Open Gaming Licenses; SRDs; and 25 Hours of D&D for Charity
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Dungeons & Dragons News 25 Hours of Dungeons & Dragons! -- Greg Bilsland leads a team of guests and members of D&D R&D in participating in Extra Life, a 25-hour livestreamed D&D charity event to...

Rumour Spectalulooza! D&D NEXT: 5E & the OGL?; Old Settings Coming Back?; plus PATHFINDER Background

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Dungeons & Dragons News xIt's a very rumoury-speculative D&D section in today's news! Take them as you will, but the following items are RUMOUR only. 5th Edition to be OGL? Possibly! Or at...

Ultimate Campaign - Character Background

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Just as a note, I made a generator for this:

First NUMENERA Licensed Product!; GUMSHOE SRD; 13TH AGE Resources; and PATHFINDER backgrounds!

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Dungeons & Dragons News WotC will be holding another livestreamed game today (Lich Queen's Beloved; 17th level characters) using the latest D&D Next playtest rules. It'll be at 2pm-4pm US Pacific...
DDI to Stop Updates in March; 13TH AGE System Reference Document!; Bushfire Fundraiser; and Demons o
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Dungeons & Dragons News xThis weeks' D&D Next Q&A takes a look at monster descriptions and "multiclassing friendly" subclasses...

The Red Dragon Inn: Guide to Inns and Taverns: Change the Way Your Pathfinder Characters Spend Their

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The Prancing Pony… The Vulgar Unicorn… The Silver Eel… In heroic fantasy novels and short stories, there are always those places where heroes go to carouse, gamble, drink, and spend their treasures – the local inn. Heck, even in a “galaxy, far, far, away”, heroes meet and bar fights break out just as they do in “swords and sorcery” settings - even if those swords happen to be light sabers!
13TH AGE Rules FAQ; NUMENERA License Thoughts; 16-yr Old Cook & Cordell; plus new Livestreamed D&D N
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Dungeons & Dragons News Last Friday's cancelled livestreamed game will, hopefully, take place tonight. WotC's R&D team will be using the latest D&D Next playtest rules to play through The Lich...

Deluxe City of Terrors: Flying Buffalo Offers “Old School” Adventure Time for Solo Play!

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OK, Fellow RPG Fans… Pop Quiz time! What was the second modern role-playing game ever published – D&D being the first? If you quickly answered, “Tunnels & Trolls”, then give yourself a gold star!

Fit-beards Revisited

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Last week I warned you folks that we would talk about exercise this week, and here we are. I wanted to revisit a topic I wrote about way back in February. I had a pretty good summer, (lightly) training for the Warrior Dash and successfully running that race at the beginning of June.

New Wildshape and Paladin Oath for D&D NEXT; 13TH AGE Mega-Resource; and Browse PATHFINDER adventure

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Dungeons & Dragons News D&D Next Podcast -- In this episode, R&D's Mike, Jeremy and Rodney sit down to discuss the playtest packet that recently went live, including changes to the paladin (new...

One Scary Monster

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As the weather grows cool and the leaves start to change color, the excitement for Halloween starts to build. The holidays eat up a lot of free time, so me and my friends try to squeeze in as much gaming as we can in October to offset the dearth of gaming around Christmas and New Year’s. In honor of Halloween, I’m going to run the first official Ravenloft adventure released for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Feast of Goblyns.

The Chaos and Beauty in Castles of Burgundy - Discover It For Yourself!

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As we don our women's slacks and prepare for another night around the Game Board, we look at Castles of Burgundy by the current golden child of board game design - Stefan Feld. Hexagonal tiles, rolling dice and building in the Medieval French countryside. Who could ask for more?

Three Acts: Rage of the Barbarian Queen

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Dragons. It’s right there in the name. They should be one of the primary antagonists in any archetypal D&D game! Yet, many DMs are reluctant to use them, because a dragon is sometimes a bit too big, too much is riding on a full-fledged dragon, it requires too much planning, too much work to telegraph the true impact of the creatures. Well, that’s where I come in. This week, I’ve got a free single-session-adventure for you featuring the white dragon.

Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters – Hey! Why is Your Pokémon Sniffing my D&D Books?! (A Review)

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As I discussed in review last week of Kromore 2154 (Kickstarting Kromore 2154: Steampunk & Space Opera fuse into a Mind-Blowing RPG Setting), mash-ups are the name of the game these days – role-playing games in particular. I’ve been receiving a number of these genre-bending role-playing games over the past few months, and each has its own unique way of pulling tropes together into a cohesive gaming experience.

What's my motivation?!

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I’ll start today by talking about what I’m not going to talk about: Fitness. I was going to discuss fitness but then I had a better idea and figured I’d wait until next week and also it would give me a chance to issue this big call to action: If you’re not already doing regular exercise then you have a whole week to get started so you can talk about it next week when I discuss fitness. Also my editor is on a business trip so I can type as many run-on sentences as I want and nobody can do a thing about it. Nyah! So with the fitness discussion on hold until next week, today I want to talk about what motivates us in gaming and other areas of our life. Last night I ran my 13th Age game, and it went fantastic. The reason why it went great owed very little to my GMing and a whole lot to my players’ genius.

Bruce Cordell: Psionics, Tentacles, D&D, and NUMENERA!

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Bruce Cordell has worked for TSR - and then WotC - on Dungeons & Dragons for nearly 20 years. Now he's got a new project: he's a lead designer at Monte Cook Games, working with his childhood friend on the brand new =numenera"]NUMENERA RPG. Bruce spared some time to sit down with me and answer a few questions about his career, and about his new role on =numenera"]NUMENERA.

What Time Is It? Adventure Time!

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Okay, the title may be a bit misleading, although Adventure Time is a great inspiration for D&D. What I’m alluding to is the time of year when gaming gets “kicked up a notch.” What makes it so special? There are two things – the first is Halloween, and the second is fall television show premieres!

How to Design a Village in 5 Easy Steps

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Most GMs, at some point in their illustrious careers, will have to design a village. What at first appears to be a ridiculously easy task will, on closer inspection, turn out to ‘be’ a ridiculously easy task. In case you’re designing your village at 2 a.m. and can’t think straight, there’s always this handy guide to help you remember if you missed something.

Science Fiction Double Feature - Dark Dealings in Nefarious!

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Ahh, sci-fi! The place where imagination runs free and the dreams of film-makers and authors run riot, creating brilliant and beautiful worlds. Of course, we all know that the best sci-fi flicks are the dumbest ones where plans go awry at the flick of a switch. In Nefarious, you get to play one of those much beloved but utterly hapless scientists... but you still have a chance to take over the world. It's just going to take some effort...

What Has Evolved in RPGs?

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This week, Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan published an article about the evolution of work and the workplace, along with the obligatory Infographic -- albeit a well-made one. He based the work...


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