Organized Play: Can You Learn To Love It?

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As we continue to get ready for GenCon, lets look at the bright side of Organized Play programs. And we'll look at the seamy underbelly while we're at it.

A Slew of Kickstarters; plus DUNGEON BASTARD on BARDS!

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Dungeons & Dragons News Ark of the Made Mage, Pt 3 -- Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade proudly present the latest installment of the Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeons & Dragons saga! In...
Top Ten D&D Settings of ALL TIME!
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I'll save you the experience of one of my awesome countdown videos and present this one as an article. I asked folks on EN World and elsewhere what were their favourite official D&D settings of all time. You answered in the hundreds. Here's what you said!
NUMENERA is here; Plus REVELATIONS from the Mouth of a MADMAN! And our review of the 3.5 PREMIUM MAG
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The ENnies 2013 voting booth closed last night with a record 13000+ voters! Thank you to everybody who voted - we'll be announcing the winners at the ceremony at Gen Con later this month; we will also be livestreaming the event for those who can't make it. See you there, and good luck!

2 Ways To Abandon Roles

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Got a “Someone Has To Play The Leader (or Defender or Controller or Whatever)” problem? Let the banana fix it.

The New Premium Magic Item Compendium: Awesome or Nawsome?

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Only a couple weeks ago, Wizards of the Coast released another addition to their growing line of older D&D edition products reprinted anew in premium formats. The Premium Magic Item Compendium is the most recent product in this line of Dungeons & Dragons source books, recreating the 3.5 Edition version from 2007.

Do your campaigns have a theme?

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This week I am extending the concept of "what our gaming says about us" to the GM chair. I came to some interesting insights about what is most important to me and how it extends into all areas of my life.

WotC on Binding Elementals; a slew of 13TH AGE Resources; FIREFLY RPG News; PLus New RANDOM GENERATO

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Dungeons & Dragons News Bound Elementals -- Let’s continue the exploration of elementals by going over three that could be bound into service: invisible stalkers, water weirds, and elemental...

The First Doctor Sourcebook: Cubicle 7 Brings WHO of the 60s To Your Tabletop!

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Would you say that the book function better as a gaming product, or as a book to read for Doctor Who fans? It sounds like there's a lot of stuff in there that non-gaming friends would find great...
D&D Math; PATHFINDER Shark Mini; ROCKET AGE is out!; Tabletop Gaming on the Rise; and Back PRIMEVAL
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EN World News ENnies voting ends in a couple of days! We've had record numbers of voters this year (we shot past 11,000 at the weekend). Make sure yours is counted! How Do You Choose a...

How Do You Choose a Character?

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Within the framework of D&D 4E, “success” is achieved by having the appropriate mix of classes. Assuming the right number of players, you need at least one leader, one striker, one defender, and one controller, with additional characters expanding the striker or defender role. Leave out one of the roles, and an “appropriately constructed” encounter can become much more difficult than the math suggests. Very often, a campaign starts with players lobbying for their favorite role, with some having to settle for a second or third choice in order to maintain party balance.

Blood Bowl Team Manager Freshens Up The Franchise

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Blood Bowl is filled with a grand history but seems to sadly have been cast aside by Games Workshop; happily Team Manager breathes new life into the universe.

Gary Gygax's Birthday

  • 4 is Gary Gygax's birthday. As you probably know, Gary was one of the two co-creaters of Dungeons & Dragons in the 1970s, and sadly passed away in...

Expedition to the Gencon Vendor Hall: What are YOU Shopping for?

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Lets look ahead to GenCon and daydream about the cool stuff we hope to find in the Vendor Hall. Added Difficulty: I'm not talking about booth babes.

How Can David Mamet Help My Game?

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A Pulitzer Prize winning writer helps you with your make-believe elf games. Also: Penguins.

Chaos & Alchemy: Transmuting Games with the Magick of Kickstarter!

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This review has been a long time coming: I’ve had Chaos & Alchemy for over six months now, and that’s more than enough time for a playtest!

How do you learn best?

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Some questions and comments by a new coaching client about how they learned best prompted some introspection into my own learning style. It caused me to realize that the way I first learned to play D&D was perfect for me. Are you learning in the way that is best for you?

Facebook the Board Game?

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Facebook the Board Game was recently announced. What could possibly be bad about that?

4 Setting Seductions

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There are four settings that have captured my imagination in recent months, only three of which are rpgs. Interestingly enough, none of them are D&D. Below I break down what appeals to me and why I’m willing to branch out after all these years.

16 Questions about the new Flint & Steel RPG

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Are you looking for a new RPG with no levels and no classes to constrain your creativity? If so, your quest may have just ended! The new Flint & Steel RPG is just that.


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