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Kulan: Knightfall's Aerie of the Crow God Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM
The potions that Thorvid and Wieland found can be identified with a successful DC 25 Spellcraft check, but it takes a minute to do so. The check cannot be rushed.

Or one of the PCs/NPCs could act as a guinea pig and just taste test a potion to see what it does. The potions that have been found do not look like the inflict potions that Phre and Tarrak had/have. From pure visual examination, one of the potions (found on Crisenth) looks very different than the others. The others all have a similar shape and color but there are a few potions that are larger than the others.


World of Kulan DM
The question the PCs need to ask themselves is will Tarrak come after them right away if they retreat or will he rally more resources to throw at them and the villagers of Carnell. It should be obvious by now that Tarrak is insanely powerful opponent (a 9th-level caster with monster HD) who could have challenged the PCs all by him himself, if they had been alone.

Also, this round is the last round that Galzadar and his familiar are paralyzed with fear. Yes, they are entangled, but if the elf wizard gets free and is forced to attack by Tarrak, then PCs could be facing both of them. The familiar isn't likely to attack the PCs as the demon knows the heroes are the only hope for its master to be free of the ghast lord's influence.

If the PCs take the elf wizard with them (hogtied) and find a way to remove his curse, then they could have a strong ally, but could they do it before Tarrak comes for them?

There are the survivors to consider and the dead who could end up being raised as undead by Tarrak if they are left behind. This could also include Crisenth, Omen, and the other dead priestess but not Phre or the wolftroll.

A lot of things to consider.


World of Kulan DM
Round Eighteen
Eutharic (demon familiar): 27 (entangled; fails Escape Artist check)
Caerth: 22 (kicks Phre over ledge; wild shapes)
Angus: 22 (hurt; sickened; delayed action from previous round)
Screech: 22 (sickened)
Aureus: 20 (hurt badly; picks up and sheaths blade)
Small Fire Elemental (summoned): 20 (moves to Angus; burns papers)
Tarrak: 19 (finishes feather falling; drinks another inflict vial)
Tough Rook: 18 (continues to eat dead militia member)
Lady Pendour: 15 (sickened; gathers the dead bard in her arms and moves up the slope)
Galzadar the Fallen: 13 (entangled)
Quinn (flying): 12 (gives potions to Maur, Sir Ghal, and Angus; drinks second potion)
Phar: 12 (delays and casts fly on Quinn)
Maur (flying): 12 ⬅️
Wieland: 12 (sickened; near death)
Ailward Stepney (cohort): 12
Acolyte Zombies [x12]: 12 (motionless)
Acolyte Zombies [x3]: 12 (motionless)
Henry Hawtrey (wild. rogue): 11 (hurt)
Thorvid (male dwarf fighter): 4 (sickened)
Bothild (female dwarf fighter): 4 (hurt badly)
Elle Redding (cleric): 3
Sir Ghal: 3 (hurt)
Scarborax (sorcerer): 3
Tristan (militia): 1 (sickened)

This is the last round that Phar's feather fall spell can be used. The spell was cast on Aureus, Phar, Quinn, and Lady Pendour.

EDIT: That is supposed to say round 18. Doh!
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World of Kulan DM
Note that Eutharic, Galzadar, and Tristan are no longer paralyzed with fear.

Eutharic tried to use Escape Artist to free itself but failed.

I had Caerth kick Phre's 'corpse' over the edge of the ledge and then he wild shaped back into dire bat form, which heals 9 points of damage (I think that's the right amount). Screech will stay near Caerth.

Aureus picks up her short sword and sheathes it. She is now using her own bow. She has dropped Meridith's bow next to the dead woman.

@Scotley, you're up for Phar and the small fire elemental. Angus is looking to find a way to burn the scraps of paper that came out of the two phylacteries, so the elemental might help with that. :D
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World of Kulan DM
Updated battle map for the beginning of Round Eighteen...
Battle Against the Undead Horde_Round 18.png


World of Kulan DM
I've spent my round on the wand...I rolled, but this is only assuming we want to wait TWO rounds (I would NOT) - leaving high level caster to prepare is a bad idea.
Potion healing: 1D8+5 = [3]+5 = 8
drink while flying maybe?
You can have Maur take the potion from Quinn as a free action. If you have to choose him to drink it this round and then move, Maur won't be able to reach Tarrak this round, as the ghast lord has finished feather falling as is now more than 60 feet away from Maur.

Even if you have Maur hold off on drinking the potion, he won't be able to reach and attack Tarrak this round. He cannot charge, as he has to fly past the edge of the crevasse before descending towards the ghast lord.

After Tarrak landed, the ghast lord took another inflict vial from its belt and drank it.

Anyway, it's your turn.

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