Door to Nowhere


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After making sure everything is settled in Refuge, Taylar asks Astarte and Plumeir if they would like to investigate the ruins they visited before. "It is not the first time I have encountered such places," he explains and tells the story of the Red Keep he discovered with the Outliers.

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Eric Zephlaer

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Plumeir responds, "My days of being a clerk are behind me. I need to take a Season and train a replacement. I would definitely like to accompany you, but I am not sure to what you are referring with the word 'ruins'."

He rubs his chin with his left hand. "I was also thinking that we might want to return to that Oasis with as much salt as we can reasonably carry. I think we will also find better trade there than here. Commerce here is too heavily regulated by the Cathedral."
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OOC: MacConnell and I are running through some ideas for another adventure with this group. I'm going to create another character on another account to play alongside Taylar. It would be great if you want to keep playing with these characters. I really enjoy your contribution to the game.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Cycle: 497: Season: Stasis. Day: 1
Since neither Plumeir nor Astarte were familiar with the ruins of which Taylar spoke, he explained that some 15 Cycles back, he and the other Outliers had discovered some ancient ruins with portalways similar to those recently used, but they were not Doorframes. They were just walls of a small room. The symbols had been carved into the floor, but the party did not realize it at that time. Astarte realizes that her own daughter, Star Wolfess, who is currently about half way across the continent, had spoken of similar floor markings in a system of ancient buildings called the Chain of Keeps. Apparently the ancient Yahdrams had readily used such methods of travel, but the knowledge of them was lost in the Sundering.

Not being pressed for time, the season was given for Plumeir to train a replacement. It was decided not to return to the Oasis so soon, but to give a chance for the Investigators to be forgotten there. Taylar spent much of the season in Refuge, working with Vittero and making sure everything was well. Astarte tended to her own personal business.

During that time, some unexpectedly beneficial events occurred. Taylar was, at first, justifiably suspicious because it involved the Cathedral, but thorough discussion with Plasimon and Vittero showed the significance of the change within the Religion of Light. Plascimon was the highest ranking member of clergy outside of West Cove, itself, and was now one of the Ministers of Light, having a say in everything that the Cathedral did. Trade with the Sioliri, across the river from Refuge, was sanctioned and no longer had to be conducted in secret. The three Investigators were officially recognized by the Cathedral and given a coin of iron as a symbol of that recognition. This gave the three the right to buy and to have weaponry and armor commissioned anywhere within the Kingdom. Taylar’s father, the official smith in Outpost, had greater skill than that for which he was given credit and could make better quality items than the standard gear he made for Kingdom Regulars.

Once the Drenching Season came to its official close by date, Plumeir met the other Investigators back in Refuge. The group was free to gather supplies and pursue its own interests. They were now considered by the citizenry, in all the surrounding communities, as protectors of the Region. Kingdom Regulars and Clergy not only acknowledge the three, they also deferred to them and would take commands, considering it an honor to have some melee training time with Astarte and Taylar.
Taylar: full wellness
tunic: 60 - 3 - 3 = 54 - 3 = 51
Astarte: full wellness
vest: 29 - 2 - 2 = 25 - 2 = 23 - 2 = 21
Plumeir: full wellness
tunic: 48
various coins: 3827 marks value

fang or tooth necklaces: 6: ??
skull fetishes: 6: ??
curious stones: 6: ??
metal ingots: 6: ??
Ferguine, Mining Commissioner
Francis, Priest of Dawn at Vineyard (Centrin)
cherry orchard, 1 day north of Vineyard
Rheini village: Grandfather of Maka: Pardal
Kol and party: Maldrog Explorers
Eastern Oasis in Ka’ard’taerm (Pelimonra village)
Portal Spire with two doorframes and odd symbol
OOC: Each character receives 5 DP. State nominal actions and intentions and provide a random roll.


When Astarte finds out that Taylar’s father's abilities have improved, she asks him to make for her 17 mithrin arrows and a better sword that she already has. She'll then start train with the new one in her right hand and the old one in her left. She also gets a new black cotton shirt as her vest has too many wholes. She'll also talk with not only Taylar’s father, Plascimon and Vittero but with other wise people as well about the collections of the party; if they can recognize them and how they can be used by them.
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Eric Zephlaer

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During the time necessary to train a replacement, taking a queue from Astarte, Plumeir will acquire a new tunic. The weapons that the party recovered from the kidnappers are made from too heavy of a metal for Plumeir to have repurposed into anything that he would use, so he suggests that Taylar improve his bludgeons.
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Taylar intends to use the metal in inventory to improve his bludgeons.
Plumeir met the other Investigators back in Refuge
Taylar introduces the investigators to a new member, a centrin man with blonde hair and average features. "This is Leutheo. I met him recently and he has a keen interest in the portals that I want to investigate. I trust him to accompany us and his skills could be of great use."


Leutheo introduces himself to the group. "Hello. I have heard much of this group. I was trained by the church but I set out on my own when I learned of the corruption. I heard recently that you traveled a long way in a short amount of time and I would like to investigate that with you."

Eric Zephlaer

Gaming Aficianado
Plumeir introduces himself and briefly converses with Leutheo to gain more familiarity. "Any friend of Taylar's is a friend of mine. With you now being in the Kingdom of West Cove; and not only am I Markidian, but was also a member of clergy who worked as the inventory clerk for the mining operation north of Outpost for the past 10 Cycles, you may have some suspicions. Rest assured Taylar, Astarte, and some of his older friends, like Vittero who is the priest here in Refuge, were instrumental in purging the corruption from the Religion of Light. Feel welcome. We should also have some extra gear to which you may find a particular kinship."

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