Against the Giants 5e PBP (Full)

Group One: I am down about half my spells. I'm game to try I should be able to heal if needed but that will eat into my offensive capabilities. I don't know what our other options are. We either need to go for the hall or back out and rest. I don't think sneaking around will gain us much. We are just going to end up in another slow pull of the entire fort which we cannot handle.

I think we are all pretty good health wise at the moment. We could try to demand an audience as Fitz suggests. It could buy us some time but not sure what it will accomplish. The worst outcome is we end up in a fight.

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Group One: I see three options:

1. We head to the room with the stairs down. There's at least one giant in there. Sounds like it might be a barracks, so unlikely we'll find more information there. Going downstairs seems risky with all the giants coming back soon - and then we're stuck (unless we find a different way out).

2. Try to bluff the Chief. Agree with VLAD that while we might get some additional info, it will likely go south soon. If anything, the smarter stone giant will likely figure things out pretty quick.

3. Surprise attack on the Great Hall.

I think we should go with option #3 assuming the wizard has a few spells left as well. @TerraDave, you're call there, but sounds like the Bard and Druid are ready to go in. This might be our best opportunity to take down the chief while the other giants are out - which would be a huge blow to the whole steading.


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BTW, one of my remaining spells is my only level 5 - and it's Animate Object. So as long as I can maintain concentration (1 min max) Eoghan will actually be contributing significant damage which I haven't been yet. I also have two level 4 slots, which can be charm monsters, polymorphs, or upcasts of lower level.

I have some decent spells left as well. I have heat metal which can mess with the chief or the armored giant I also have 2 level 4 left with wall of fire prepped so I can do some decent control of needed. I think we can take them it will just be a tough fight.

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1D&D is a plot by Hasbro to get people talking about D&D instead of playing D&D.

Or Tiktokking. Toktikking? I checked out back when Sea Shanties were a thing.


A little side-discussion:

It occurs to me that Wall of Fire doesn't quite do what one might expect of it. Or at least, not fully. There's a tremendous urge to drop it directly ON a group of bad guys. But if you do, it's not much of a "wall" - because the sensible way to run out of it would be towards the cool side.

(One might question how a target could tell which side is which, but I would say that if you draw a 1-ft. thick line of fire through a person, and one side is deadly hot for ten ft. out, and the other side is totally safe, they are far more likely to flee to the cool side than they are to the hot side.)

And yet, all casters will intend to keep the cool side as "our side" and the hot side as "their side".

But if you want to keep the bad guys away from something, you'd need to put the wall between the bad guys and the thing (so they'd have to enter the hot part to get at it, which very few sane individuals would do). If you drop it on them, they're likely to run to the "wrong" side.

But who wants to give up on that sweet initial damage? It's a conundrum.

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Group 2: sorry for the delay; just missed that the thread had activity. Did anyone take the shield we found? (After the current exchange) the Colonel might use it if no one else does.

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During in the evening, Gimlak expressed that even though it is a dwarven shield stolen by the giants, as a prince of the dwarves, he wants the Colonel to have it and use it to help save his brethren. If they live through the rescue, Gimlak says the Colonel may keep it until he no longer needs it, but asks that he return it one day to the Dwarves. And Gimlak guarantees that the Colonel won't regret the feast and celebration when he returns it.
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I go through phases of having plenty of time to post and with very little time to post. After many years, I think I've figured out what the big difference is. Obviously stuff at work makes a difference, but as I own a comic and game store, I can sometimes make time at work, so it's only a minor factor. Although a good TV show can cause me to have less screen time for posting, or travel can leave me without wifi (increasingly rare, both in that I haven't gone anywhere lately AND everywhere now has wifi) - that's not quite it either.

No... the big difference is whether my wife is working or not. When she's working, I have plenty of time to do whatever I want - which is run my games here! But when she's off work (like she has been lately) I can make a small commentary post or two (like this one) but to find time to roll a round or post the next big story beat? THAT is difficult!

I'll keep plugging away, though! (And maybe she'll pick up more shifts soon...)

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