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I have all the modules so far and all the threat reports so I am pretty well stocked to run an Emerald City campaign for 3e M&M.

Any interest? I would prefer to have people who do not own the adventures or have already been through them.
Turning this thread into a full recruitment thread.

System: M&M3e/DC Adventures (same system)

Setting: Emerald City (Freedomverse)

No. of Players: 5

Character Creation: Power Level: 10/150pp

1) Will be looking to fill team niches and preserve niche protection. So every Brick submission will be competing for a slot with every other brick submission.

2) "Do it all" characters are discouraged. This will be a team setting and it isn't much fun for everyone to play with characters who can do it all.

3) Overly complicated builds are discouraged. I should not need a math degree to grok your arrays. Arrays should also be thematically appropriate and not just cost efficient ways to get powers.

4) Pictures of your character are heavily encouraged. There are a couple free art programs out there that generate cool characters as well as a lot of cool art you could steal (Storn Cook is my personal fav to steal from.)

5) On the flipside of overly efficient characters, try to submit characters that come close to meeting their PL caps. PL is a quick and easy way to determine what kind of opposition you can handle. If you are only +7 to hit and +5 on damage with your main attack and have nothing else to compensate for it you probably wont be having much fun in this game. I do give extenuating circumstances to Luck based heroes, Duplicating heroes and concepts that may actually break the game if they are at full PL.

6) I am very hands-on during character generation. While I try to be courteous, if you are thin skinned about critiques, please do not apply. For example I may ask why a brick character has 5 ranks of Luck if it doesn't seem to be thematically appropriate. (and we all know it is because Luck is mad cool yo!)

7) Houserules. I have a couple house rules I will be using. I will post them in full here later as I organize them. Nothing too crazy though so do not worry.

Impervious This works like 2e instead of 3e. However Penetrating works like 3e.

Hero Point Tradeoffs
Run into that situation where you really need a hero point, but have none left? In such instances, the GM may choose to apply the following option: a player may ask the GM for a hero point in exchange for a complication to follow immediately after that point is used. In essence, the player is “borrowing on credit” and “paying” for the hero point with the complication. Hero points acquired in this way can be spent normally.
Example: Ultramarine’s player is out of hero points and really wants to make her next shot count. So she asks the GM for a point in exchange for an immediate complication. The GM agrees and Ultramarine makes her next attack against the villain using the hero point to help ensure a hit. The overcharge on her armor’s laser shorts out some systems, however, and the GM imposes a power loss complication, saying Ultramarine’s weapon is out of commission until she can make a Technology check to bring it back on-line.

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I would be interested. I don't have anything for M&M 3E except the main book and I have not read any of the adventures you referenced.


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Always up for some M&M action, but like Insight here I lack knowledge of setting. With a little guidance in that area I'm sure I could pop something cool from my noggin; like unto Athena springing out of Zeus.


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Same here. This is the first time I hear about these adventures. :D

I also only own the Heroes Handbook from M&M3.

First time I looked at M&M3 (more thoroughly) was when creating the character submission for Insight's game. Of course, I do have some previous editions experience with M&M (but not nearly as much as some others here :lol: ).

Would have to know what kind of setting/campaign it is before thinking about a character proposal.



I was curious about the setting and came across a free PDF that talks about this. It seems like it's an adventure path of some sort. I have only read enough to get an idea of the setting (I did not read the chapter previews).

For the sake of at least giving people an idea about the setting, this is what it says:

Emerald City Knights Overview said:
“Emerald City Knights” is the first Heroes Journey series for MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS Third Edition. It introduces the new Emerald City setting, a Pacific Northwest city in the World of Freedom (home to the Freedom City setting) and an event that changes the course of history in Emerald City, with far-reaching implications for the entire world. The series is designed to take a group of new heroes, forge them into a team, and give them the opportunity to become Emerald City’s de facto protectors. Ultimately, the new heroes are faced with a tremendous challenge and an opportunity to save, not only their city, but the entire world!

I assume this means that it is set in the same world as Freedom City, which should tell the players what they need to know.

I don't know any more about how the characters should meet up or anything like that; I assume the GM will give us those details when the time comes.


Yep that is the one Insight. The free PDF is the intro adventure so don't read through it if you want to play. Emerald City is on the NW Pacific West Coast and unlike Freedom City is not teeming with Supers activity (or at least hasn't been). So the heroes would be relatively "new thing". While still able to tap into all that is the Freedomverse.

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Very interested! :D

I have heard of the Emerald City campaign, but have read nothing of it thus far. My M&M3 collection includes the Hero's Handbook, screen and GMG as well as the DC stuff (and I'm eager to play (more) ;) ).

Will this be standard PL/PP (10/150)?
Any special house-rules?
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Voda Vosa

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I would be interested if the DM really commits to have some continuity. Or at the very least doesn't drop out without saying anything. I don't know much about the setting, and already have some character concepts floating around (as usual)

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