[AU] Rumbling Mountains - RG Redux
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    [AU] Rumbling Mountains - RG Redux

    This is the character gallery for the Rumbling Mountains game, using the rules from Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed and set in the accompanying campaign world of the Diamond Throne.

    Current Cast:
    Kabashi, Litorian Warmain (dead_radish)
    Khorat Jhadqi, Verrik Greenbond (Erekose13)
    Tanuar Grayweb, Quickling Faen Akashic (DrSpunj)
    Arkanos BlueCrest, Mojh Magister (Argent)
    Tar-Namaris, Giant Bear Totem Warrior (GPEKO)
    Miganon the Snowloved, Sibeccai Winter Witch (OurManMute)

    All character are created rolling 4d6 (drop lowest), repeated 6 times. Rerolling is allowed then no score is above 13 or if the net modifier is below +1. If no reroll is allowed, but the point buy equivalt is below 28 points, spend points to buy up stats until the equivalent is 28. Starting equipment value is also rolled, using 5d4x10. No reroll of any kind is allowed.

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    - Discussion/OOC thread
    - In Character thread

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    Arkanos BlueCrest

    Arkanos BlueCrest
    True Name: Rajaeen

    1st level Mojh Majister

    Str: 10, Dex: 12, Con: 12, Int: 16, Wis: 12, Cha: 14
    BAB: +0 [Melee: +0 /Ranged: +1]
    Staff attack: AB: +0 Dmg: 1d6 /x2
    Fort: +1
    Ref: +1
    Will: +3
    AC: 12 (+1 Dex, +1 Natural)
    Initiative: +1
    Move: 30í
    Hit Points: 7

    Mojh Abilities:
    Darkvision 60í
    Base Move: 30í

    Majister Abilities:
    1) Staff
    2) Spells: 0 level = 4, 1st level = 2/ per day

    Spells memorized normally:
    0 level: Detect Magic, Disorient, Read Magic, Bash, Contact, Saving Grace.
    1st Level: Conjure Energy, Magic Armor, Fireburst, Transfer wounds.

    Languages: Common, Draconic, Giant, Faen, and Verrik.

    Balance (cc): 1/+4
    Forgery (cc): 1/+6
    Knowledge Magic: 4/+7
    Know Religion: 2/+5
    Knowledge Runes: 2/+7
    Spellcraft: 4/+7
    Alchemy: 4/+7

    1) Eldritch Training (Ceremony)
    2) Craft Spell Component Item

    Greetings human. I see that once again another of your people seem fit to question me about my choice. I am always being asked, ďTell me, why did you choose to stop being a human?Ē Or ďDid it hurt?Ē Of course it hurt. One does not shed his skin without suffering the pain of rebirth. Why did I stop being a Human and become something far more? I will not go into the full details but let us simply say I had a calling. Just as I am a Champion of Magic so am I called to be a Mojh.
    Arkanos walked away from the annoying human and thought to itself. Itís memories drifted back 20 years to the time of his birth (noÖ itís birth). He/It was born and raised on a farm outside the safe boarders of (town to be named later) where he would see all the strange and wondrous people but never having contact with them one day he was on the outskirts of his farm checking the fence what a Mojh came running with a pack of wild dogs on itís tail. The human that was Arkanos saved the Mojhís life and took it to the farm for aid.
    The Mojh named Bluecrest became a fixture on the farm helping when it could and teaching Arkanos all about Runes and Magic. When His Parents died from fever He was left with the farm and no one to help run it but Bluecrest. The Mojh suggested they sell the farm and travel to a gathering that the Mojh hold every decade. The human went along and used much of his money to become a Mojh like his mentor. During the ceremony Arkanos felt the first stirrings of power flow through him. Old Bluecrest could see that Arkanos was destined for being a Majister and crafted Arkanosí first staff for It.

    Backpack 2gp
    2 belt pouches 2gp
    bedroll 1sp
    3 scroll cases 3gp
    50í silk rope 10gp
    6 days rations 3gp
    Adventurerís Kit 5gp
    10 Sunrods 20gp
    10 tindertwigs 10gp

    64gp 9sp left.
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    Evil double post

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    Tanuar Greyweb

    Tanuar Grayweb, male quickling faen Akashic 1: small humanoid (faen); HD 1d6+1; hp 7 [disabled -1, dying -12]; Init +4; Spd 20 ft.; AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 18 [+1 size, +3 Dex, +2 armor, +2 shield]; BAB: +0; Atk +2 melee (short sword 1d6+1, 19-20/x2) or +4 ranged (shortbow 1d6, x3); Grapple -3; SQ Quickling Faen qualities, Skill Memory +2; SV Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +2; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 9.

    Skills & Feats:
    • Appraise +5 (2 ranks)
    • Disable Device +7 (4 ranks)
    • Escape Artist* +5 (2 ranks)
    • Gather Info +1 (2 ranks)
    • Knowledge[Architecture] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Engineering] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Geography] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[History] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Magic] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Nature] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Religion] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Runes] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Sailing & Navigation] +5 (1 rank)
    • Knowledge[Science] +5 (1 rank)
    • Listen +4 (4 ranks)
    • Open Lock +7 (4 ranks)
    • Search +7 (4 ranks)
    • Sneak* +13 (4 ranks)
    • Spot +4 (4 ranks)
    • Tumble* +7 (4 ranks)
    • Eidetic Memory
    • Intuitive Sense
    • *Armor Check penalty of -2 may apply.

    Truename: [spoiler]Malinthid; Known only to his Akashic tutor, Flear, in Navael (who performed the ceremony).[/spoiler]

    Special Qualities
    • Quickling Faen (Ex): Low-Light Vision, Run x5.
    • Skill Memory +2 (Su): Once per day can concentrate for a full round & gain +2 on any single skill check in the next round.

    Languages: Common, Draconic, Faen, Giant, Sylvan.

    • Adventurer's outfit [flask, 2 chalk, 4 tindertwigs] (4gp, 5cp)
    • Belt pouch [Thieves' Tools, Flint & Steel] (32gp)
    • Backpack [bedroll, 5 candles, 2 days trail rations, sack (empty), small steel mirror, sunrod, waterskin] (16gp, 2sp, 5cp)
    • Short Sword (10gp)
    • Small Round Shield (9gp)
    • Shortbow (30gp)
    • Quiver of 20 Arrows (1gp)
    • Small LeatherJack (10gp)
    • 27gp, 7sp.

    History: Tanuar grew up in Navael as an only, and lonely, child. His parents were usually very busy with the family business, Grayweb's Supply, catering to groups of crystal cutters. At a very young age they discovered Tanuar had an excellent head for numbers and his only chore growing up was doing the family's inventory & bookkeeping. While this usually took him quite awhile each day it was always easy for him, sometimes trivially so, allowing other parts of his mind to wander and wonder about other things. He often found himself exploring different thoughts, feelings and experiences that would come whenever he searched for him. Originally his parents and few friends just thought he had an avid imagination, as most children do. Soon, however, everyone realized he had real knowledge of things no young faen should.

    When his parents took him to one of the local Akashic guilds, he was tested and found to have access to the akashic memory. From that point on he was always treated differently--his parents, family and friends were too awed with his abilities to see him as they used to. He wasn't overly hurt as he found a new family within the guild; others who shared the same gift. While the training he underwent was intense, it was exactly what he was looking for. His "daydreaming" at the shop was very close to the exercises they helped him master, and he finished his training quicker than many others.

    During his training he was allowed to access many of the Memory Stones the guild had acquired. There was one that held a vast number of memories, but the stone had been damaged and accessing them was usually very difficult. Tanuar often spent long hours attempting to ferret out new secrets from the stone; to him it was a large puzzle, and he was driven to learn what it held. On one such mental foray he stumbled across a few jumbled memories about a locale...or was it an item...of power...or potential...something...it's just not clear. Try as he might he couldn't bring those memories from the stone again, and he knows there is something important them. He told his teachers about his discovery, and his troubles. Since his training was nearly complete, they bade him to journey there on his own, and unlock the secrets of the damaged stone first hand. Luckily, the place was nearby. While the memories weren't clear, it's somewhere close to Eldeth.

    Personality: Tanuar is kind of odd for a faen. He doesn't have strong social skills and comes off being a bit shy. He's more comfortable being alone mostly because he didn't spend a lot of time with other people growing up. He's quick to warm-up when approached, though, and very happy to talk about a wide range of subjects. He has little to no interest in people, cultures or current events, pays a bit more attention to geography and specific locales, but has a real fascination with things. He always seems to be handling something, sometimes taking things apart just be able to put them back together, or messing with them just to see what they do or how they work. Puzzles, both mental and mundane, are one of his favorite ways to spend time. He likes to help whenever he can, though usually does it quietly, often without alerting those asking that the task has been completed. He tries to seem indifferent to praise but always strives to improve himself, and is secretly pleased whenever anyone compliments him.

    He sees his ability to tap into the akashic memory as a mental path that will lead him to his destiny. He's been given this gift for a reason and a purpose. After all, the memory shows little bits of a very big picture, and it's up to those with the gift to find the hidden meaning and make sense of the pieces.

    Description: Tanuar is 42 years, 5 months and 16 days old on the day he arrives in Eldeth. His eyes move quickly, assessing and categorizing the people and layout of things. He stands 3' 2" and weighs ~39 lbs. His long, sandy-brown hair is usually braided or in a tail-wrap so it's out of his way, but the style changes multiple times a day as messing with it gives his fingers something to do. His gear, arms & armor all look brand-spanking new, and they are. His parents helped outfit him for his trip just before he left, including all sorts of things that he's not sure he needs, but he sees too much potential in all of them so he hasn't ditched anything yet. He doesn't look like he's all that schooled with his sword and shield, but he's a fair shot with his bow and a lot more comfortable staying out of close combat.

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    Khorat Jhadqi - Truename: Teqathis (known by his brother), male verrik Greenbond 1: medium humanoid (verrik); HD 1d6+1; hp 7 [disabled -1, dying -12]; Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 [+4 armor, +2 shield, +1 dex]; Bab: +0; Atk +0 melee (halfspear 1d6, x3) or +1 ranged (halfspear 1d6, x3); SA spell-like abilities; SQ verrik qualities, nature sense, infuse with life; SV Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +5; Str 10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 11.

    Skills and Feats: [Armour Check Penalty -4] Concentration +5 (4 ranks), Heal +5 (2 ranks), Knowledge (nature) +3 (2 ranks), Listen +5 (2 ranks), Speak Language (Common, Verrik, Litorian), Wilderness Survival +5 (2 ranks); Blessed Mage, Modify Spell

    Spell-like abilities(Sp): 1/day - contact, sense thoughts, telekinesis (lesser) caster level: 1
    Verrik qualities(Ex): sensory control.
    Nature sense(Ex): can identify plants and animals.
    Infuse with life(Sp): 3/day, he can heal by touch for 1d8+1hp.

    Spells (Slots: 3/2) Currently readied: 0th - bash, canny effort, detect magic, glowglobe (lesser), hygiene, saving grace; 1st - distraction, mind stab, obscuring mist, transfer wounds (lesser).

    Gear: Adventuring pack (bedroll, flint & steel, signal whisle, backpack, 2 belt pouches, waterskin, 2 days rations) (7gp, 9sp), Half-spear (1gp), long shield (20gp), chainshirt (100gp), 11 sp.

    Khorat woke suddenly to a loud scream echoing from his brother's room. He ran quickly to the next room where his brother lay in bed.

    "Whats wrong Xren?", he said as he entered.

    His brother struggled to sit up, the heavy covers tangling his frail deformed body. Khorat's dreams had always taunted him but to his brother the dreams spoke. His brother was always able to see the truth in his dreams, though he had paid a terrible price for it. Xren turned to look in his direction and Khorat gasped, there in the middle of his brother's forehead was a large unblinking eye gazing straight through him.

    "I have seen it, in my dreams, Teq... I have seen the answer. The curse, I know the key, I know how to cure our curse." stammered Xren.

    "What do you mean? What are you talking about Xren? What has happened to you?" Khorat said as he sat down next to his brother, helping him to sit despite his broken and wracked frame.

    "Teq, the curse, the curse of Xyphon, I have seen the key to our cure. All of the akashics who dive into our history searching for information from the Vnaxians, they are all wrong. So are the ones who try to coax magic from bones, dusts and bat droppings. The key is in the Green. The Green that the humans always go on about, that is the key. Everything and everyone are all connected, dont you see, we are all apart of one great whole. The world, the trees, you, me, we are all one and it is in that acceptance of the one that we will find the answer. The Green will lead us to it! It will help us to realise that we have always known the answer."

    Khorat struggled with what his brother was trying to explain. Sure he had heard of the humans and the spirits, the need to protect the life of nature and all that, but Verrik did not put much stock into those claims. Over the next five years, Khorat sat with his brother and they spoke about what he had seen that day in his dreams, what had awoken in him - in that eye. Over time his brother was able to coax the spirits out of the ground right there in his room. Together they experimented and theorised.

    One day a few years ago Khorat felt a pull from the Green. He had grown to understand some of the powers the Green held and he tried to meditate upon the enlightenment that his brother had spoken of all those years before. But that day was different, he went to his brother to explain that he needed to go and travel the world. He would follow the call in his efforts to find the key to ending the curse which afflicted his people.

    His brother was already sitting up in bed a single tear rolled down from his unblinking eye, past his left eyes and down his cheek. "I am so proud brother, that you have been chosen by the Way to search out the answers. I will treasure you always and I know that we shall see each other again for I have seen it in my dreams."

    Khorat left that day, pulled by the spirits, by the Green, hoping that where ever they took him they would show him the key to healing the curse of his people, the curse his brother suffered so heavily from.

    Personality: Khorat is a little different than most Verrik, while many choose to encourage the feelings of strangeness other races feel, he tries to be more friendly and engaging. His connection to the Green has brought him to realize that everyone and everything is one and that it is useless to struggle against that bond. However, he still labours under the curse, others still find it difficult to relate to him finding him a little strange and enigmatic. He is content to know that someday he will be lead to the answer he seeks and then he will be free of the prejudice others have against him and his race.

    Description: Standing at only 4'6" and weighing 90lbs he is very slight for a Verrik. He shows minor signs of the physical deformities that his brother is afflicted with, mostly in his stature. He is 28 years old though his face looks older as he has lived outdoors in the Central Plains and the Bitter Peaks for the past three years. He wears his long, thin silvery hair down past his shoulders and his skin is a slightly lighter shade of red than most Verrik. His clothing and pack show signs of rough use, having travelled with them for hundreds of miles. He wears his chainshirt and shield, a gift from mercenaries that he helped once. His halfspear is often used as a walking stick rather than a weapon.

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    Fanog : I recalculated the price of my stuff. See below for the details.

    Tar-Namaris (truename : [spoiler]Sinai Tora meaning ďThe Waiting BearĒ in Giant[/spoiler])
    Male Giant Bear Totem Warrior 1; Medium-size giant (Giant); HD 1d12+1; hp 13 (disabled 0 to -1, dying -2 to -12, dead -13); Init +1; Spd 30 ft.; AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +1 natural, +1 dex); BAB +1; Grap +5; Atk +6 Melee (2d6+6/19-20, bonded greatsword) or +2 Ranged (1d6+4/x2, javelin) ; SV Fort +3, Reflex +1, Will +1.

    Str 19, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 7.

    Skills : Climb +4 (2 ranks, -2 armor), Diplomacy +0 (2 racial), Handle animal +2 (4 ranks), Intuit direction +3 (2 ranks), Listen +3 (2 ranks), Sense Motive +3 (2 racial), Spot +3 (2 ranks), Wilderness survival +5 (4 ranks).

    Weapon and armor proficiencies : Simple and martial weapons; light and medium armor.
    Feats : Bonded item (greatsword, ceremonial), Track.
    Languages : Common, Giant.

    Hide of the Bear (Ex) : +1 AC (natural), at 8th level +2 and +1 every four level after.

    Possessions : (78/116 : light load, 170 gp) greatsword (50 gp), dagger (2 gp), 4 javelins (4 gp), chain shirt (100 gp), travelerís outfit, blanket made of the skins of animals (doubles as a cold weather cloak, 1 gp*), waterskin (1 gp), backpack (2 gp) and a leather sack (1 sp) containing : bedroll (1 sp), 2 days of trail ration (1 gp), 50 ft. of hemp rope (1 gp), flint & steel (1 gp) , 2 torches (2 cp), 3 fishhook and other fishing gear (6 sp). 5 gp, 10 sp, 18 cp. *double the price of a normal winter blanket

    • Age : 59
    • Height : 6'9''
    • Weight : 285 lbs
    • Eyes : Green
    • Hair : Black
    Tar-Namaris is not the tallest of the Hu-Charad but heís still an imposing figure because of his muscular physique and broad chest. He wears dark green clothing and a black cloak. Since he spends most of his time in the wild, his outfits are often covered by dirt and his beard and hair arenít very well kept. To add to this wild appearance, Tar-Namaris made a large blanket of furs of various animals crudely piece together that he sometimes wears as a cloak when the weather is cold.

    As a young Giant, Tar-Namaris was troubled and somewhat prone to violence, unusual traits for his race. For some reasons, he was affected by the Chi-Julud his ancestors used to purge the Dramojh of the land. After a few wild outbursts, Tar-Namarisí parents decided to entrust his care to a distant uncle who lived in the woods and was wise in the ways of Giant rituals. With years of various exercises, rituals and patience, Tar-Namarisí uncle was able to bring the young Giant back under the mantle of Si-Karan. But it was not just the Giant rituals that changed Tar-Namaris. In the woods, he started observing the wild environment and being fascinated by it. The bears were really fascinating. In many ways, they were similar to his people : they take great care for their young like Giants protect other races but both can be terrible and strong when necessary. Eventually, he was visited in his dreams by the spirit of the bear and Tar-Namaris made it his totem. Tar-Namaris then returned to the city of his birth changed and ready for his naming ceremony. He then expressed to his parents his desire to go out in the world, meet people, learn from the wise and prove to others (and to himself) that he is a good Giant. It was the decided that a smith would forge a greatsword to protect him during his travels and that he would be bonded to it during his naming ceremony. The ceremony took place and, during it, Tar-Namaris was once again visited by the bear spirit. His sword then became one with him, in the same way a bear is one with its claws. Tar-Namaris has since then traveled the land of the Diamond Throne, visiting many locales. He travels to Elbeth thinking of climbing some of the Bitter Peaks and meeting the wise that have retired there.

    Tar-Namaris is now calm and he usually ponder the situation before acting. Like many Hu-Charad, he took upon himself the mantle of protector and he tries to help those in need. Years of living in the woods have left some trace though. He isnít the most outgoing kind of person and he lacks some social manners. He likes good food and having a good laugh from time to time but his true passion is the great outdoors and the natural beauty of the world.
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    Double post
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    Miganon the Snowloved.

    Male sibeccai winter witch 1.
    Medium humanoid (sibeccai)
    HD 1d6+2; hp 8 (disabled -2 dying -15)
    Init +1
    Spd 40 ft
    AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 dex)
    BAB +0
    Atk +1 melee (shortspear 1d8+1, 20/x3)
    or +1 ranged (sling 1d4 20/x2)
    Grapple +1
    SQ cold resistance 20, witchery manifestation icefire, low light vision
    SV fort +2 ref +1 will +4
    Abilities str 12 dex 12 con 15 int 11 wis 15 cha 10


    Balance +3 (2 ranks)
    Climb +5 (2 ranks)
    Concentration +6 (4 ranks)
    Gather information +2 (0 ranks)
    Handle animal +2 (0 ranks)
    Innuendo +4 (0 ranks)
    Knowledge (geography) +2 (2 ranks)
    Sneak +3 (0 ranks)
    Wilderness survival +6 (4 ranks)


    Fleet of foot (ceremonial)
    Night owl (talent)

    Languages: common, giant


    Traveller's outfit
    Rations (2)
    Climber's kit
    Silk rope
    Flint & steel
    Bullseye lantern
    Sling + 10 bullets

    Spells (3 lvl 0, 1 lvl 1):

    0: Canny effort, Hygiene, Saving grace
    1: Safe fall


    Miganon was born in a small town in the foothills of the northern bitter peaks. Restless, even for a young sibeccai, he spent more time exploring the rugged countryside than making himself useful and learning a trade, much to the chagrin of his elders. Nobody was really worried, then, when he didn't return from one of his little expiditions one day; after all, he was known to come back in late hours of night. When a blizzard struck that night and Miganon still hadn't returned there wassome panic, though, and a search party was sent out to look for him next morning when the storm cleared. Much to their surprise they found him sleeping comfortably under a blanket of snow.

    Miganon was as puzzled as the rest how he survived that storm, but he found he was quite comfortable even in the coldest winters the mountains could bring. Tales of his adventure spread quickly, and came to the ears of Toran, an iron witch travelling between the mining settlements along the bitter peeks. He recognized the boy's talent for witchery (even if it wasn't quite the same kind as his) and offered to make him his apprentice. Miganon gladly accepted, and with the blessings of his elders set out to learn more about his strange talents. Toran taught him the basics of witchery and magic, and how to look within himself for strength.

    Soon, however, it became apparent that Toran could do little to help Miganon explore his powers and so he sent him into the world to discover for himself how to harness and cultivate them.

    Appearance: of average height and build, Miganon would be inconspicuous among Sibeccai if it weren't for the greyish white hair that covers his body. He prefers practical, long wearing clothes, which are often dirty from his travels.

    EDIT: added spells
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    Kabashi (Aka "Rock") Truename: Mrakstera (known to his family and his chieftan).

    Male Litorian Warmain 1; Medium-size humanoid (Litorian); HD 1d12+4; hp 16 (disabled 0 to -1, dying -2 to -16, dead -17); Init +3; Spd 20 ft; AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +1 buckler, +3 dex); BAB +1; Grap +4; Atk +4 Melee (1d8+4/x3, Litorian War Club) or +0/-1 Melee (1d8+3/x3+3, 1d8+1/x3) or +4 Melee (1d3+3 Claw) or +0/-1 Melee (Claw/Claw 1d3+3, 1d3+1) or Ranged (1d8+3/x2, Short Spear); SV Fort +3, Reflex +3, Will -1; Str 17 (+3) Dex 17 (+3) Con 13 (+1) Int 4 (-3) Wis 9 (-1) Cha 15 (+3).

    Skills: Intimidate +8 (4 ranks, +2 Cha, +2 racial), Listen +1 (-1 attr + 2 racial), Search -1 (-3 attr +2 racial), Spot +1 (-1 att +2 racial), Wilderness Surivial +1 (-1 att +2 racial).

    SQ: Low-light vision.

    Weapon and armor proficiencies: Simple, martial and exotic [heavy] weapons; light, medium, heavy armor and shields.

    Feats: Ambidexterity, Exotic Weapon [Heavy], Sturdy (From Warmain)

    Languages: Common, Litorian (Illiterate in Common, functionally illiterate in Litorian).

    Equipment: Litorian War Club with tribal decorations, Beastscale armor, made from the hide of a great Wyrm, Wooden Buckler, 2 Shortspears, Pack containing: bedroll, 10 days rations, flint and steel, ceramic mug, 4 1 gallon kegs of ale, 50' of rope (hemp), 2 sunrods; Belt pouch containing: whetstone, 5 tindertwigs, various feathers, beads and small polished stones, dice for playing Dancing Bones and kit for Spit and Bobber 5 cp.

    The Beastscale armor was crafted for Kabashi by his tribe after he lead the war party that slew the beast - it had taken over a portion of the tribe's hunting grounds and was proceeding to systematically consume all the herd animals. Naturally Kabashi was not the brains behind the plan, but he was the leading brawn, and it was his strike that slew the beast, so the honor of wearing the skin was his. The rest of the items in his pack (save for the ale, mug, and whetstone) were packed by his family and tribesmates before he set off on his journey. Kabashi himself would likely have walked out with a a mug of ale and the clothes on his back as his only provisions. He is still somewhat distrustful of the Sunrod and Tindertwigs, alhtough also strangely fascinated by the devices. He has also recently begun attempting to learn how to play Dancing Bones. Although he abysmally bad at the game, he always has fun, and most opponents don't have the heart to take his money when they beat him so soundly.

    Kabashi was born to a tribe of Litorians who ran the Ghostwash. While his natural strength and speed were evident from a young age, his complete inability to understand things without at least a week's full concentration were obvious too. His young life was a struggle to understand what was going on around him. He took to the Litorian code easily enough, and he was well liked by all who met him - he always meant extremely well, and did his very best to assist whenever he could. Sadly, his most useful tools were his fists.

    It was no real surprise that after his naming ceremony the tribesmaster encouraged Kabashi to set off on his own and find his fortune among the rest of the world, and away from the tribe. There was no ill-will in the decision - it was merely best for all involved if Kabashi were not quite so... well, there.

    His early travels lead him to a caravan under seige by raiders. Giving the matter intense thought, he arrived (eventually) at the conclusion that the ones trying to escape and shield themselves were probably the ones he should help. When Kabashi rose up behind one of the raiders and grasped him by the neck, flinging him aside, and off a cliff, the raiders resolve weakened. When Kabashi's menacing appearance distracted them long enough to allow the Giantess magister to recover her staff and begin the real defense of the group, they quickly fled. The giantess took pity on Kabashi, sensing the goodness in his heart, and the likelyhood of his short lifespan among civilized people, and took him in as a guard.

    The giantess was of little influence or power, but was the daughter of an influential noble. After a few months of routine duties (basically playing escort for the giantess as she travelled from library to library), she began to notice that Kabashi was easily able to grasp even complex theories of magic when she would discuss them with her peers, even making occasional insights that she had not made. This was even more shocking when considered against his inability to grasp most ideas. After several more weeks of careful probing, she decided that the Litorian did in fact have a magical talent deep inside him. She did all she could to bring it out, but was unsuccessful. After several months of trying, she finally gave up, and turned Kabashi over to her father's house, who quickly recognized his abilities as being more suited to the pursuit of the arcane warrior. Kabashi took to the study, as he could easily relate most activities to straightforward solutions, and was soon put to much better use than simple guard duty. Sadly, Kabashi couldn't pick up on all the actual spells, but he has been diligently trying as he goes.

    Currently Kabashi is travelling back to his home plains with the assignment of locating his previous tribe and attempting to open talks with them. However, the Giant noble would not be extremely disappointed if Kabashi were to spend several months (or even years) outside the household - he can't bring himself to throw the fellow out, but he's just awkward to have around....

    Physical Description

    Kabashi is an imposing figure - he stands taller than most Litorians, at nearly 6'9". At that height, he rivals many giants as well. His frame is well-muscled, though more lithe than anything else. He weighs perhaps 190 or 200 pounds, which combines well with his well-groomed claws to create an imposing figure. Those unfamiliar with Litorians may well mistake his near constant smile for a threatening gesture as well - there are a _lot_ of teeth that show when he smiles.

    Kabashi typically dresses as one might expect a tribal Litorian - a hide cloak, rudimentary leather boots and gloves. They are decorated with basic patterns - typically painted paw prints of Kabashi's friends and relatives in the tribe. His only real wealth is in the form of his armor, which is well-crafted, if lacking in any real style, and his War-club, which is lovingly polished every morning, noon and night, decorated with hanging feathers, beads and claws. Kabashi clearly values his warclub above all other of his meager possessions, and has been known to sleep with one hand wrapped around it.
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