many years before by Icy Death while the tower was in ruins. Maccath tracked the dragon to Oyaviggaton but was captured. You should expect it to be here, though you bring up a good point regarding the Dragon Cult. They would have a good reason to want to take it. Perhaps in exchange for turning Icy Death into a Dracolich...

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