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5E (OOC) Rise of the Dracolich (Full)

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My Troll is named Oogabooga. , because he heard a human say it while mocking him during a battle, and he then killed and ate the human, and thought that Oogabooga was a human word for a horrifying monster that was going to eat you.

I'm pretty much going to have to jump into counting rounds right away, now that Oogabooga is down. We'll assume that the two groups timed it pretty evenly (as far as starting at each of the ways down goes anyway) but if anyone lingers too long at the top of the hole, I'm going to move on without you. I think it might take a bit longer for people moving down the crack to get down, too. We'll see.

Come to think of it, do we really have any way to coordinate the assaults timing-wise? I think it will take quite a bit longer to get down the crack than the chute, especially with the trolls jumping down.

It's possible (probable even) that the crack group started first to even it out - but as we may be talking about a matter of seconds - I think it's not unreasonable that the two groups might wind up out of sync by a few rounds.

I might base my judgement on that by how quick I gather posts on each. Chute group has the advantage of less players!


Probably best if the chute group goes first anyways. Hope is to cause enough of a distraction that when the others arrive , the dragon is focussing in the wrong direction and can be sufficiently surprised.

Yeah, but it's not much of two different fights if the dragon-assault group needs to chase the dracolich across the lair to where it's eating all the trolls...:p:LOL:


Dusty Dragon
Huh? Where's that? <Looks> Oooooh. I like it.

It would change the flavor of Kalorn to be a level 3 Rune knight instead of Eldritch knight, but hot damn. Hill giant rune for toughness, enlarging himself for more damage... that vs a few spells? (mind you, the few eldritch knight spells are super defensive)

@Fradak. I went back-and-forth in my head about it, and I read Feather Fall to see what I think is the design intent. I think they worded it the way they did so that you can use it to save someone who fails during an obstacle challenge, but not so you can use it to bypass an obstacle entirely (like what you're suggesting). So I'm gonna have to agree with the design and say "no" to modifying it so that my obstacle is meaningless.

Of course, no-one seems to want to GO, so I'm gonna have to push everyone by moving on without them. Apparently everyone is waiting for someone else to try it first. That would cause Oggsbruff to get impatient, so I guess he'll go...

@Prickly Pear Are you gonna roll for the Kobolds or do you want me to? They get advantage (like the crampons) because of their claws, and my idea was that they are tied together - if three out of five make it, then they eventually make their way down. If three out of five fail, then they all slide off the edge after Sesto.

The adventure calls for Scrags, which are aquatic trolls. I thought it was more fun, what with our changes from Dragon-to-Dracolich to make them undead versions of the Ice-Trolls. The Dragon would drown Trolls that annoyed him, and now that he's a Dracolich, has raised them to a new type of minion. I decided to call them Skraggs, just to differentiate but keep it clear to me who they represent.

@Fradak Did you want to use that Feather Fall to rescue Sesto and his Zombies? One of them wedged itself, so your five targets should work to save all six creatures, if you want to do it.

@Ancalagon @tglassy I've already rolled the round once without your input. Can you get rolls (or some other plan) in for Kalorn and Primus to get down to the rope? (I assume Oogabooga just moved forward with the pack of trolls)

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