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    Raza Thulcandra in CB's Out of the Abyss
    Kasimir the Cursed in industrygothica's Curse of Strahd
    Lum the Mad in TillforPie's Shadowrun

    Living Pathfinder:
    Orlando Furioso 'Fury'
    Elenka Danyllova
    Qalabash Baram
    Kepli Stormborn



    Heartbreak in Mosier's Awakening Apocalypse Shadowrun
    Armides Diat in Tailspinner's Way of the Wicked
    Blue Eye Bellows in DrSimon's Master of Jade, Mistress of Iron
    Harper in TillforPie's Nazareth Awakened WoD Mage
    Trickle and Khirynnax Skinchanger in doghead's From the Outside Dungeon World
    Arkos Stoneborn in DT's Undiscovered Frontier
    Porcelain in Hobo's Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy
    Gregori Ostov in HolyMan's Carrion Crown
    Gokan no Enmei in Grufflehead's Tempus Fugit
    Sindri & Half-Jack in FitD's Follow Me Into Shadow
    Ubariya, the Mother of Unclaimed Souls in HM's 'Gods!'
    Korva of Clan Keduhl in MD's Paranormal Protection Agency.
    Grub, mutant armadillo in Alvordian's Slimy Lake
    Angrboda, wood witch in Arkhandus' The First
    Iradias in Malvoisin's Dungeon A Day
    Atapesh in CS's Fall of Zathas
    Callistemon Agonistes in Jemal's School
    Edvan Chelwhistle, in DT's Sword & Sorcery; Ch. 4
    Grellus Red, ogre, in CM's Path of Madness
    Silas Eyrstan, Caernite scholar in Last Stand of the Dorinthians.
    Arden of Narovan, Illene Mystic in Shatterscape.
    Kerim al-Asad in Nakatura Valley
    Ymris of Three Stone Green in Metropolis - Weight of the World
    Byrrl the Oak Lord in Blank Slate

    Living Pathfinder:
    Agno Phoenicus

    Doom of the Savage Kings DCC RPG
    Sailors on the Starless Sea - DCC RPG

    Living Pathfinder wiki
    LPF Dunn Wright Inn
    LPF Mystic Pearl

    = Game played successfully to the end
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    Walking Dad's PbPs


    Growling Ape in The Romance of the River Kingdoms OOC
    Wilbur in The Shackled City OOC

    Gorim Grimmson in The Enemy Within OOC
    Malkyr Tsul in Scotley's 4e Swashbuckler OOC Wiki
    Adam of Brightcastle in The Isle of Dread OOC
    Galin in DweomerFall Saga OOC
    Teclis in Clash of Steel OOC
    Jalim in Altaruk, on the Sea of Silt OOC
    Galim Grimaxe in Death's Domain OOC

    5e playtest
    Elephan Moonsong in Caves of Chaos OOC

    Frost in Mutant Apocalypse OOC
    Teth Narkil in The Malazan Book of the Fallen OOC

    Olmar in A Saga of Might OOC
    Skulk in Shared Creative Setting OOC

    Living Enworld
    Red Dragon Inn
    Midias Sunchosen
    Adventure: T1

    The Hanged Man

    Riardon d'Caelis
    Land Ho! FWBTHW
    Land Ho! FWBTHW 2

    Vimak Stonecarver
    The Invasion of Baskrant

    Nathantiel Xiloscient
    The Undead Hunter

    [Tavern] Tower's Shard 2011

    Varis d'Lyrandar
    Scratching the Surface

    Deimos Vrago
    The Cannith Caper

    The Dunn Wright Inn

    The Green Faerie

    The Venza Guardian
    Beggar's Belief


    Honor in Mellub's Xen'drik Heroes OOC
    Tulbar in Sinister Secret of Whiterock OOC
    Cyrus in Two Kingdoms OOC
    Craig in Night's Plutonian Shore OOC
    Romulus in Monster Madness OOC
    Darren in Into the World OOC
    Midias in The Lost Son OOC
    Gregorius in Masters of the Arcane OOC
    Flint in Into The Depths OOC
    Screech in Yar Gock Goblinoind mini campaign OOC
    Derek in The Raven Marches OOC
    Dorn in A dwarf in time OOC
    Raven in Sons of Gruumsh OOC
    Kane in Fifth Sepulcher OOC
    Darius in Escaping the Labyrinth OOC
    Finlil in The Sunless Citadel OOC
    Xenon in A Dark and Stormy Night OOC
    Scavenger in renau1g's Red Hand of Doom OOC
    Targas in (AE) The Tale of the Crystal Princ OOC
    Darius in The Savage Tide OOC
    Girgal Scalefoot in X5: To the Temple of Death OOC
    Glaive in Who wants to be a Wayfinder? OOC

    Sivan in Rise of the Runelords AP OOC Old Thread
    Kaddok in Dogville - a bloody dnd game OOC
    Aramil in Creamsteak's Pathfinder Sunless Citadel OOC
    Zakok in Kill Bargle! OOC Old Thread
    Sivan in Rise of the Runelords AP OOC Info
    Rorgar in TRM's Second Darkness OOC
    Sivan in Rise of the Runelords AP OOC
    Raven in Malvoisin's Dungeonaday Playtest OOC
    Eldan in The Forgotten Terror OOC
    Bael Tearlani in Crimson Throne AP OOC
    Rorgar in Aeson's Second Darkness OOC
    Devos in Flames of Littleton OOC
    Xenon in Age of Woe OOC
    Brother Darion in Homebrew OOC
    Lamad Leroung in Red Hand of Doom OOC
    Auris D'Leroy in The Forge of Fury OOC
    Fantalass in WotBS OOC
    Dorian Greenleaf in The Whispering Cairn OOC
    Darsuul in Gandalfs evil game OOC
    Hagnim in Carrion Crown AP (Savage Stampede) OOC
    Tusk in Serpent's Skull OOC

    Tyron Duskmeadow in 4e: Lost Temple of Roanorn OOC
    Malek in Feylight and Dragonbreath OOC
    Shamash in Company of the Morning Sun OOC
    Terminus in Fall of Manlich OOC
    Vondal in Secret War OOC
    Ripper in Past Tense OOC
    Malek Videl in Founding of a Guild OOC
    Morgran in Dragons Crowned OOC
    Penance in The Protectors OOC
    Ragnar in Retaking the Forgehold OOC
    Draxius in Border Epic OOC
    Ryash Darkstone in FR Heathen OOC
    Malek Videl in Rediscovery of the World OOC
    Jorje in Wandering Star OOC
    Mykos in The High Road OOC
    Baern Winterchosen in Touch of Madness OOC
    Ziang Yu in Path of Enlightment 1 OOC
    Morgran Deepwell in The Heroes of Fannen-Dar OOC
    Taran Xiloscient in A Paid Trip to Spellhold OOC (old)
    Grayven Glimmershadow in From the Ruins OOC
    Malek in Risen OOC
    Caged Fury in Fallen: Blood and Sand OOC
    Varis Lyrandar in In the Service of Cyre OOC
    Kildrak in Sins of the Feyborn OOC
    Zirok Trank in The Dustbowl OOC
    Bavak in Baradur's End - Part III OOC
    Bha-Ka-Thet in covaithe's E1: Death's Reach OOC
    Ziang Yu in Path of Enlightenment 2 OOC
    Jalaan in A Season of Bones OOC
    Korg Wellspeakerl in Burning Sands OOC
    Garok in Marauders of the Dune Sea OOC
    Erevan Dariel in Here there be Dragons OOC
    Grim in Bottom's Up OOC
    Pelias Blueshadow in Aelwynn OOC
    Denaris in Adventures in the Nentir Vale OOC
    Tarrk Bloodhoof in Leif's Keep on the Shadowfell OOC
    Carric in Insight's Histhaven OOC
    Eric Apeldan in Airwalkrr's 4e Game OOC
    Rodric the Bright in A Paid trip to Spellhold OOC
    Daigon in Koukonsögur - Saga of the Trollfed Aerie OOC
    Aelar in Against the Giants OOC

    Frost in M&M Chosen OOC
    Hybrid in The Infamous [M&M] OOC
    Xenomorph in M&M3e (DCA) Young Justice: Home Alone OOC
    Arac-Knight in Fallen Angels OOC
    The Visitor in Insight's Secret Wars OOC
    Greyhound in Emerald City Knights OOC

    Marius in StarWars: Interbellum OOC
    Agent Smith in The Shadows OOC
    Gustav Federer in [WFRP] Down and Out in Altdorf OOC
    Chomesh in Legacy of the Stone Assembly OOC
    Zoidberg in Outrageous Fortune OOC
    Tork in Warrior Queen of Venus! OOC
    Thomas in Ars Magica 5e, Rhine Tribunal, 1220 OOC
    Falos in DARP- The Dalish Curse OOC
    Shawn in Zombies...Day One OOC
    Face in The Silent Partner OOC
    John Greyson in [RCFG] The Eyes of Mellythese OOC
    Winston in Possum's d20 Modern OOC
    Raistlin Majere in Dragons of Autumn Twilight OOC
    Prof Hagen von Hacht in iLos Californios - Destined OOC

    Kombat Kraziness
    Belkar IC Thread
    Reed IC Thread


    D'ryll in Spectres OOC
    Taran Xiloscient in A Paid Trip to Spellhold OOC
    Borin in The Marsh Bell OOC
    B'n'B Against the Orcs Recruiting RG IC OCC
    [Pathfinder] DarkSun: Dangerous Beginnings RG IC OCC
    Dragonfist: RG IC OOC


    Hall of the Dwarven (3.5) RG IC OCC
    Hall of the Dwarven (Pathfinder) RG IC OCC
    Gotham Squires (M&M 2nd) RG IC OOC
    Playtest Base of Operations Recruiting RG IC OCC
    [LPF] The Sunken Temple

    Garagos Stoneshield in Tomb of Horror 3.5 OOC Riddle
    Arac-Knight in Unconventional Heroes Edition.[ICONs] OOC

    Tyron in KotS 4e OOC

    My games:
    Necessary Evil (M&M 3e) RG IC OOC
    Gamma World: IC OOC

    Character Sandbox

    My Houserules
    Gnomes have Wizard (illusion domain) or Sorcerer (fey ancestry) as favored class.

    Half-Elves choose one skill at first level. This skill is always considered a Class Skill.

    Half-Orcs are -2 Int or Cha. You are also proficient with the falchion.
    Barbarian: Use Berserker Strength. But let the ability activated at half HP (rounded down).

    Bard: Use the marshal.

    Cleric: Use spontanous casting for the cleric. Let the cleric retain his abilty to convert spells to cure/inflict. There is no Healing Domain. Make turn undead a per encounter ability.

    Druid: Use spontanous casting for the druid. Instead of an animal companion, he can choose one druid domain (druid domains: air, animal, earth, fire, plant, water, and weather). Use the Aspect of Nature wildshape variant.

    Fighter: Add the Bulwark of Defense (3rd), Armor Mastery(5th + 9th), Vigilant Defender (5th), (Improved) Shield Ally (7th + 13th) and Impetuous Endurance (17th) abilities from the knight class. Add profession as a class skill.

    Monk: Use the defender .
    Or, if you want to keep the "classic" monk:
    Add new light armor:
    Robe +0 AC -Max Dex -ACP 5%SF 30 ft.
    Special: This armor counts as unarmored for monk-ability purpose.

    Add to improved unarmed damage:
    For melee weapons you can use in flurries, you can choose to deal unarmed or standard weapon damage.

    Paladin: Make turn undead and smite per encounter abilities. Add a special effect (like:"blinding" = When you smite someone, roll 1d20 + 1/2 paladin level + Cha modifer. If you beat the enemies Fortitude Score: 11 + enemy’s Fortitude save modifier, he is blinded for 1d4 rounds. Undead are not immune to this!) for every time the character get an additional use. Erase the spellcasting ability and the mount. Add Knight's Challenge abilty from the knight as a supernatural ability.

    Ranger: Give fighter feats instead off spellcasting (one feat per spell level). No animal companion.
    ranger styles
    2 ranged hunt
    4 precise shot
    6 manyshot
    11 g. manyshot

    2 twf
    4 tw charge
    6 itwf
    11 gtwf

    2 mounted combat
    4 mounted hunt
    6 trample
    11 Ride by Attack

    2 mounted archery
    4 mounted hunt
    6 ranged hunt
    11 Ride by attack

    The Hunt
    Each round, the ranger moves 10 feet or more away from his old place by himself, he inflict 1d6 percision damage (creatures immune to critical hits are also immune to this damage). He adds 1d6 at level 5, 10, 15 and 20.
    instead of favored enemy. He can use this ability up to 30 ft away.

    Rogue: No changes. Can use UA variants.

    Sorcerer: Use the warlock, if you have Complete Arcane. If not, use the battle sorcerer (adding bluff to skill list and give a 30 ft ranged touch attack ("Arcane Blast") (1/2 caster level/d6 untyped damage) instead of the familiar)

    Wizard: Use Sorcerer casting for the wizard. Give him one wizard domain instead of the familiar.

    Use the easy skill mechanic (here )

    Use this Skill List for now. Changes coming soon!
    New Feats:
    Acrobatic Bluff (General)
    You can use your Acrobatics skill instead of your Bluff skill to feint and trick in combat . Your opponent opposes the attempt with Sense Motive or Acrobatics (whichever is better).

    All-out Attack (General, Fighter)
    Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
    With an all-out attack, you ignore defense in favor of accuracy. Subtract a number up to 5 from your AC bonus and add the same number to your melee attack roll. You cannot more than double your attack bonus. The changes to attack and AC are declared before you make the attack roll and last until your next action.

    Elusive Target (General)
    Prerequisite: Dodge feat.
    You are expert at dodging and weaving around your foes, making you an elusive target while you're engaged in a melee. When you are fighting in melee combat, others attempting to target you with ranged attacks are at a -8 penalty rather than the usual -4 penalty for shooting into melee combat.

    Extra Smite (General)
    Prerequisite: Ability to smite.
    Each time you take this feat, you can use your ability to smite one more time per encounter than normal.
    Special: You can gain Extra Smite multiple times. Its effects stack. Each time you take the feat, you can use your smite ability one additional time per day.

    Finishing Blow (General, Fighter)
    Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +1.
    You can perform a coup de grace as a standard, rather than a full-round, action.

    Improved Demoralize (General)
    Prerequisites: Cha 13, Intimidate 1 rank.
    You can make an Intimidate check to demoralize an opponent in combat as a move action rather than a standard action.

    Prone Fighting (General)
    You suffer no penalties on your attack rolls for being prone, and opponents do not gain any bonus to hit you with melee attacks while you are prone. Opponents making ranged attacks against you still have -4 on their attack rolls. You can crawl at half your speed rather than the usual 5-feet per move action.

    Ride-By Attack (General, Fighter)
    Prerequisites: Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat.
    When you are mounted, you can move both before and after you take a standard action, provided your total distance isn't greater than your mount's movement speed.

    Two-Weapon Charge (General, Fighter)
    Prerequisites: Two-Weapon Fighting, base attack bonus +6.
    You can attack with both hands as part of the charge action.

    Unbalance Opponent (General, Fighter)
    Prerequisites: Dex 13, Dodge
    You are skilled at keeping opponents off balance. Choose the target of your Dodge feat normally. That opponent's Strength does not apply to melee attack rolls to hit you, but does still apply to damage.

    Changed Feats:
    Extra Turning (General)
    Prerequisite: Ability to turn or rebuke creatures.
    Each time you take this feat, you can use your ability to turn or rebuke creatures one more time per encounter than normal.
    Special: You can gain Extra Turning multiple times. Its effects stack. Each time you take the feat, you can use each of your turning or rebuking ability one additional times per day.
    some feats taken from various ogl products, for fair use only

    Hunt Feats:
    Mounted Hunt (General)
    Prerequisite: Mounted Combat feat, The Hunt ability.
    You can use the The Hunt ability while mounted. Only one attack each round gets the damage bonus.

    Ranged Hunt (General)
    Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot feat, The Hunt ability.
    The range you can use your “The Hunt” ability increases by 30 ft.
    Special: A character may gain this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.
    coming soon
    Changed Domain powers

    Gain electricity resistance 5.

    Gain acid resistance 5.

    Gain fire resistance 5.

    Gain cold resistance 5.

    You can use goodberry once per day as a spell-like ability.
    Add Knowledge (nature) to your list of cleric class skills.

    You do not receive penalties on Spot & Search check due to natural weather.
    Survival is a Cleric class-skill for you.
    Receive a +2 bonus on all weather-related Survival checks.
    Hit Points, Dying
    Use the new death and dying rule
    Try It Now!

    If you want to try out a version of this system in your current game, try the following house rule. It’s not quite the 4th Edition system, but it should give you an idea of how it’ll feel.

    1) At 0 hp or less, you fall unconscious and are dying.
    Any damage dealt to a dying character is applied normally, and might kill him if it reduces his hit points far enough (see #2).

    2) Characters die when their negative hit point total reaches -10 or one-quarter of their full normal hit points, whichever is a larger value.
    This is less than a 4th Edition character would have, but each monster attack is dealing a smaller fraction of the character’s total hit points, so it should be reasonable. If it feels too small, increase it to one-third full normal hit points and try again.

    3) If you’re dying at the end of your turn, roll 1d20.
    Lower than 10: You get worse. If you get this result three times before you are healed or stabilized (as per the Heal skill), you die.
    10-19: No change.
    20: You get better! You wake up with hit points equal to one-quarter your full normal hit points.

    4) If a character with negative hit points receives healing, he returns to 0 hp before any healing is applied.
    In other words, he’ll wake up again with hit points equal to the healing provided by the effect—a cure light wounds spell for 7 hp will bring any dying character back to 7 hp, no matter what his negative hit point total had reached.)

    5) A dying character who’s been stabilized (via the Heal skill) doesn’t roll a d20 at the end of his turn unless he takes more damage.

    Streamlined HP. Good BaB Classes use d10, medium d8, poor d6. Barbarians gain 1 bonus HP each level.

    Characters of level 1 and 2 start with more HP:
    max HD + (3x Con mod) + 6
    If your 2nd/3rd class uses d8 add 1 HP, if it uses a d10 add 2 HP.

    Let your players regain all hit points after an 8 hours rest (why not, the wizard regained all his spells, too)
    Don't roll saves, but roll against them (here)

    Invisible Castle
    CoyoteCode Dice Roller v. 2.0

    The Hypertext d20 SRD
    Pathfinder SRD (Pathfinder_OGC)
    The Modern Path
    Super Hero SRD

    My Houserules
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    Ter-raen, in Urn Your Pay, part of Living ENWorld
    Level 1 Barbarian

    Raekz Krusst, in Veiled Thorns, part of Living Eberron
    Level 1 Hexblade


    Status: OFF

    Eberron: Wayfinder Expedition to the Demon Wastes, OOC Thread
    Level 1 Kineticist

    Caen Curvis
    Level 10 Psychic Warrior

    Two Kingdoms (Team 1), OOC Thread
    Level 7 Ranger/Ritual Dragon Disciple

    Jae Jharin, in Rebuilding the World, OOC Thread, Rogue's Gallery
    Level 4 Cleric

    "Kaen" Kong Kai En, in Dimensional Explorers: Into The Vortex, OOC Thread
    Dedicated 5
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    Originally Posted by edhel
    I, for one, welcome our new petunia overlords.
    Originally Posted by Malum
    It was a war of attrition. The players had a set amount of hit points vs. the FB who had unlimited hit points.
    Originally Posted by K
    Anything with 'Elven' in the name does more damage.
    Originally Posted by Nifft
    I have great respect for "realism" in its natural habitat ("reality"), but I find it out of place in D&D, and on this board in particular.

    Invasion! OOC IC RG
    The City Arcana
    Hall of the Dwarven Lord
    Eyes of the Lich Queen
    No Man's Land
    The Raven Marches

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    AD&D 1st edition:

    Cornelius Ray human male fighter

    D&D 3.5

    Lenuran gnome male bard

    D&D 4e:

    Mikal Downs human male wizard


    Ioseph Vors human male cleric of Helerion (LPF)
    Darreo Naccarelli human male fighter(crossbowman) (LPF)
    Markas Shieldheart human male fighter (LPF)
    Firtargath Tagon'gun dwarf male fighter
    Curz Wiffilan human male cleric(separatist) of Miltra
    Brondelleon half-elf male druid(lion shaman)
    Adalir the Axeman human male fighter

    Mutants & Masterminds 3e:

    Marcus Holmes "Sticky Fingers" male oddly powered hero
    Savior female telekinetic

    Games I'm DMing:

    D&D 3.5:

    Off To War IC OOCRG

    Off To War Subquest:
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...arch-dark.html - FINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...ders-path.html - FINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...kon-manor.html - FINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...uet-aidan.html - UNFINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...y-victory.html - FINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...duet-lora.html - UNFINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...et-jareth.html - FINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...n-con-man.html - UNFINISHED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...ng-orders.html - CURRENT
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...ch-secert.html - CURRENT

    Off to War Misc:
    Off to War Houserules
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...iscussion.html - OOC Year1
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...-year-2-a.html - OOC Year2

    D&D 4e:

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...mpaign-ic.html - IC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...-game-ooc.html - OOC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/rogues-...mpaign-rg.html - RG


    Carrion Crown Adventure Path



    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...-twilight.html - IC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...athfinder.html - OOC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/rogues-...oes-lance.html - RG

    Skull & Shackles:

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...ackles-ap.html - IC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...es-ap-ooc.html - OOC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/rogues-...les-ap-rg.html - RG

    Caves of Chaos:

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...p-1-pf-ic.html - IC/RG
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...sed-sorry.html - OOC

    Age of Worms:

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...-worms-ic.html - IC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/talking...iscussion.html - OOC
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/rogues-...cter-spot.html - RG

    Living Pathfinder:

    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...olds-keep.html - COMPLETED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...ts-belfry.html - COMPLETED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...o-dannato.html - COMPLETED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...alchemist.html - COMPLETED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...interlude.html - COMPLETED
    http://www.enworld.org/forum/playing...-un-death.html - CURRENT


    Craft Scrolls

    Threads I Have Created (and I'm sure EnWorld wishes I hadn't)

    Can be found here.
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