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Against the Giants 5e PBP (Full)


Sorry, weekends are usually offline for me... and yesterday was too busy a day. But here I am.

I still need to add gear and spells, but I'll at least post an introduction in the IC.

I'm the opposite. Weekends (though that would be Sunday-Monday for me) are when I have the most time to post. Tuesdays I have the least. (game and comic stock arriving, night time IRL D&D and whisky).

So if I seem a lot slower to respond today, you now know why. (Still, I may find some time this evening or tomorrow morning, so I won't be completely absent!)

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A suffusion of yellow
Sorry, weekends are usually offline for me... and yesterday was too busy a day. But here I am.

I still need to add gear and spells, but I'll at least post an introduction in the IC.

heya, just so Im clear ic - despite being Yuanti your pc appears to be
human, so I wouldnt be able to pick up any snakeyness?

Same question for @Kobold Stew too: is the Colonel grey skinned but otherwise human-passing?

Doc has the spooky ex-human weirdness
A Dwarf seems like the least of my concerns


No more built in die roller. I guess that was a while ago.

I could use the coyote code. Could also do roll20 screen shots. Or something else?

Yeah, I miss the old built-in. You can do whatever you want, but coyote is easiest. Orokos is fine, too. Just post 'em in your OOC blocks.

Speaking of rolling: I know some people are reluctant to roll any check at all, without the DM asking for it. To avoid back-and-forth, it's best in PBP that if you think I might ask for a roll, just roll it. Post it. If I don't think that you needed a roll, you will auto-succeed. Mostly, I use rolls for relative-success when describing things. Roll. Roll ALOT! It won't hurt you. At worst, it will make things exciting. Trust me.


I use Dice Roller • Orokos.com for my rolls. It does the same thing as the roller Blue posted. I just perfer it's formatting. On that note I need to roll for my Cosmic Omen feature.

Cosmic Omens Weal or Woe roll: 1d6 4

So even is Weal which let's me add a d6 to someone's roll as a reaction.

Reactions are the worst in PBP. So we don't have to retcon when we can avoid it, try to get ahead of that as much as possible. I mean, don't worry too much about it - we'll figure it out. But definitely try to keep on top of it. I haven't played a lot of PBP at this high a level (not at all, I think) but hopefully we'll figure it out.

Steve Gorak

Hey @FitzTheRuke,

I did a second pass with my character. The picture is up as requested, and I think I'm done with the equipment. I also tweaked the spells. He's very psion oriented, I hope he is effective! I’ll likely do a final pass tomorrow.
FYI, I hope he'll get to use Geas, looks like a really fun spell (I have ideas to set it up ;-)

I wanted to ask you, are you playing with the optional magical guidance sorcerer feature (see below)? I’ve assumed that yes, so I included dispel magic and counter spell in Gimlak’s spell selection (he’d be rather potent at them). If you prefer not to allow this, I’d be more than happy, this way he’d suck at counter spelling (no proficiency in arcana, so can’t recognize the spells being cast) and I’d be free to pick 2 other spells.

Magical Guidance (Optional)​

When you reach 5th level, you can tap into your inner wellspring of magic to try and conjure success from failure. When you make an ability check that fails, you can spend 1 sorcery point to reroll the d20, and you must use the new roll, potentially turning the failure into a success.

Thanks and cheers,


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