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I assuming the potion of eagle's splendor went to Maur (logical) but who claimed the barkskin (+2) and delay poison potions? If no one wants the third potion, I'll have Aureus take it and hold on to it for the group.

@JustinCase and @Scotley,
Am I to assume that either Caerth or Phar has the staff of defense? (The staff has the full 50 charges, BTW.)

Or you guys could lend it to one of the NPCs for this fight. Since it is sized for a medium character, Scarborax can't use it. Syndra could use it, however. (She normally fights with a mwk shortspear.)

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if no one wants the Heavy +2 shield, Quinn would not just throw it on the ground, he would hold it until someone wanted it, just in case he fights with cruel justice one handed.


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So, I'm trying to figure out who claimed the +2 heavy steel shield. @ScottDeWar_jr had said he wanted Quinn to have it, but that both @Neurotic and @Tellerian Hawke had wanted it, but T.H. decided to forgo it to get the amulet of natural armor +3. He in turn gives up his amulet of natural armor +2 (to Quinn?).

If I have it right in my head, Maur has the +2 shield, Angus has the +3 amulet, and Quinn gets the +2 amulet. Or did I miss something?

Since Angus is fighting with the silvered bastard sword two handed, he lent his personal shield to the Gala named Samantha.
wait, I did not see this post .. .. .. Ok, this sound right!

Tellerian Hawke

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Angus had never wanted the +2 shield, because he would never replace his clan shield. (It has his coat of arms on it, and is his family heirloom item.) He DID get the +3 amulet, however.

And yes, he is foregoing the use of his clan shield for this battle, in favor of more damage. (Samantha is using the shield.)

Stats for Shield, by the way:

Family Heirloom, 3,000 gp. value = +1 Mithral Heavy Shield of Bashing. (+3 AC, +0 ArmChk, 5% Spell Fail, Considered Light, Weight: 7 Lbs.) Shield bears the differenced arms of the MacKillan clan. Shield Spec: +4 Total AC bonus. Is considered a light weapon for the purposes of two-weapon fighting.
DAMAGE: 1d8+6


Angus did not get the silvered bastard sword (I thought Quinn was using it?) I have Angus listed as using his clan sword (+1 LARGE Longsword.)

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Tellerian Hawke

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Also, I feel that I should explain the co-existence of two opposing conditions: cool AND muggy.

The leftover warmth from yesterday is still radiating up from the ground, mixing with the moist conditions, hence the mugginess. But there's a cool breeze from somewhere (can't tell which direction) that is alleviating the muggy conditions somewhat.

Now that I am back in my poorly-air-conditioned office, with no breeze to help, I have had to turn on my floor fan, in order to replicate the natural breeze, and make conditions in my office more bearable. 😎

(This is an old, concrete-walled, building from the 1970's, and I am in the very back room, where ventilation is at its weakest, lol. :p )

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