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    As a DM

    Dead Games, Retired PCs
    Dead Games, DMCompleted Games
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    HAR-Vee Character

    HAR-Vee #4047, BioDroid Smart Hero 3 / Gadgeteer 5

    STR 14 +2
    DEX 16 +3
    CON 10 +0
    INT 18 +4
    WIS 10 +0
    CHA 10 +0

    Defense (22) Flat (15) Touch (17)
    HP: 61 (8d10+10 HD)
    Fort (4) Ref (7) Will (3)
    Resist Acid (10) Cold (10) Fire (10) Electric (10)
    Move (25 / 15)
    Darkvision 120'

    BAB (4) Melee (6) Ranged (7)

    Shoulder Mounted MC Laser Rifle (+10, 3d8, 80', 50 shots)
    2-handed Iron Bar (+6, 1d8+3)

    robot traits, Simple Weapons, Personal Firearms, Savant (Craft: Mechanic), Builder (Mechanic, Electronic), Savant (Disable Device), Mastercrafter, Mother of Invention 50, Stone Knives +1, Handyman (Mechanic, Repair), Advanced Armor Construction, Stone Knives +2, Mother of Invention 250

    Bluff (Cha) 11, Computer Use (Int) 15, Craft: Electronic (Int) 18, Craft: Mechanic (Int) 23, Craft: Structure (Int) 16, Decipher Script (Int) 4, Demolitions (Int) 5, Disable Device (Int) 19, Forgery (Int) 16, Investigate (Int) 4, Know: Tech (Int) 15, Know: Physics (Int) 15, Navigate (Int) 14, Repair (Int) 18, Research (Int) 15, Search (Int) 18, Bluff (Cha) 0, Sleight of Hand Dex 4, Spot (Wis) 2, Listen (Wis) 2

    Robots are often used to explore environments inhospitable to organic creatures. The survivor array enables the robot to better traverse harsh terrain and withstand hostile conditions. A survivor array includes the following units:
    o Topographical and astronomical guidance systems that grant a +10 equipment bonus on Navigate checks.
    o A pressure-sealed, energy-resistant frame that allows the robot to function normally in low-gravity, high-gravity, and zero-gravity conditions, prevents oxidation and corrosion, and provides resistance to acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, and fire 10.
    Purchase DC: 15 + one-half the base purchase DC of the robot's frame.
    Restriction: Licensed (+1).

    WEAPON MOUNT MC Laser Rifle (Shoulder), Computer Targeting (+2 Attacks)

    This easy-to-acquire alloy is lightweight and reasonably strong. Bioreplica robots and liquid-state robots cannot have integrated aluminsteel armor.
    Equipment Bonus: +5.
    Weight: One-quarter the weight of the robot's frame (rounded down).
    Speed Penalty: -5 feet.
    Purchase DC: 10 + one-half the base purchase DC of the robot's frame.
    Restriction: None.

    TASK HAND (PL 7)
    Task hands function just like advanced hands, except that they are equipped with additional joints and often with additional or telescoping digits, enabling them to multitask, as well as to spread the robot's grip strength over a slightly wider area.
    A robot with a task hand gains a +1 equipment bonus on Climb, Craft, Demolitions, Disable Device, Drive, Escape Artist, Forgery, Pilot, Repair, Search, Sleight of Hand, and Treat Injury checks. This bonus improves to +2 if the robot has two or more task hands. At the GM's discretion, the robot can gain this bonus when attempting certain Perform checks as well.
    Damage: Nonlethal bludgeoning only.
    Purchase DC: 10 + one-quarter the base purchase DC of the robot's frame.

    This sensor system includes hi-definition video sensors with darkvision (out to 120 feet), acoustic audio sensors, a chemical vapor scanner, pressure sensors, and multiband radar that uses multiple concurrent radar signals in different frequencies to gather more data.
    A robot with a Class VII sensor system gains a +2 equipment bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. All other skill checks are made without penalty. The robot also gains a +2 equipment bonus on initiative checks.
    Type: Audio, Olfactory, Tactile, Visual.
    Purchase DC: 22.

    Biodroids are immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, necromancy effects, and any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless. They are not subject to nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain (except as noted under Destruction/Restoration, below), energy drain, or the effects of massive damage. They cannot be raised from the dead (but again, see below).

    Metal Baton
    Iron Bar (2-handed)
    Laser Power pack (4)
    Professional Walkie-Talkie
    Covert Head Set
    Chem Glow-Sticks (10)
    Mechanical Tool Kit
    Electronic Tool Kit
    Pocket Welder
    Spare parts

    Character quotes:
    "Where did I put my atom wrench?"

    "Okay, you have to hold your finger on the blow back toggle while you aim. If you don't you'll blow your ear off. Good luck!"

    "I found this warp dampener in the trash bin and I used its wave coils to power the suit... This not only provides a strength boost, but keeps your buns toasty too."

    "Is breathing important to you?"

    "I'm not sure what the red button does. Good luck!"

    "BOOM! *Sparks* ARRGGH!!! MY EYE!"

    "If I only had a wheelbarrow."

    "Once, while supporting the 501st artillary division, I fashioned a rocket launcher from my own arse...."

    "Don't touch that!"

    "I didn't think the portside Head was working efficiently so I re-wired it. I think I may have inadvertantly spaced Private Yates."

    "Here! I finished whipping up that plasma grenade. You better just throw it now, since it's going blow up sometime in the next ten minutes. Good luck!"

    "Excellent! It fits you like a glove. Now I'm going to go over here behind the blast door while you power it up anyway. Good luck!"
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    ° Block Ferrix

    ° Friend+

    Ferrix's Signature

    E-mail: ferrix (at) gmail (dot) com
    AIM: ferrix

    Games I'm Running

    The Mythar Resistance: [OOC], [IC], [RG], Creature Gallery (players out)

    Halfling Quest: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Games I'm Playing In

    Gerard Verita the Human Fighter in Cold Truths by mps42: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Daithi'Rah in Hero of Mergovie by Darkmaster: [OOC], [IC.2], [IC.1], [RG]

    Trekt Loreseek, Dwarven Finder of the Lost in Magic Kingdom for Sale by Isida Kep'Tukari: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Kunst Ruhe, Dwarven Wizard in LEW: Heroes of the Vesper Peaks by Creamsteak: [OOC], [IC]

    Sigr˙n, The Architect in Scions of the Endless Falls by Isida Kep'Tukari; [OOC.1], [OOC.2], [IC], [RG]

    Virgil Sorrengate Winsyth III in The World of Low'verok by Isida Kep'Tukari: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Amon, League Changeling, in League of Extraordinary by Karl Green: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Aphram, The Dragonstalker in Dragonslayers by EvilHalfling: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Garant Seĺl-Dĺahn, Planescape Artificer in Of Wealth and Taste by Eluvan: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Games in Limbo

    Kitsch the Filcher Pilferer in Blacksails over Freeport by Karl Green: [OOC], [OOC.2], [IC.2], [IC.1], [RG]

    Nah'l, Two-headed Kobold Barbarian in Brave Kobold Adventures by Krug: [OOC], [IC.1], [IC.2], [IC.3], [RG]

    Keys the Whisper Gnome Housebreaker in Extravagant Planehopping by Kelleris: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Hedwan the Androgynous Gnome in Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil by Ankh-Morpork Guard; [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Games That Are No Longer Running or Never Got Off the Ground

    Derrik Forgehammer, Cleric of the Forge in The Lost Patriarch by DralonXitz: [OOC], [IC],

    Kor'bin Destyra, Half-Orc Monk in Traipsing Across Khorvaire by Starman: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Ignazio, The Red Dragon Sorcerer, in Avatar of Chaos by ChaosEvoker: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Moranu, The Dead Walker, in Ex Oblivion, Eberron! by adamantineangel: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Floe Glitterice, Native Uldra Guide in Beneath the Ice by nonamazing: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Lochan Aravinda, The Master Archer in Aeterian Expedition by Kalanyr: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Eikasia the Artilect Akashic in The Coldland Wars by Gnomeworks: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Sten00000015 "Thunder" in Bughunters Moreau by Karl Green: [OOC], [IC]

    Aerion Turin Aelshien, the Peregrine Knight in The Knights of Solamnia by Creamsteak: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Kiera Solstrom, Radiant Servant of Pelor in Ashy's Oathbound Campaign by Ashy: [OOC], [OOC.2], [IC], [IC.2], [RG]

    Glangim, The Lost King, Hammer of the All-Father in Twisted Infinity by Wrahn: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Donner Hund the Halfling Hound Rider in Squaring the Circle Redux by Sephiroth no Miko: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Keys the Halfling Housebreaker in Killing Zander by Dr. Screampunk: [OOC], [IC]

    Kaestryl Ouri, Sprite Magister in Lost Dreams by Erekose13: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Faustus Ignazio the Swashbuckler in Oathbound: Homecoming by Kahuna Burger: [OOC], [IC]

    Donner Hund, The Original in The Darkness That Comes Before by Erekose13: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Ory Willowfarthing, Outback Halfling in Song of the Deep by Chauzu: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Leon Tigerfoot, Halfling Skateboarder in Yet Another Eberron Game by Spidertrag: [OOC], [IC], [RG]

    Kaerick the Feral Ranger in Cydra by Jester: [IC], [OOC], [RG]

    Christopher Wolfe in Stargate/Dragonstar by Karl Green: [OOC], [IC]

    Slate Vaslet in Tales Around the Campfire by Sparky: [OOC], [IC]
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    Games I run:

    Planescape: A Hopeless Beginning IC, OOC, RG.

    Games I play:

    Alister Delbraeth in tylermalan's The Sky Breathes All Life

    Ilsthyr in Tailspinner's Skeleton Quest - Origins

    Cassient in Nonlethal Force's Elysium Squad

    Firen Stormsong in Ion's The Epic, the rift and the travellers.

    Garrick in Phyrrus' Shackled City

    Dead Games I Hope One Day to Play Again

    Huynia Amaru in DarkMaster's The Last Colony

    Lysienne Rainthir in Dim_Darknight's The Temple of Elemental Evil

    Jemith Dultarin in Lazlow's Tales From Algernon's Amazing Archmagical Academy!
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    The Shaman's games...

    Gamemaster - active games
    Wing and Sword, a d20 Modern military mini-campaign: metagame / action / characters / story hour (coming soon) - hosted by ENWorld

    Gamemaster - inactive games
    Netherworld, a d20 Modern horror campaign: metagame (cancelled) - hosted by Wizards of the Coast
    Piece of Mind, a d20 Modern contemporary horror campaign: metagame / action (ended) / characters - hosted by ENWorld

    Player - active characters
    Dakota Turnbow, a Tou4/Wra4 in Bad Moon over California, a d20 Sidewinder: Recoiled adventure: metagame / action / character - hosted by ENWorld
    Francisco "Paco" Guerini, Inv4, in Beyond the Mountains of Madness, a d20 Call of Cthulhu adventure: details to follow
    Pvt. Joe Kowalski, a Tou2, in Green Hell, a d20 Modern/Grim Tales game: details to follow
    Cpl. Vu Dinh Bao, a Cha3/Neg2 in Silver Wings, a d20 Modern adventure: metagame / action / character - hosted by Wizards of the Coast

    Player - inactive characters
    Blacktail, a lizardfollk Dru1 in Warlords of Pangea, a 3.5 D&D campaign: metagame / action (ended) / character - hosted by ENWorld
    Special Agent Ricardo "Ricky" Garces, a Cha3/Neg1 in Angles and Angels, a d20 Modern campaign: metagame / action (ended) / character - hosted by ENWorld
    Pvt. Daniel "Spooky" Talbot, a Sma1/Fas1 in Shadow Corps, a d20 Modern campaign: metagame / action (bailed) / character (removed after leaving game) - hosted by Wizards of the Coast
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    ° Block Velmont

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    Lawrence Thorn, in Behind the Curtain
    Andrew Ward, in Days of Future Past
    Sielwoodan Velantien, in Lamentation of Lloth
    Leanthantalas in Shackled City
    Rinaldo di Senzio in Assassin's Knot (LEW)
    Opale di Senzio in Slave of the dragon (LEW)
    Ridik Keita, in Curse of House Thimbrall (LEW)
    Cedric Purkiss, Codename:CPU (LS)
    Sergeant Patrick O'connor (LS)

    On Hold:
    Jeremy Alfredson York, student of EPIC
    Traore, in Turtle Soup (Planescape 3.5e)

    Brodell's Tales OOC, IC, RG

    To start one day:
    Duet OOC, RG
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    Patlin's Signature

    Living EN World DM and Player.

    Partial listing only
    The Burning Tower: In which a group of adventurers, seeking to put out a fire in the City of Orussus, made their way through the magical defenses of a Mage's tower and eventually saved the tower's master from a grim fate. [Concluded]

    The Faerie Woods: In which a murderous fey is pursued by a team of heroes intent on preventing him from continuing his reign of terror. [Concluded]

    Assault on the Bandit Camp: In which the bounty on a Bandit Leader leads to a large scale battle. [Concluded]

    A Clash of Earth and Sea: In which a group of adventurers is asked to save a remote lake from evil forces which threaten the merfolk inabitants... and possibly much more!

    Tournament of Flowers II: An investigation into the kidnapping of two athletes reveals a dark plot. [Concluded]

    Blood of the Werewolf: A good man is inflicted with lycanthropy, and his brother seeks a cure with some help from his friends. [Concluded]

    Zombie Hunt: A small group of adventurers hunts down a monster which has been terrorizing the countryside. [Concluded]

    Ironwolf Kinkaid, Human Psychic Warrior 8. A serious man, dedicating to melding his mind and body into a single deadly weapon. After his first outing came to nothing (Eggs and Desires) he helped to solve a mystery in the Gladiator Pits of Earling (Murder is the Pits.) He's now engaged in exploring a dark dungeon containing fearsome undead. (Ashin's Commision.)

    Tor, Son of Ariathus Barbarian 2/Fighter 2. Genial and carefree, seeks to unlock his heritage, that of a copper Dragon Disciple. After some adventures in Monemvasia (Goblin HQ), he set off to put down some bandits (Hired Hands) and is seeking the forces behind them (Rats in a Maze.)

    Banion Lorish, Halfling Soulknife 5. Prefering to remain unseen, Banion is insecure by light of day, but posesses a strong attraction to the shadows. Unsure of his ability to generate a sword of energy with the power of his mind, he seeks to convince himself that this talent has value. He has recovered some stolen art (Dance of Souls) and is now investigating a plot involving pirates and smugglers (Thirst for Power.)

    Anvuss, Warforged Artificer 3, is beginning to explore Living Eberron.

    XP Calculator

    Inactive play by post characters: Orion Wildwind cannot join LEW unless one of my current characters dies or retires. Anvuss (though a new version of this character exists above) and Toramir
    EN World Dice Rolling
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    Games - DM
    None Currently (Soon!)

    Games - Play
    Eberron - Hanable's Hunters - Marek Tolin d'Cannith (Human Paragon 3/ Wizard 2) - by Bront
    Eberron - The League of the Extraordinaries' Reborn - Taran Varnodel d'Phairlan (Half-Dragon [Gold]/ Elf Ranger/ Sorcerer 4 [Gestalt]) - by Karl Green

    Games - Fading/Beyond the Pale/GM Out
    Custom World - The Gods Hate Us - Jaron Stormhand ( Half-Celestial Human Paragon 3/ Sorcerer 11) by Ankh-Morpork Guard
    Custom World - The Gods Themselves - Ardus the Fire Lord (Paragon 3/ Cleric 4/ Sorcerer 8/ Mystic Theurge 10) by lonesoldier
    Eberron - Crypt of the Crimson Stars - Brodin Stoneheart (Dwarven Ranger 3/ Fighter 4) - by Krauss von Espy (MIA)
    Eberron - Stone of Sorrow - Darr Ghen of the Cyn'myl (Drow Ranger 1/ Wizard 1) - by spidertrag (MIA)
    d20 Future - In Space They Can Hear You Scream - Arathon Galanodel (Elf Smart Hero 3/ Techno-Mage 1) by spidertrag (MIA)
    Forgotten Realms - Silver Marches - Dorn Grimaxe (Dwarf Ranger 2/ Fighter 4) by Crimson Tide (RL)
    Eberron - The Secret Scion - Rurik Loderr (Dwarf Ranger 1) by Isida Kep'Tukari (RL)
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    I Defended The Walls!WotBSWotBS

    ° Block Jdvn1

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    Jdvn1's sig

    Anton Brandovold is in Immortality Awakens (Part II). He currently has 30/30 hp and has come upon a temple in the desert.
    Farid Duropied is in Slaves of the Dragon. He currently has 34/34 hp and is currently not doing much.
    Kamdar Gilfoot is House Cleaning. He currently has 12/12 hp and is currently not doing much.
    Xavier Bordell is in Chapter 2 of Bordell's Tales: The Broken Sword. He currently has 53/53 hp and is trying to save Theor from an army of undead, but first is killing some Goblins
    Anthony Victorious will be in a duet game. He currently has 16/16 hp.
    Girble Dottywell is in the Heroes of Highdale game. He currently has 82/82 hp and is restarting his quest to save the town of Highdale.
    Malachi Oruna is in the Antigrol Tide. He currently has 25/25 hp and is trying to move on after the loss of his captain. But. (oh, and check out the game's wiki)
    Enala Mirthaliel is in the Red Hand of Doom. She currently has 29/29 hp and is helping a town against Hobgoblin bandits.
    Rickol Brondarelli is in a D&D World War. He currently has 51/51 hp and is pretending to be a travelling entertainer.
    Dowlee Meriweather is in the Shackled City. She currently has 11/14 hp.
    Ringly Softpetal is in a Halfling Quest. He currently has 9/9 hp.

    unused colors
    royal blue
    slate gray
    dark slate gray
    dark red
    dark orange
    dark slate blue

    Active Character Stats (8):
    Human 3
    Halfling 2
    Gnome 1
    Dwarf 1
    Elf 1

    Fighter 3
    Favored Soul 2
    Ranger 1
    Rogue 1
    Paladin 1
    Cleric 1
    Bard 1

    Character Stats (15):
    Human 5
    Halfling 3
    Gnome 2
    Dwarf 2
    Elf 1
    Warforged 1
    Copper Dragon 1

    Fighter 4
    Bard 2
    Favored Soul 2
    Paladin 2
    Barbarian 1
    Ranger 1
    Rogue 1
    Monk 1
    Wizard 1
    Cleric 1

    Dormon Boddywell is in an Eberron game, What Lurks Below. He currently has 12/12 hp.
    Self is in a planar Warforged game, Sigil, A Fresh Start. He currently has 63/63 hp.
    Mardin Nalik is in the Undermountain. He currently has 15/15 hp.
    Mardin Nalik is now in Scott's Bluff. He currently has 44/66 hp.
    Tadius Zyell is in the City of the Spider Queen. He currently has 61/61 hp.
    Tamin "The Whirling Blades" Saphonbend is in Eberron: The Chaos Effect. He currently has 42/42 hp.
    Dowlee Meriweather is in the Shackled City. She currently has 9/9 hp.
    David Artel, Baronet of Chivalry, is currently in Exexcrucication, a Nobilis game.
    Drumaxius is in Loex'edar, fighting the Dragonwars. He currently has 215/236 hp.
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