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The Horror! of Living Skeletons
  • 20
The Dungeons & Dragons skeleton has long been a low-level foe for novice adventurers. With its archery and lawful evil alignment, it hints at a life of discipline. But in medieval lore, its roots...
Worlds of Design: The Chain of Imagination
  • 10
In this article I try to rank forms of entertainment, including tabletop games, in how much imagination is needed and why they don’t always translate across different types of media.
News Digest for the Week of October 16
  • 0
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! Cyberpunk RED gets a release date and price, another Drizzt Do’Urden collectible up for pre-order, Starfinder Alexa app gets three new...
The Horror! of Labyrinths
  • 15
Adventures in Dungeons & Dragons have always been rooted in dungeons, mazes where branching paths lead to different rooms, constricting player choice but not limiting it to one path. Labyrinths...
News Digest for the Week of October 2
  • 3
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! A new Sage Advice update with D&D 5e rules clarifications, the rogue playtest is available for Level Up 5e, the unseen finale to the...
GMing: What Keeps Long Running Campaigns Exciting?
  • 31
You have a new campaign to start. You need a starting location, NPCs, and an adventure. Months later, you need to make an adventure for a 14th level party who need strong NPCs and monsters to...
News Digest for the Week of August 28
  • 1
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! New D&D book announced, big Dungeons & Dragons streaming event announced for September, a preview of the new Warhammer 40K: Wrath & Glory...
Robots & Cyborgs & Oz, Oh My!
  • 28
The Wizard of Oz has become iconic thanks to the titular movie that established L. Frank Baum's world. And yet, there are over a dozen of books set in Oz in the public domain that go well beyond...
Making It in the RPG Industry
  • 126
Can you make a living in the tabletop role-playing industry as your sole source of income? Unless you work for one of the major game publishers, the odds are against you. But there’s another way...
D&D, Conan, and He-Man: Toys That Never Were
  • 16
With She-Ra and He-Man returning to Netflix as series that invoke the nostalgia of the 80s with a modern sensibility, several retrospectives have explored the origins of the toy line that that...
The Ultra-Mysterious History of D&D's Iconic Monsters
  • 22
It's common lore that some of the more iconic monsters of Dungeons & Dragons drew their inspiration from a set of plastic monsters mixed in with a bag of dinosaurs from Japan. Those monsters were...
News Digest for the Week of May 29
  • 1
Hello everyone, Darryl where with this week’s gaming news. Another tease for Baldur’s Gate III, Paizo announces Starfinder product line for the coming year, more updates on the D&D movie, and more!
The Last Edition of D&D?
  • 309
Changes in Dungeons & Dragons' various editions have ranged from the incremental to the epic, shaking up the game's sales along with its playerbase. There is evidence that Wizards of the Coast is...
Onward: A D&D Movie for Kids
  • 29
We've known for some time now that Dungeons & Dragons has become a much larger part of the pop-culture fabric, thanks in no small part to streaming, parents introducing the game to their kids, and...
News Digest for the Week of May 8
  • 0
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news. Movement on the Dungeons & Dragons movie, Roll20 reports huge growth in players, Magic: The Gathering based D&D setting book Mythic...
News Digest for the Week of May 1
  • 1
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! New head of Dungeons & Dragons, PaizoCon going virtual, UK Games Expo Canceled, Gen Con delays event registration, Temple of Elemental...
Roll D6! More YouTube Channels to Enhance Your Gaming
  • 9
YouTube is not infinite like the planes, but it is so vast that no one GM can traverse it all. Here are d6 more YouTube channels to inform and enrich your RPG gaming. Or combine the list with the...
Tales from the Loop, Middle-earth, and Free League Interview
  • 16
Tales from the Loop is streaming now on Amazon Prime and, to take advantage of the spotlight, Free League Publishing is launching new products. In addition, their Free League Workshop is growing...
R. Talsorian Games’ Teenagers from Outerspace: An Interview
  • 10
On Facebook, I shared a post about anime RPGs, which garnered a remark from J Gray of R. Talsorian Games mentioning their RPG, Teenagers from Outerspace. That led to this interview with Kienna...
News Digest for the Week of February 28
  • 0
Hello everyone, Darryl here with this week’s gaming news! First look at Baldur's Gate III gameplay, new Dungeons & Dragons playtest material in Unearthed Arcana, a preview of the Pathfinder 2nd...

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