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5E (OOC) Rise of the Dracolich (Full)

Way I see it we have two choices going forward:

1: We send the trolls after the cultists through the "main" entrance to the lair and the party goes in the "back" and goes after the dracolich. This has the benefit of easy logistics and less characters to run. Might not be as fun as:

2: We split the party (or at least some of it,) into two groups and run two fights, one with the dracolich, and one with the cultists. Everyone who wants one can have a troll to play on top of their character. The boss-troll would want to go in the group going after the Dracolich anyway, and it might be hard to convince him to go for option 1. We could still do it, and he could cram his way down the 'back' entrance with the party, but then the Trolls would be semi-leaderless and less trustworthy, unless a PC or two goes with them. This is obviously much more complicated and will take longer to run, but it could be fun. We could run it even IF we want to keep the whole party together and just use trolls, but I've got less excitement for that.

As you've probably been able to tell, I have little-to-no aversion to logistically complicated encounters. It's up to you. What do you think?

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Hmm. Primus is practical. He’d want to send the trolls to the cultists and attack the dragon himself. We’ve had a long rest, right? I don’t think he’s used any of his power points since, so he’s all ready to go nova on the dragon. We’re gonna need to hit the dragon with all we have if we’re gonna have a chance at defeating it.


Mord could go with either route. Honestly. Having 3 troll sized bodies try to squeeze through the back entrance might be problematic. He could go in with the trolls and we can aim to either pin down cultists or possibly take them out quickly and pincer the dragon between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Charwoman Gene

I think the two group plan is the best idea, it sounds like the cultist fight will be a lot more close quarter so we'd be best with Alhana in the dragon group.

Okay, so far we have multiple votes for two groups and it looks like

1: Alhana, Primus, Kalorn, Loklafd, Lorenn, Sesto, Sesto's Kobolds & Oggsbruff (the Troll Captain) vs Icy Death
2: Mord, his Troll Skeletons, Troll Sergeant, & 5 Ice Trolls vs Wyrmsoul Arrufel & Dragon Cultists

Any changes anyone wants to make? I plan to run both bits in the same thread, in case people want to run from one fight to the other. This will be logistically insane, but those of you who've played my recent Scourge of Daggerford fight will have an idea of what to expect.

It will probably be fun for each of you if you pick an NPC to play in the fight that your PC is not in, but that's voluntary to say the least (also I could be wrong and maybe it's better to stay focused on the group you're in, as opposed to having to post for both fights. Let me know what you think.)

I guess that means I get to run Oggsbruff.

I've been thinking about that... I kinda want him. I've been having too much fun writing his dialogue.

You could take Loklafd. Remember that he has a peg-leg. It doesn't mechanically effect him much, but it's good to remember when he has trouble. He must have a spiked foot on it, and he is wearing something like the crampons that Maccath gave Sesto. He makes a lot of his own gear and he knows what he's doing so he's probably more sure-footed than half the party in spite of it. Unless he has to make too many dex saves of course.

Well, I have done most of the set-up work for our big Oyaviggaton finale. It's gonna be insane. I have no idea how it will work out, what with so many moving parts, but I think I am up for the challenge. Hopefully you will like it.

All there is to do now is to get us there. A couple of posts to finish up with Maccath and I will move us forward. Any lasts things you want to ask her (or look around the scriptorium) feel free to post.


Can't really think of anything in particular that they can glean from a short rummage about the place. Mord would probably love to spend some time going through this stuff in search of more rituals, but in the end I doubt the troll boss would be happy to be kept waiting for too long.

I seem to have forgotten. Mord has 2 troll skeletons, right? For a second there I thought he had three. And Sesto has 5 kobold skeletons, right?

Right. S'what I thought.

I posted the Ice-Trolls in the RG. There are 7 of them all told (there are a few others back in their lair, but these are the ones willing to go with you)... Oggsbruff (I'll be playing); a Sergeant (Charwoman Gene); and 5 others (one of them tglassy will be taking). The others are up for grabs.

The Sgt is different from the posted stat-block in two ways: 1: It has a shield made from a whale's collar bone, (AC18) and 2: It's wisdom is 11 (+0).

Gene and T can feel free to name their trolls if they like.

Oh, none of them speak common. Mord can understand them with his ritual, but he can't talk to them unless he speaks giant. He looks like Maccath at the moment. I assume he's going to try to get the drop on the cultists with some sort of ruse...

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