Against the Giants 5e PBP (Full)

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Steve Gorak

Hey @FitzTheRuke, can you pls make a note IC about what the star spawn is seeing? I didn’t want to add an already busy thread ic, but this is an important topic (Gimlak is using his concentration on it, so it better add value! ;-)
Thanks and cheers,


Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist

Posted my action. If there is another update by Friday, I'll post again. Otherwise, I am unlikely to be able to make a substantive post until January 4, 2023. Please feel free to control Doc in the meantime (he's using the Hexblade's Curse, and not Hex, on the Galeb Duhr).

This also goes for Phlox and the Spelljammer thread, if that starts moving.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Happy holidays! As a special gift, I have returned. ;)

But seriously, so sorry for my two-month absence. I blame life, being ill, and general procrastination. And of course, the boogie.

Trying to get caught up on my games.
And now it's my turn to do so.
Still hoping that @JustinCase will return!
Wish granted. :)

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist


Not to single anyone out, but to single TWO PEOPLE OUT (see what I did there?) ... we are waiting for you. Now that I'm back from my extended sojourns, it's time to get this hootenanny back on track. I suggest approximately 63% more hoot, and 38% less nanny. Your values may differ, and that's okay! I'm comfortable with other people being wrong. :)

Seriously, though. There are giants that need a killin' (and or a banishin'!). Let's do this!


LOL. Yes, it's true. In what little time I've had to be on this site over the holidays, I've only managed to post in other threads. I promise to get going again soon. I have a plan, which will involve resolving rounds in several shorter posts. I've found that not only can I fit that in between other life-things, but that I find it less intimidating than when I think, "Okay, I'm going to resolve the whole thing at once! But when will I find the time?"

So, wait for the "round-roller" before posting a new turn, but I promise to push things forward very soon. Hopefully even later today, if I can find time between the billion less interesting things that are on my schedule.


Thank you everyone for your patience over the holidays. It really is my intention to move a heck of a lot faster than one-round in the better part of a month, but the holidays were quite busy for me, and on top of that, I was a bit intimidated by the idea of keeping up with my games, which further slowed things down.

(Every now and then I have morale failure when it comes to the workload. I always have to remind myself that if I can just resolve ONE thing - be it a monster's turn, or a confirmation of a PC's turn, then I can keep things moving. Unfortunately I keep trying to resolve a whole round at once, which takes me quite some time, that I don't always have, so I leave it for "later" which doesn't come... anyway, I think I have it worked out for now.)


Before the colonel takes his turn, I'll just check:

Colonel was dodging, so the bear should have disadvantage.
Was that included in these rolls? If it was, then I'll make the concentration check -- trying to delay the Stone giants' return!
Honestly, I will have to check. I knew he was dodging when I set out to roll, but I suspect that I may not have wrote the disadvantage script. Gotta walk my dog, BRB.


As you all probably are aware, many PBP games fade out from general player and GM flakiness. Now, I'd like to think that I'm one of the more reliable PBP GMs, but I admit to being a little shaky lately.

I'd like to get your feedback on the overall pacing of THIS GAME (if you are in any of my other games, I'm going to cut-and-paste this there too, so please think about each game individually and answer for each - they are not created equal!) AND your overall satisfaction. To make things easy for you, I'm going to give you six choices (you could roll a d6 on this chart, but it would be better if you just pick your answer!)

How are you currently feeling about the pace of this game and how's your morale doing playing it?

1) I just like to play. Slow. Fast. Whatever's good.
2) I'm enjoying it as it is and I prefer it slow - I'm pretty busy.
3) I'm enjoying it. I'd like it if the pace picked up, but I'll put up with slow if I have to.
4) I like the game, but I'd really rather it moved faster. Can we pick up the pace?
5) I'm dangerously close to losing interest but I'm sticking around to see if it improves.
6) I've lost interest due to pacing but I haven't gotten around to quitting yet.

No matter what your answer, there's no hard feelings! (AND feel free to add some caveats to your pick if you want to give me a more nuanced answer).

For my part, I think my own answer would be 3 or sometimes 4.

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks for playing.

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