The Heroes of Dyvers Chapter Six

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

GM: Actually, [MENTION=6855223]MacConnell[/MENTION], you reminded me of something; when using magical modes of flight, you can't "run," i.e., you can't "fly faster," but creatures (such as birds) with natural flight speeds CAN. Thus, the Eagle (which has an 80) can "run" at a rate of 320, which as I said above, is 37 miles per hour. But using the run rules requires more math:

Player's Handbook said:
You can run for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution score, but after that you must make a DC 10 Constitution check to continue running. You must check again each round in which you continue to run, and the DC of this check increases by 1 for each check you have made. When you fail this check, you must stop running. A character who has run to his limit must rest for 1 minute (10 rounds) before running again. During a rest period, a character can move no faster than a normal move action. You can’t run across difficult terrain (see page 148), or if you can’t see where you’re going. A run represents a speed of about 12 miles per hour for an unencumbered human.

So, assuming you don't push yourself, you can run for 17 rounds, after which, you must rest for 10 rounds. There are 600 rounds in an hour.
17+10 = 27. 600 / 27 = 22. So, in an hour, you can run for 374 (let's round to 375 for ease of math) rounds, and "walk" (move normal speed) for 220 (let's round to 225, same reason) rounds.

Thus, 320 x 375 = 120,000 ft.
Also, 80 x 225 = 18,000 ft.

Which comes to 138, 000 ft. (26 miles) per hour. For an 8 hour day, that means that you, as an Eagle with 80 ft. speed, will cover 208 miles (7 hexes.)

Thus, under your own power, the journey takes 4.5 days. Wow. That means the Elder Roc can get you there in a single day, ha ha. (His normal move rate is equal to your RUNNING move rate!)


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The first two days of our downtime I spend in my room, coming out only to train, eat, or use the privy. If asked, I am writing out several letters and plans of action. The first, how to spend my time during this downtime (classes, enchantments, etc.). The second, prioritization for my homebase and teams, including new buildings, land acquisitions, and hiring of additional teams. Letters to my family in Furyondy and any heads of cities/states I or my family might know, detailing the current situation we've uncovered with the forces of evil and chaos. I also write a letter to Lord Margull detailing the same and covering what we found in Skorane.

Partway through the third day of our downtime, after having told the others of Lady Abigail's request and learning that the Helm of Veldomar bears no relation to the staff we are to find, I cast Endure Elements and then summon forth a Phantom Steed, riding hard in a straight line toward Dyvers. Recalling the map that hangs in my study, I know that as long as I go relatively northeasterly I will run into the Velverdyva River, which will lead directly to Dyvers. At night, I cast Rope Trick, pulling the rope up behind me to ensure I can rest safely in peace. I make it to my destination with time to spare on the 28th of Patchwall, greeting my househould and collapsing in bed after handing my letters and plans of action to my butler with a nod, a thankful smile, and a firm grasp of his shoulder.

On Ready'reat 1, I head into Dyvers and set about procuring 100,250 gp worth of magical supplies, plus whatever the party needs, using my mercantile contacts to secure a deal on the bulk order. In order to hire a 3rd-level Bard with the appropriate qualifications for the task I have in mind, I pay a substantial sum to secure their services and agree to building a bardic college on my lands. They will use the items I provide to aid them in playing the Lyre of Building and will play for 12 hours once per week as needed. They are to report at dawn on the 1st of Sunsebb. Next I head to the local masons and inform them that I will be needing their services starting on the 1st of Sunsebb for “a project that they will surely want to take part in - the task and those that helped complete it will be spoken about for generations to come." They are to bring 450,000 gp worth of building materials and a contract is set to ensure that additional materials and laborers can be readily hired as needed. Two weeks prior to the start of each month, my butler has a pre-written letter with my seal delivered to the masons – he enters in how many materials will be needed based on our pre-set calculations for each additional farmland.

OOC: Level 3 Bard should have a minimum of 16 Charisma, Skill Focus (Stringed Instrument), and max ranks in Perform (Stringed Instrument) for their level.
I made a Diplomacy check of 18, just in case, for that bit about them wanting to take part in the task. On 1 Subsebb I will buy the building materials and lands using

I then throw myself into crafting the items I will need for the speedy completion of my stronghold. After crafting the maximum allotment of 8 hours each day, I spend the remaining time in training. I craft a Lyre of Building, Glove of Performance (Stringed Instrument) +5, and Tireless Plectrum to be used by the bard while construction is taking place on my stronghold. When the 21 days of crafting are complete, I place my arcane mark on every item and continue my training while crafting my other magical items (which also have my arcane mark placed on each of them).

The final seven days before construction is scheduled to start, I put out the call for more teams. I hire four additional teams of cavalry archers (each consisting of five 3rd-level warriors equipped with breastplate armor, a short bow, a longsword, a lance, a heavy steel shield, and riding a combat-trained light horse), a team of craftspeople (three 4th-level experts – armorsmith, weaponsmith, and bowyer; each should have max ranks and Skill Focus in their craft), twelve teams of elite archers (each consisting of five 3rd-level warriors equipped with scale mail, a longbow, a buckler, and a longsword), and another two teams of lackeys (each consisting of five 1st-level experts, each one filling the role of cooking and washing the laundry for one lodging). They are to report on Sunsebb 15, two hours after sunrise.

On the 22nd of Sunsebb, after having taken a week to meet with my newly hired teams and ensure their lodgings and gear are adequate for now – with the promise of better gear to be provided by this time next year – and ensuring the castle and bardic college are fully built to my standards as well as the first few farmlands, I make my return trip to Hochoch.

Needfest 1, CY 964

During my stretches from being saddle sore, Respen comes to find me. Two and a half days of hard riding at the speeds a Phantom Steed travels can take a lot out of a person. Ready to travel when I am? Where do we need to travel to? I silently ponder. Maybe I missed part of a conversation? Better to just go along with it. I would hate to leave a comrade-in-arms unprotected. With a thumbs up I signal my agreement, but quickly follow it with two fingers extended to signal I need two hours to prepare myself. Dragon at the gate my abductors are killing me! Hopefully wherever we need to go will have nothing to do with mounts...

Waiting in the courtyard, I am somewhat surprised when Respen teleports me with him... to my patio?! The minor shock is washed away by the acknowledgment that soon, I too shall have such magics at my disposal. Quietly I whisper, ”I should have embraced magic a long time ago!” When Respen hands me the sending stone I nod, understanding its use and value thanks to my extensive reading. As I walk with Respen, a smile tugs at the corner of my lips. I wonder what his reaction will be when he notices Moresby Hall is now Moresby Castle. The night is foggy, obscuring the surrounding buildings and walls. We walk through one of the courtyards and slowly angle around between the armory, stables, workstation, and the giant's quarters. When passing through the gatehouse the two guards on duty stand at attention and salute as we pass. I'll give him a tour when he next returns. ”Thank you for the stone. I'll only use it in case of an emergency. Let me know when you are ready to return to the others – I'll finish my tasks here within a day.”

Until Respen returns, I spend my days crafting my remaining items for adventuring and training to improve my developing abilities.

Moonday, Reaping 3, CY 964

I host a lavish party in celebration of my 30th birthday and spare no expense. After celebrating in the morning with the party, I ask Respen to return me for a week to my home. There, I host another party to celebrate with my teams, original staff, and any visitors; there is a quieter and more intimate celebration that night with just my original staff and any family members that visit. We dine on my favorite desert as a child, cherry cheesecake, and reminisce about days gone past while celebrating our current and improving station. There are talks and jibes of ladies that I should meet and court and I accept the ribbing with good humour.

Goodmonth 20, CY 964

GM: The party members have never actually given concrete answers to this question. The aid that Abigail has provided thus far are out of gratitude for the blow struck against The Steading, and as a token of her good will.
OOC: This occurred on the third day of downtime according to Line chat :)
My Reply to Lady Abigail.png

OOC: Will check of 18

Looking to Lady Abigail, I reply, "On our third day in Hochoch, I thanked you for trusting us and assured that I would speak of it to no one. I have, and will continue, to keep my promise. My word is my bond. On that day I accepted your offer, and I will continue to aid in furthering Bahamut's cause since his and Trithereon's goals often coincide. I also asked to hold off on your offer for spells until I had learned the secrets of the book of geometry. My studies during these ten months have allowed me to discern how to do such and I gratefully took you up on your graciousness. I would prefer to go and aid Respen, because the thought of him going without the full force and might of our group into danger troubles me. If I don't go and ill befalls him, I would not be able to look his wife and children in the eye. However, if it is your desire that I travel to the Steading, I will do so." Looking to the others I smile, "Worry not about me. I would rather you all seek to aid Respen. If I must go to the Steading, it will not be alone. I have a great many men-at-arms I can call upon."

Moresby Hall.jpg
Moresby Castle Layout.png

GM: +1,500 xp. to Dewydd for such an excellent post! Bravo, Good Sir! :D
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Tellerian Hawke

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Tam's Interactions With Various Folk

Tam Tam to Lady Abigail said:
"Tam-Tam pulls out a prized gemstone from one of his pouches, "...Please accept this gift to you, given in Bahamut's name that he may look kindly on me in a time of desperate need. I have assessed it at around 500 gp in actual value..."

Lady Abigail smiles at the little Halfling, obviously impressed by his genuine good intent and generosity. She accepts the gem graciously.

Tam Tam to Lady Abigail said:
"...I am in your thrall Lady Abigail and shall always do as you wish, willingly; however, I am free-spirited enough to insist on doing it my way. I pray you understand."

Lady Abigail says, "I understand completely, little one. Your heart is full of courage, and that is all that Bahamut asks of anyone."

Tam Tam to The Livery Master and to Prue said:
...Tam pays for Dammara and all the necessary accouterments to ride her. He then goes before his drill instructor, a female halfling, comely, but in a ruggedly athletic and war-weary way.

The Livery Master of the Hochoch Livery, where Tam acquired the wolf, refuses his payment with a smile and a nod of his head.

He says, "Lady Abigail took care of it for you. Take good care of her, she's very special. Prue, your drill instructor, raised her, you know. And trained her as well. All I did was give her a place to stay and food to eat."

Tam Tam to Prue said:
...He explains that he will be leaving to go with his mates, whichever group that may be, and that he wished for voluntary decommissioning...

Prue tells Tam, "How can I decommission you, when you haven't been fully commissioned yet? Your training is barely finished. You are so sweet, almost naive. I can see why Lady Abigail was so intent upon my meeting you. I don't live here in Hochoch, you know. I hail from the village of Berrywell, near the city of Waybury, in the Duchy of Ulek, far to the East of here. I hope that you will join me there, one day. I'm the Captain, you know; I trained all of Berrywell's Outriders. And it is my hope that, until that day, you use the skills I have taught you to bring ruin to the dark legions, and champion the cause of good, wherever your travels may lead you."

Tam Tam to Respen said:
"...Now I must go to Friend Sylvar and council with him on his...our, intentions --- either to go with you and, maybe Nel, or back to the Steading with the others."

GM: At this point, the remaining concerns that Tam has must be addressed by Sylvar. So I am asking Sylvar to reply to Tam on this point, at his next opportunity.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
A Secret Message From Kwuest!

Lord Rogers Kwuest said:
”I would be so lucky! Give my regards to your mate.” Clapping Duncan on the shoulder.

Duncan, you take notice of a small pin-prick pain when Kwuest claps you on the shoulder. You lock onto Kwuest's gaze at that moment, and his countenance seems to carry a sense of urgency, concern, and pleading. The look lasts only an instant, before being replaced by a casual smile, and a polite dismissal.

GM: Sir Duncan: Sense Motive check, DC 15. Result = 15 (Success)

Duncan realizes that Kwuest has done him no harm, and continues on his way; out of the corner of his eye, Duncan notices Kwuest making a quick exit of his own, on the opposite side of the inn.

When Duncan has gone some distance down the street, he puts his hand on his shoulder; there is a tiny, metal tack stuck through his shirt, into his skin. The pin-prick is tiny, barely drawing a single drop of blood. Duncan removes the tack, and examines it. It flashes a dim blue for a brief instant, and Duncan feels a wave of magic wash over him!

GM: Details in private message on LINE chat.


:: Undercovers :: - Canvasing The Town

As he makes his way back towards the tower Duncan thumbs his bonding band on his left hand, and speaks the command word "Jennexia". Causing the matching ring to vibrate on Ebony's hand. She repeats the command word allowing the two to communicate.

Duncan: "Love how do you feel about a night out on the town."
Ebony: "That sounds fun .... Hmmmm what would I wear though."
Duncan: "Perhaps your leathers."
Ebony: "Mmmm ohhh that sounds fun. I've been talking a lot with Nelvandra lately. You know the Drow have some interesting practices with whips and...."
Duncan: "No not those leathers!"
Ebony: "Hu... oh ohhhhhh the Bard leathers. Well... yes I guess that could be fun too but...."
Duncan: "Focus my love something sinister may be going on. We need more information though. I'd not want to upset or insult our host with unsubstantiated rumors."
Ebony: "Ah so some trouble is brewing. Well yes I suppose that could also be fun. Things have been slow this past week since we've returned. We should get out and get a better feel for the city."
Duncan: "Yes there's lots to do. I'm on my way back to the tower to change and we can go together."
Ebony: "Sounds good."
Duncan: "Oh before you disconnect..... what about whips?"

The pair head out on the town that night and for the next few. Talking to people, making new contacts and getting a feel for the political, business, and social nature of the town. Both bards are natural socialites and attempt to put those talents to good use. Concentrating on three major topics. Rumors and the general attitude of the people towards their host the Lady Abigail, Making inroads on starting a business in logistics and commerce, and the general political situation in town. Who's in charge, who thinks they're in charge.

Shopping II_003.png
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Sylvar B.

Sylvar responds to Lady Abigail, he enters the room and bows Lady Abigail, I cannot pledge loyalty to Bahamut as I am Uller's Champion. However, your hospitality and graciousness have been great to us and I owe an equally great debt that can only be repaid through equally great acts. Sylvar waves both hands at Abigail. Please, do not say that I owe you no debt, my honor will not allow such a statement to stand. I'm afraid that I would become a nuisance in my insistence that you allow me to complete tasks for you, should you attempt to dismiss me in such a manner. So, I swear that I will be at your disposal until such time that my debt to you has been repaid. However, I ask that I could delay my voluntary indentured servitude until such time that I can finish assisting Respen with his quest, and the clearing of the Steading.

Sylvar responds to Respens plea at the dinner table I will also go with you, we are much better off together

Sylvar speaks with Tam Tam, I believe that our place is with our friends. Going it alone is often times an imprudent choice, you and I both are distance and speed fighters, if we get into a bind there won't be a Lathir or Respen to rain destruction on our foes. We can go after the Key after we do what is needed with Respen and the Steading.


Tam agrees with Sylvar's council, actually breathing a sigh of relief, because he didn't like the idea of splitting up.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Respen’s Meeting With Delbin

Even though this is a private meeting, I am assuming that Respen will eventually reveal this information to the party, therefore, I am posting it openly. I also wanted you, my players, to see the amount of detail in this response, to illustrate the fact that, despite my recent slow-down in rate-of-posting, I am indeed still working very dilligently on this campaign.

~ I wonder how many elves find themselves afar from where they wanted to walk their lives… ~

Knocking on the door to Laramon’s tower, Respen was very nervous, palpably so. This was really what he had travelled so far to do. Who he travelled so far to meet.
Who his destiny was supposed to be before he became “Elf. Interrupted.”

Laramon met him at the door and granted him entry.

Respen said:
He had sent Gus back with Vega, so obtaining the animal for Vale would require Respen to see her. That would require repeated explanations and explanations of explanations. He would deal with it later.

OOC: Do you not remember Laramon’s 6th sending? Vega has returned to Dyvers and is staying with Laramon. And Gus has been in Laramon’s care since the end of the Respen’s Gambit thread.

Vega greets Respen when he enters, and tells him that she had an amazing adventure while he was away. She says that Margull was searching for a True Vampire named Parrinzor. He did not find Parrinzor, but he did find a Vampyr by the name of Gellen Riveroak, whom had subjugated an entire minor noble family in Blackmoor, establishing a large coven. Margull went to destroy Gellen and his coven; but while Margull was fighting the Vampyr Spawn, their master Gellen escaped. It was Gellen who found Margull’s portal and tried to enter it.

Unknown to Margull, another True Vampire (NOT Vampyr!) named Tymbray The Dark, whom had been trying to find Margull (and who had NO IDEA who Gellen was, or even that he was in the area) found the portal at the EXACT SAME MOMENT; when Vega broke the mirror, she and Tymbray were plane-shifted to Sigil, and Gellen was transported to an unknown location.

Vega tells Respen that Tymbray turned out to be one of the good guys, although Margull was not pleased to see him. “From what I can gather,” Vega says, “Margull is an EXTREMELY ancient True Vampire, and Tymbray is much younger, even though he calls himself an Elder. Margull told Tymbray to cease meddling in his affairs, and threatened to kill him if he saw him again. I’m not sure what that was all about, although Tymbray later confided to me that he was concerned about Margull being so standoffish, and that he seemed pre-occupied with something, perhaps even to the point of obsession.”

Vega says that Tymbray is an extremely powerful sorcerer, and that he could have killed her at the slightest whim, had he wished to; but he didn’t, and her instinct about him is that he is a good sort, despite Margull’s distrust of him. She tells Respen that she and Tymbray met Delbin in Sigil (the place they ended up in, a strange city that was not of this world) and that Delbin was the one who helped them to make such a speedy return.

As Laramon excused himself to make tea and refreshments, he pointed to Respen’s letter of introduction from Auror on a library table along with some other parchment. Respen had left it with Laramon for such an occasion as this. Laramon’s Mirror of Mental Prowess jumped to life, and a middle-aged Elf with flowing, multi-colored robes and wearing a slim, golden headband stepped into the room as if he had always been there, perhaps having stood up from a chair to stretch before afternoon tea.

Respen smiled. He picked up the letter of introduction with genuine excitement, and he bowed before the archmage in deference and respect, “Master Delbin, I presume. My name is Respen Coraellus. Thank you for your audience. I present my credentials as instructed by my uncle, Auror Tyraenel. It was his fondest wish for you to know how highly he regarded you, as he explained to me often before he passed. He also pressed me that there was a private message to you in the letter. He gave me no hints as to what it was. Perhaps you might. ”

Master Laramon, hearing the arrival of Delbin, came to take his travelling jacket and staff.


Delbin reads the letter aloud:

To my old mentor, friend, adventuring companion, and chess opponent,

This letter will introduce my nephew, young Respen Coraellus, an aspiring student of the arcane, reckless wanderer, and all-around troublemaker, whom I loved very deeply, as if he were my son. I think my actual son resented me for that sentiment, but it is nevertheless true; and for that reason, I am calling in the debt you owe me.

Remember, it was I who discovered the location of your most treasured possession, the sphere, and it was, in turn, the sphere which helped you accomplish your greatest triumph, and establish your reputation as a Slayer of Demons.

I had intended to train the boy myself, but I have known for some time that my body was failing, and the fact that you are reading this contingency letter is testament to the fact that I have died before being able to accomplish that goal.

You would also do well to remember that, since I have died, you’ll never be able to have your revenge on me for all of those chess games you lost. The only thing you can hope for is a proxy victory against the boy, which should provide enough incentive for you to keep him around. However, you should be warned, that my family is filled with chess masters, for many generations past; it is possible that the boy has inherited the family knack for the game, although I will admit that I have never seen him play, nor am I certain that he even knows how. Chess is another of things that I always meant to train him in, but never had the chance.

Lastly, you will also recall that I was a Grand Druid when you were still a twinkle in your father’s eye; thus, my request for the boy’s training carries with it the weight of an elder whose request you are expected to fulfill, simply out of respect. I thank you for teaching me my second vocation, but I am still your elder, in both years and social rank. Put simply, you cannot refuse me. Or at least, you should not.

And if you do refuse, I’ll return to haunt you every day, until the end of your long life. If you’ll recall, you were never fond of my singing voice; and as a spirit, my voice would be unceasing.

Just be thankful you’re still on the top side of the grass, quit your complaining, and just do this for me.

Your Friend,

“Ancient” Aurie

P.S.: To Respen: If Delbin’s dangerous lifestyle has somehow caught up to him, and he is dead, and you happen to read this, give this letter to Laramon in Dyvers. Laramon’s talents do not approach the natural genius of Delbin, but he’s no slouch, not by a long shot. And like me, he was trained by Delbin as well. He’s a good sort, even if he is a homebody, a recluse, and a curmudgeon. Alas, no one is perfect.

Delbin frowns, but is silent for a long, few moments before finally speaking, apparently having reached some sort of decision:

Delbin looks upward, as if addressing Auror’s invisible spirit:

”You old goat, you’re never going to let me live that down, are you? Dammit, Aurie, you know how I feel about neophytes. They’re only a half-step away from accidental oblivion. This little spud probably doesn’t know his ass from the Plane of Shadow!”

Delbin grins sheepishly at Respen, “No offense, laddie.”

Laramon frowns disapprovingly, and Delbin, despite being the high-ranking magus in the room, looks quite uncomfortable under the scrutinizing gaze of an Elf who is obviously his elder.

”Don’t look at me like that Larry. He could get himself killed! Delbin retorts, despite Laramon’s silence.

Laramon says, “You don’t have to take the boy with you on your excursions, you know. Just teach him the lore, the rest will come with time.”

Delbin ponders this for a moment, before finally acquiescing to his friend’s assertion.

Delbin says, “Oh, ok, fine. Congratulations, boy, you have yourself a mentor. But if you need a lab or a library, use Laramon’s; mine are off limits. No offense, it’s for your own protection. I’ll leave my backup spellbooks here with Larry, so you can have access to them. I’m not going to teach you how to cast spells, or simple things like that; when we meet to talk, it will be to push the envelope, and to discover new things. That’s what separates the Wizards from the Magi; one is simply a Magic-User, the other is a Master of the Arcane.”

Respen said:

At the appropriate time and prompting, Respen explains his presence in Dyvers, the party’s encounters in and back from Caltaran, and the trip to Skorane, with special unvarnished emphasis on his encounter and relationship with Dame Clare, the Orb of Errinder, and Nelvandra.

Delbin arches one eyebrow quizzically, before saying: “A Drow Vampiress? You seem to have a rare talent my boy, for getting yourself in over your head. Reminds me of… me.”

Respen said:

He explains her being freed from magical conditioning, as well as his concern that Dame Clare will attempt similar control over the children.

Actually, Nel has already explained (see Respen’s Gambit thread) that Clare’s control will not be through Domination or through Bardic Conditioning, rather, it will be through the direct blood bond between Master Vampire and Childe; and it’s not only the children who will be turned, but Respen and Nel as well; all of you are to be the cornerstone, the foundation, of Clare’s coven.

Respen said:

He discusses the attack on the Steading in great detail, as well as their encounter with Collin and Abigail, leaving out any mention that that they are dragons. He describes her as an epic elven beauty with many resources and supremely sensitive with her privacy, but with a penchant for many fine things. And he describes her interest in the artifact that she wants from the Steading and their plans to go back there on her behalf.

Delbin says, “Ah yes, Lady Abigail. I know her well. Little Collin, as well. Abigail and I have both worked together many times in the service of Bahamut.”

Respen mentions that they were destroying an inherently evil weapon and had possession of a minor artifact elven druidic helm. He also mentions at great length the Solar, how it came to save Sylvar, as well as the preceding details regarding the Lady of the Hool.

Delbin nods as he takes in the info, but says nothing at the moment.

Respen remarks darkly, “I am worried about what else Dame Clare wants from me in the future. She must have some good somewhere in her; otherwise, we’d not be meeting, and I’d be a blood flask. However, her mechanizations appear to put Nel and my children in harm’s way, if not directly, then definitely by her enemies. The only way to battle that effectively is with secrecy and on the surface. I have not heard from her in months, and I’m very much at ease with that.”

Respen continues, “As to my own studies and powers, I am crafting and co-crafting magic items to aid me, and I have mastered teleportation, as well as several spells from Auror’s scrolls.”

Delbin tells Respen to be cautious in his dealings with Clare, because she is obviously operating on some sort of plan or agenda, and Delbin has serious doubts about the completeness of Clare’s disclosures.

Delbin says, “I doubt she’s telling you everything. I wouldn’t, were I in her place.”

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
A Few Nights On The Town...

Sir Duncan said:

“...The pair head out on the town that night and for the next few. Talking to people, making new contacts and getting a feel for the political, business, and social nature of the town. Both bards are natural socialites and attempt to put those talents to good use. Concentrating on three major topics. Rumors and the general attitude of the people towards their host the Lady Abigail, Making inroads on starting a business in logistics and commerce, and the general political situation in town. Who's in charge, who thinks they're in charge.”

OOC: Taking 10, working together: 23, Taking 20, each working separately: 31/24

In general, you discover that, as far as city government goes, the Lord Mayor is in charge, although he has an 8-member advisory council to assist him, one of the members of it being Lady Abigail. There are those that say the Lord Mayor relies too heavily on Elven counsel (for that is what Lady Abigail is believed to be—a Gray Elf)

The Lord Mayor, Sir Aubrey Talloak, is a landed knight, who has sworn loyalty DIRECTLY to the Grand Duke, Sir Luken Finnegan, and therefore enjoys wide authority throughout the Duchy, acting as the Grand Duke’s Royal Justiciary. He is, in effect, a travelling judge, going from place to place in order to mete justice on the Grand Duke’s behalf. As a result, he is often gone for weeks at a time, during which periods the city is under the direction of Sir Jonathan Salte, the Captain of the City Guard, who is also a Paladin of the Order of Saint Cuthbert.

The Mayor’s Council is composed of 8 members, all of whom are major “players” in the city; the list is as follows:

1] Lady Abigail - Senior member of the Hochoch Merchant’s Guild, emeritus member of the Hochoch Mage Guild, and holds the title of Senior Council Member, since she is the longest-serving member of the council. Lady Abigail served Sir Aubrey’s father, back when he was the Lord Mayor, and remained on the council after Sir Aubrey took over.

2] Rothschild Fenwick - Guildmaster, Hochoch Merchant’s Guild. Council Secretary.

3] Maelick Ferne - Guildmaster, Moneylenders Guild. Council Treasurer.

4] Miskatuuk Flameward - Guildmaster, Hochoch Mage Guild. Council Sergeant-At-Arms. Holder of the Mace of Hochoch.

5] Sir Vincent Brightleaf - Respected citizen, owner of the largest cattle ranch in the Duchy, the Rolling Waters Ranch, which is only a day’s gentle ride from Hochoch. He is also the Emeritus Captain of the City Guard for Hochoch.

6] Lieutenant Nelson Trundle - Respected citizen, owner of the Trundle Winery, and currently serving as a volunteer assistant deputy to Sir Jonathan Salte. (His lieutenant rank is honorary.)

7] The Reverend Sir Leslie Smith - High Priest of Saint Cuthbert, Rector of the Hochoch Cathedral of Cuthbert.

8] Winston Rosecrest - Respected citizen, owner of the Rosecrest Cheesemaking Wheelhouse.



Patchwall 25, CY 963
I arise with the sun and wait patiently for Respen to open his door to go to breakfast. "Please scan this letter and see if there are any changes you'd like me to make. I've taken care to leave out any of your personal matters. This is the one I'll be sending to Margull. Similar ones will also go to my father and various heads of state and dignitaries, discussing this information. I would like to include more information about what else we've found, but I'm having difficulties putting it all to pen. Any reminders of information we've uncovered would be appreciated."

Letter to Lord Margull Pertaining to the Events in Skorane and What Happened After.png

Flocktime 3, CY 964

I send out the following invitations for my birthday celebration. They will go to my family members, guards, servants, fellow party members, Collin and Abigail, nobility, merchants of note, mercenary leaders, and people of note in the surrounding area.

Birthday Invitation.png

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