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stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. II [OOC]


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Updated the Handout section with illustrations of the Holy Symbol and Sunsword.

I typed a long intro to the Castle, and ENWorld lost it. :( Will retype later this weekend.

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Ok, Ashlyn is taking the Symbol (for now, since we need to take it to the chapel - or somewhere else in the castle). She will also take the remaining potion of cure moderate wounds.

If anyone else wants to take anything from the group gear, now is the time to say so, ... it would feel a waste if no one took the 'mantle of second chances' ...

I have included the group gear in the sblock below (it can also always be found at the bottom of Ashlyn's sheet). Please look through as to whether there is anything there that you would like to use:[sblock=Group equipment]The haversack containing the group gear is tied to the saddle of Ashlyn's mount.
  • Handy Haversack (Group) [5 lbs][2000 gp]
    - Composite (+2) longbow x4 (Group)
    - light crossbow x4 (Group)
    - bolts x20 (Group)
    - +2 greatsword (Group) [8 lbs][8350 gp]
    - Masterwork greatsword x4 (Group) [8 lbs each][350 gp each]
    - +1 dagger (Group) [1 lbs][2302 gp]
    - dagger x2 (Group) [1 lbs each][2 gp each]
    - Mantle of second chances (Group)
    - Potion bracer x2 (Group)
    - Elixir of Vision (Group) [- lbs][250 gp]
    - Iron bracers of armour +2 (Group)
    - Silver nibbed pen (Group)
    - Set of gem studded gold cufflinks (Group)

Ashlyn also has the letter of credit from the expedition for the group:
  • Paper (Note of credit from the caravan for the group) (Group) [- lbs][2270 gp]

Edit: From what I can tell only Ashlyn and Marot are wearing cloaks which would means that Jarrith, Tessa, or Janis could all use the mantle ...
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@stonegod: Another thing just occurred to me ... since Ladreth has 'left the group' at least for now, I guess the +2 greatsword should now be back with the group gear since it was given to Ladreth to use while he fought alongside the group ... correct?


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Stormwind said:
@stonegod: Another thing just occurred to me ... since Ladreth has 'left the group' at least for now, I guess the +2 greatsword should now be back with the group gear since it was given to Ladreth to use while he fought alongside the group ... correct?
That was my understanding.

DEFCON The Chapel is part of the castle, not separated from it. That's the impression I'm getting from Jarrith/Khensu. There are gates from the front courtyard to the back; they are currently down.

Everyone Consensus seems to be going inside first. I'll update that late tonight/tomorrow unless I hear differently.


Ah, I got the impression from... some point... that the chapel was able to be entered from the outside as opposed to having to actually enter the castle itself. I guess I am mistaken. No biggie. I was going to follow the group whereever they went anyway. :)


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I expect that Ashlyn (everburning torch) and Tessa (everbright lantern) will have light sources out. Ashlyn will drop her torch and draw a weapon at the first evidence of hostilities. I don't know if Jarrith or Khensu will have anything out?

Regarding marching order, if Jarrith is willing, perhaps he could do advance scouting since he is best able to remain unseen and unheard. I would then suggest that Ashlyn goes up front with the light. (So she gets to be the initial target ;) )
Then Khensu and the bear, to provide necessary melee support. Then Janis, followed by Tessa, to provide good positioning of light sources and Marot taking up the rear (since Marot doesn't need light to see, he's perhaps the best rear guard - and he can always get to the front quickly if necessary).

@All: I've just put down my thoughts on marching order and so forth ... just say so if you think it should be otherwise ...

DEFCON said:
OOC: As far as order, I'll suggest Ireena and Jarrith up front, followed by Ashlyn, Marot, Janis & Bear, Tessa, and Khensu bringing up the rear. Any other recommendations?
I'd forgotten about Ireena, I'd suggest that she goes up front with Ashlyn ... Ashlyn's not too trusting here, especially with the 'wrongness', so she'd not be too keen on a 'civilian' going up front like a sacrificial lamb.

... if Jarrith does do forward scouting then he would probably need to given the sunrod (or even his whole pack) to Khensu ...
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I'm fine with sticking Marot wherever needed -- with his darkvision/see invisibility, he can pretty much see anything trying to sneak up on us.

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