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Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]


World of Kulan DM
Items in the Wooden Chest
  • A quiver w/20 silvered arrows
  • Clothes (mundane; out of style)
  • Two gems (a jasper; a moonstone)
  • Wand (detects as magical [faint evocation])
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World of Kulan DM
Barrel by the Bench: Filled with 5,000 silver pieces (and a few dozen coppers). Archaic style.
Barrel by the Door: A sealed wine cask. Still good to sell, or drink. DC 30 Knowledge (history) or Knowledge (local) check to know the maker's mark.
Bookshelf: 100 books. Nature and Magic. Geography of the Chara Coast and the Strandlands.
Items in Wooden Crate (no lock): More mundane clothes and keepsakes.


World of Kulan DM
Items in the Adamantine-Reinforced Oak Chest
  • Archaic gold coins [in the bottom of the chest] -> 3,244
  • Archaic platinum coins in a hemp bag -> 560.
  • Bone dagger (detects as magical [moderate transmutation])
  • Divine Scroll in a simple scroll case. Obviously created by Avital. [CL 15; Cure Serious Wounds, Mark of Justice, Read Magic, Remove Paralysis, and Remove Curse]
  • Potion of Greater Magic Fang +3; Potion of Hide from Animals; Potion of Remove Fear; Potion of Remove Paralysis; and Potion of Tongues.
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World of Kulan DM
Other Items in the Room
  • An old, burnt Wand of Cat's Grace w/one charge left on it (was in the side table; it was a keepsake)
  • Dustchaser's Shield (+1 heavy darkwood shield)
  • Large oak table (art object)
  • Heavy mithral mace (detects as magical [moderate transmutation])
  • Platinum trinket box (art object)
  • Silk rug embroidered with gold thread (art object)
  • Silver candlestick (art object)
  • Stratesus' oak quarterstaff

The rest of the items are considered mundane, salvage. Some items are worth a handful of silver pieces while other items are worth considerable more. All of the furniture is considered to be old and out of date. But, the wooden side table (45 sp) and smaller oval table (300 sp) might be more valuable to the right collector. They aren't considered true art objects, however.

Stratesus' personal pewter bowl is worth 5 sp, but it is likely more valuable to Caerth or one of the local druid circles.

The coat of arms on the shield is Dustchaser's personal coat of arms (noted in Stratesus' journal). It resembles the coat of arms for Quinn's mother noble family, although the design isn't exactly the same.
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World of Kulan DM
I've decided that I am rewarding 1,000 XP to each PC (and Aureus) for getting the iron doors open. Each PC also gets a bonus of 250 XP for not killing the giant snake and monstrous scorpion.

Current XP Totals
66,693 XP
Caerth: 66,598 XP
Litrix: 57,253 XP-> bumped up to 66,000 XP
Maur: 66,443 XP
Phar: 65,887 XP -> bumped up to 66,000 XP
Quinn: 65,948 XP-> bumped up to 66,000 XP
Aureus: 60,114 XP

I've decided to give bump up XP to Litrix, Phar, and Quinn to keep them all the same level as the other PCs. Aureus's XP will stay as it is.

All of the PCs are now 12th level.

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