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D&D 5E Poll: The D&D Next Polls

What do you think of the D&D Next polls?


WotC is sure doing a lot of polls as part of their D&D Next process. Sure, some are vague, some are confusing, some are poorly worded. Some are even controversial! (Gender-based ability scores, anyone?) But they're still polls, right? And who doesn't love a ticky-box?

So here's your chance to vote: WotC's polls so far, what do you think?

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Oh, yeah, myself I think they're embarrassingly bad for WotC and I can't imagine them gaining any useful information with the types of polls they're pushing now -- especially the most loaded and/or broken polls.

I get what they're attempting -- they hope to somehow measure "the pulse of D&D gaming" with these polls, and use that to shape the next edition of the game -- but so far the attempts at polling haven't impressed me as anything other than failed PR stunts.


First Post
I think there's more style then substance there, but there might be enough substance to make some of the results worthwhile. And people are answering them and talking about them, so as a PR move, it may be successful.

And PR is important.

The bottom line is there's at least some element of soliciting popular opinion which is at least somewhat good. I voted '3'.


First Post
They're okay. Not super insightful, nor utterly useless. But if the results create any food for thought or hint at areas that might deserve a little more attention or investigation that seems worthwhile.


Wandering. Not lost. (He/they)
I thought I read somewhere that the polls were more of a jumping off point for discussion, and less to say 35% of D&D players like healing surges and beer. (or whatever)

I looked but can't find the quote about the discussion thing, but I take them in that light. They aren't the census bureau.



First Post
I just find they are asking the wrong questions (or at least wording them wrong).

Its like I WANT to give feedback, but the questions arent allowing me to contribute in a way that I want to

Tony Vargas

They strike me more as marketing spin, slanted to generate buzz and get the results they want - or results that can be spun anyway they want.

Take the "Professional designers" poll. If people scream for professional design, they get to go "great this crap here is what we professional designers think is best." If respondents strongly disagree, the get to go "great, since you don't care about quality, have the exact same crap."



I think most of the polls are just to get people talking. I also think they go for stuff that is sneakily emotive and often a bit weird to open up the disscussion beyond the same old topics.

Like with the gender based ability caps. They know they aren't going to bring those back, and very few people would want them, but someone will start up an offshoot line of thinking that might yield some interesting ideas.

Maybe I'm being too generous. Maybe I just like conspiracies too much.:uhoh:

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