Into the Woods

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
"Shall we try these two doors here? The tree carving looks inviting, and clearly took a lot of work for someone," suggests Albrecht. "I'd like to open this heavy chest to see what's in, but it's probably safer if I do so without everyone in this small area. Perhaps we can go through these doors, and if the room is clear, I'll come back and open this chest? I feel I am being extra cautious, but this is an odd place."


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Bimpnott nods, seeing the wisdom in clearing the room before potentially triggering a trap.

"Be careful," he cautions his friend, and the firbolg opens the large door with the tree decorations.


Bimpnott turns to the door and gives it a gentle push. The doors dont move. A harder shove. The doors move slightly but not enough to get through. You suspect they may be blocked from the other side.
OOC: Strength check if you'd like to try again.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
With the help of Albrecht, Bimpnott tries again to open the stuck door. The firbolgs powerful muscles strain as the giantkin tries with all his might to move not just the door, but whatever is behind it, too.

OOC: Does the Powerful Build racial feature make any difference in this instance? "You count as one size larger when determining carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag or lift."

Anyway, here's my Str roll with advantage:
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [13, 2]+5 = 18


Bimpnott and Albrect put their shoulders to the door and, grudgingly it opens. As it does, a fierce gust of wing lashes out from the now open room as an intense, sickly green light pours out of the now open doorway. The wind howls and swirls, then manages to lift both Umbril and Albrecht off their feet and carry them into the glowing space. Terry and Bimpnott both make desperate grabs for their companions but the wind is too great. as they pass through the doorway, The doors slam shut again, separating the two party members.
As soon as you hear the doors slam shut from behind, a great gust of wind blasts the room around you; sending dust, paper and curtains flying around the room. Piles of rotting corpses litter the creaky wooden floor. Then you see him, on the ceiling, a shell of a man, shriveled, tortured and used. His body and arms semi molded into the blackened muck that replicates a ceiling. Slimy black vines creep through his flesh pinning him to the ceiling, as the ends of the vines expand into drooling suckers that feed from his life force.
A glow of green hue emanates from his chest where a green emerald spews out evil energies into the mansion, distributing the feed to all areas of the living building. The most potent looking of these green energies flows directly into a lifeless body slumped with its head flung back over a wooden chair.
As yo look around, taking this all in, the body snaps its head back from over the chair and back into position. You recognise her from the apparitions of the manor. It is the dark advisor Gertrude. She grins wide and evil, then cackles a haunting laugh as her features grow long and haggard. Her skin turns midnight blue and her pupils turn the red of the 9 hells. She attacks!
OOC: initiative all. I don't seem to be able to share a pic with only some of you, here. Message?

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