The Heroes of Dyvers Chapter Six


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Lathir Ups the Ante

"Guards, take this man into custody and turn him over to the proper authorities - he just tried to influence my mind via magic! Beware the ring he was handing me, it might be cursed!" I shout as I take a slight step back and slip seamlessly into my aggressive fighting stance.
Whatever else Lathir may be doing at the time, it is no longer considered important when he hears the loud proclamation of his friend. He moves quickly to the location to be ready for altercation should one present itself.

When he sees the ring Dewydd mentions he says, "Hey! That ring! That is apparently the same cursed ring that Sir Denby was wearing when we were able to come to his aid. There are several prominent members of society wearing its likeness, here and now!"

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Kleborn hears both Dewydd and Lathir, and realizes he needs to move. He finishes his drink, puts the mug on the table with some force, stands up and grabs his sword and shield. He makes his way to where Dewydd and Lathir are standing and says "well well well, what do we have here?"

Thallok has been standing in the corner keeping a watch of things when he also sees what is going on. He approaches with Kleborn and stands next to him. He looks at the man who gave the ring and says, "You just made a big mistake friend."
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Duncan and Company

The troupe had meant to arrive fashionably late, but circumstances on the road had delayed them to the point that they were legitimately just late to the party. Still it's a moment that can still be seized. The foursome prepared to be announced by the herald when their potential entry was disrupted by "Guards, take this man into custody and turn him over to the proper authorities - he just tried to influence my mind via magic! Beware the ring he was handing me, it might be cursed!"

With a defeated harrumph Duncan looks back to his crew who after the mini adventure they'd just had, and all of his worrying and complaining finally lost it, and had a good collective laugh at his expense. After a brief moment of indignation he chuckled along with them for a moment before they all turned their attention back to the excitement on the main floor.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
A Minor Ruckus at Dewydd's Party

As Dewydd calls for the guard, the ring-giver gets a look of panic in his eyes. He looks to reaching into his robes for something!

At this point, combat begins. Everyone would normally roll initiative at this point, but don't do so just yet. The reason being is that it probably won't matter, if you can't beat a 32. That's what happens when you invite epic-level entities to your party. On a sidenote, I didn't expect the ring-giver to win initiative; the other two (Margull & Laramon) have much higher initiatives, but the ring-giver rolled a 20. Still, this might be over before it really begins. The ring-giver was not prepared for this situation.


Ring-Giver: 38
Laramon: 32
Margull: 28

The ring-giver draws a tiny, 1-inch wide by 1-inch tall by 1/2-inch long potion vial from his vestment, and un-corking it with a flick of his thumb, downs the contents, vanishing from sight!

Retrieve potion = move action.
Drink potion = standard action.

Laramon, who is across the room, leaning on his staff, laughing at a joke being told by Lt. Benquist, straightens up, still clutching his staff, saying, "You can't hide from me, hooligan! Cease thy flight, and face the consequences of thy misdeeds!"

Laramon waves his hand, obviously casting some sort of spell, although he utters not a single incantation.

Save vs. Paralysis: DC:45
Ring-giver: (33) = Fails. Ring-giver is paralyzed.

Laramon says, "He managed to turn himself invisible, but it did him no good. My spell caught him. He cannot move. Good Lieutenant, please arrest this man, once I have dispelled the invisibility."

At this point, combat ends. Laramon casts Dispel Magic. He cannot fail to dispel a simple potion. The man becomes visible once more.

Lieutenant Benquist seems at a loss, "Ummm... he's as stiff as a statue. How are we going to move him?

EVERYONE: As suspected, combat was over before it really could begin. What do you do?


Nodding in thanks to Laramon, I address Lathir's words. "All bearers of those rings should be taken into custody for their own safety until we can discern the nature of the rings and their intentions. I volunteer to willingly submit myself to questioning as well. You can load him onto a wagon from my stables, Lt. Benquist. Let us be sure not to harm him when placing him in it - we're still unsure if he was operating under the freedom of his own will."

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
The Ringholders React

The guards quickly seal off the room, blocking all of the exits. The guests murmur nervously among themselves, as one of the guards, along with Sir Denby and Lieutenant Benquist (who are the reigning law enforcement officials here.) The hands of each guest are inspected, and four of the guests are found to have gold rings like the one that was offered to Dewydd.

The DM said:
NPC Names / Descriptions:

Bolton Gladfield
, Trade Minister for the City of Greyhawk (here as a guest of Lord Renton Hartfield, a minor noble of Dyvers)

Hollander Brightblade
, Captain of the City Guard of Irongate (here as a guest of Lieutenant Benquist)

Palimov Shostakovitch
, Minor Noble of Dyvers, Guildmaster of the Dyvers Artisan Guild.

Sarten Vandelmane
, High Sheriff of Furyondy (here as a guest of Sir Denby)

Bolton says,
"I have many, fancy rings in my collection. This particular ring is one of over 200. Take it if you'd like"

Bolton then takes off his ring, offering it to one of the guards.

Laramon inspects the hands of the ring-giver and says,
"Interesting. All these others are made of gold. But this man is wearing a SILVER ring of the same design."

Sarten looks shocked, and turns to Sir Denby, saying,
"Denby, old boy, you don't seriously think that I would...? You're my best friend. Here, take the ring, and my short sword. I surrender."

Sarten unbuckles his sword belt, letting the belt and short sword fall to the ground. He takes his ring off, and offers it to Denby, who accepts it with a smile.

Denby says,
"Don't worry, old friend. I was once a victim of this foul magick as well."

When he realizes what has transpired, Palimov gasps,
"Cursed? Oh, yuck! Get it away from me!"

Palimov takes the ring off, and drops it on the ground, as if it were a hot potato. He takes two steps back, a look of disgust upon his countenance.

Hollander spits,
"Damn it all, I should have known it was a trick. Who gives an old warhorse like me a birthday gift? I should have known never to trust a diplomat."

Hollander takes his ring off and hands it to Lt. Benquist.

Hollander says,
"Here ye go, lad. Do what ye will. Do you want my weapon?"

EVERYONE: What do you do?
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Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Lathir Scans the Crowd

The guards quickly seal off the room, blocking all of the exits.... EVERYONE: What do you do?

Lathir quietly and discretely moves away from the center of the action. He skirts the edge of the crowd looking for any suspicious activity or subterfuge by any of the other guest during the time that the dignitaries are removing their rings.
OOC: Listen: d20 + 17 = 29
Spot: d20 + 27 = 33
Sense Motive: d20 + 18 = 26
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
GM: Bluff Check: 19, Sleight of Hand Check: 30

GM: Lathir's Sense Motive: 26, Lathir's Spot: 33; Lathir wins both contests.

Lathir, your diligence pays off! As you are scanning the crowd, you notice a non-descript man, wearing green and brown clothes with white lace trim, the way a petty nobleman would dress, watching the commotion, and removing a silver ring from his hand, without looking down at it, and placing it in his left-side belt pouch. The move is smooth and practiced, indicative of a person with training in the field of espionage. Most normal people would never have spotted this subtle act, but you are NOT most people.

The man, thinking himself un-noticed, stands calmly among the rest of the guests, watching the dignataries as they remove their rings.

LATHIR: What do you do?


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
Impetuousness is not a trait known to Lathir, but action is required at this point rather than words. He tries to discretely enhance himself with the strength of a bull as he mills through the guest, hoping to walk right up to the man and wrap his arms around his neck and pin him.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth

OTTER System Variant Rule: Concealment of Spellcasting

Spellcasters may figure their BASE RANKS in Spellcraft, modified by their DEX score, with an imposed -10 penalty, in order to successfully cast a spell while attempting to hide the somatic and material parts of the spell (by keeping their hands down / out of line-of-sight) and mumble the vocals under their breath.

This concealment is opposed by their opponent's Spot skill.

Spellcasters with the SLEIGHT OF HAND skill may use that skill instead, to accomplish the same task, without the -10 penalty.

Lathir, you would normally have a +10 bonus to your SLEIGHT OF HAND attempt, due to the size of the crowd, and the distraction of the dignitaries' actions, but since you are using Spellcraft instead, that bonus is negated.

So just make a straight-up Spellcraft check, which will be opposed by the man's Spot check. Let me know the results in the LINE chat.

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