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I'm intrigued. Enough I might buy the book just to get in here. Wheels are turning...

The Phoenix, a newcomer on the Centropolis supers scene, is a woman with fire and flame generation and control powers. She's not encountered anyone long enough to guess what she's like underneath the mask.
Her flame displays often take an avian bent, and her most public appearance, taking down a rogue robot in the Park, she seemed to show a flair for the dramatic.

I'm not statting her out till I can get/borrow M&M 3e. Thanks [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION] for pointing me to the SRD.

[sblock=Background]Background wise, she's a woman who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. An investigative blogger, she was involved in a not-quite legal investigation of a clandestine research lab, apparently owned by [EVIL CORPORATION]. She was discovered, there was a chase and she accidentally found herself in a reaction chamber of some heat/solar/nuclear experiment, and someone turned it on. The system overloaded, the lab was consumed in a fireball, and a Jane Doe, burned over 75% of her body was found in the wreckage. The hospital she was taken to had a mysterious fire in her room, and she disappeared.[/sblock]


Character Points: 120
Power Level: 8

Score pp
Str 1 2
Sta 2 4
Dex 3 6
Agl 3 6
Ftg 1 2
Int 3 6
Awe 5 10
Pre 3 6
42 pp

Skills Rank pp
Acrobatics 4 2
Athletics 2 1
Expertise(Writer) 3 1.5
Insight 3 1.5
Investigation 6 3
Perception 4 2

Advantages Rank pp
Attractive 2 2
Well Informed -- 1
3 pp

Immortality Limited (Needs Oxygen) Rank 5 Cost 5 (One Day)
Energy Control: Ranged Damage 10 (20pts)
Choose two Alternative Effects (2pts)
Energy Immunity: Immunity 5 (Energy Control type) (5pts)
Flight: Flight 5 (60 MPH) (10pts)
Energy Aura: Damage 2, Reaction (8pts)
Protection Sustained 3 Ranks (+3 toughness) (3) pts
53 pts

Ab. + Def =Total PP
DODGE: 3 + 4 = 7 4
WILL: 5 + 3 = 8 3
FORT: 2 + 4 = 6 4
TOUGHNESS: 2 + (3 sustained prot.) = 2/5 0

42 + 11 + 3 + 53 + 11 = 120
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First Post
Hehe, nothing she's said has suggested she's a reformed villain yet. :)

Besides, we've got a paladin to lecture us and keep us from turning evil.


First Post
Thanks... I'll be reading this all night. :-D

M&M at its basics is "Ranks" vs. "Power Levels". Ranks cost so many points and generally you cannot exceed your Power level with them (if they are damaging in some way... but powers like Flight are not limited in this way as they don't cause "harm" normally).

So if Phoenix has a Fiery Blast that she can hit people at range with, she generally cannot have higher then a +8 to hit with it and it does a base of +8 damage. You can "trade-off" some of this by lowering "one side to increase the other". I.e. if she only takes a +6 to her Attack roll chance to hit, she could increase her fiery blast to +10 damage, etc.

If you have any questions let me know or PM me and I can help you build her, etc.


The Shadow of Red Haven

Hero: The Shadow
Identity (Secret): Caleb Thomas Black
Height: 6’
Weight: 185 lbs
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Group Affiliation:
Base of Operations: Red Haven
Power Level: 8
Power Point Totals: Abilities: 74 + Powers 36 + Advantages 6 + Skills 4 + Defenses 0 = 120

Abilities (74p)
Strength: 5
Stamina: 4
Agility: 6
Dexterity: 4
Fighting: 7
Intellect: 3
Awareness: 4
Presence: 4

Initiative: +6 (6 Agility)
Melee: +7 (7 Fighting)
Ranged: +4 (4 Dexterity)
Specific Attacks:
- Staff: +8, DC 22
- Unarmed: +8, DC 20
- Bolos: +5 vs Dodge range 125/250/500

Defenses (0p)
Dodge: +6 (6 Agility)
Parry: +7 (7 Fighting)
Fortitude: +4 (4 Stamina)
Toughness: +5/6 (4 Stamina + 1 Defensive Roll + 1 Costume)
Will: +4 (4 Awareness)

Skills (8 Ranks, 4p)
Acrobatics: 7 (6 Agility + 1 Ranks)
Athletics: 6 (5 Strength + 1 Ranks)
Close Combat
- Staff +8 (7 Fighting + Close Combat 1)
- Unarmed +8 (7 Fighting + Close Combat 1)
Deception: +4 (4 Presence + 0 Ranks)
- Soldier: +4 (3 Intellect + 1 Ranks)
Insight: +4 (4 Awareness + 0 Ranks)
Intimidation: +5 (4 Presence + 1 Ranks)
Investigation: +4 (3 Intellect + 1 Ranks)
Perception: +5 (4 Awareness + 1 Ranks)
Persuasion: +4 (4 Presence + 0 Ranks)
Ranged Combat
- Bolos: +5 (4 Dexterity + 1 Ranks)
Sleight of Hand: +4 (4 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)
Stealth: +7 (6 Agility +1 Ranks)
Technology: +3 (3 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Treatment: +3 (3 Intellect + 0 Ranks)
Vehicles: +4 (4 Dexterity + 0 Ranks)

Advantages (6p)
Close Attack 1 (+1 Close Attacks)
Defensive Roll 1 (+1 active Toughness)
Equipment 4 (20 equipment points)

Equipment (20)
Utility Belt Array
- Bolos (6p): Snare 3 (hinder/vulnerable; defenseless/immobile)
- Restraints (1p)
Costume (1p): Protection 1
Fighting staff (2p): collapsible, separable (2 fighting sticks)
Motorcycle (10p)

Powers (36p)
Shadow Form (26p) – Body turns into a living shadow
- Concealment 4 (All Visual, Limited Darkness/Shadows, 7p)
- Immunity (1p) (Environmental Condition – Cold)
- Insubstantial 4 (Limited vulnerable to Light-based powers, 20p)
- Activated Standard (-2p)

Darkness (3p) – Creates area of darkness
- Concealment 2 (Visual, 4p)
- Close Burst Area Attack (Limited 15’, 0p)
- Activated Move (-1p)

Dark Regeneration (1p) – Heals while in shadow or darkness
- Regeneration 2 (Medium Shadows/Darkness, -1p)

Darkvision (2p)
- Senses 2 (2p)

Shadowport (4p) – Teleport 500’ through shadows
- Teleport 4 (Medium Shadows/Darkness, -4p)

Motivation: Justice – punish the criminals in Red Haven and protect the innocent citizens
Enemies: The Medved Koroli and The Yellow Hand
Relationships: Kimberly Black, 15 year old daughter (knows his secret identity); Matthew and Karen Black (parents, do not know his secret identity); Virginia Diamond, cousin-in-law (cousin of Caleb’s wife)

[sblock=The Shadow’s Background]
Caleb Black grew up in a working class family in Red Haven. His father was a police officer and his mother worked in a bakery. When he turned 18, Caleb joined the Army in an effort to get out of the crime-ridden neighborhood, but not before he married his high school sweetheart Victoria Armati, who happened to be the daughter of one of the Diamond mob families.

After Caleb returned from basic training and was stationed at the Middleton Army Base, he and Tori discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they named Kimberly.

After 9/11, Caleb volunteered for special forces training and eventually served with Delta Force in Iraq and Afghanistan. After the war, he returned to Middleton Army Base. During the V’sorri Invasion his team was called upon to board and take out an alien ship. Caleb was accidentally exposed to massive amounts of the exotic dark matter radiation in the ship’s power core.

After recovering, Caleb took an honorable discharge and returned to his family in Centropolis, taking a job as a security guard at the Millionaires Pavilion shopping center. Nothing seemed amiss until all hell broke loose between the established Italian mob families and the new Russian arrivals, the Medved Koroli. Caleb and Tori were shopping when the Russians targeted her for a hit, despite the fact that she had little to do with the family business. Caleb shielded her with his body, taking a few of the spray of bullets meant for her, but then his body changed. Becoming shadow, he became insubstantial, allowing the rest of the bullets to pepper the body of his wife. It was only a fraction of a second and then it was done. Caleb collapsed in a pool of his wife’s blood.

Caleb’s injuries healed remarkably quickly as he discovered that he could draw on the darkness for healing. He was now left with sole care of his daughter, and with a burning vengeance against the criminals that had taken his wife from him.

Caleb tested his new abilities. He trained, enhancing his already formidable combat skills. But he would not take the ultimate justice into his own hands; he would not kill. But he had no problem leaving the criminals in traction for a year.

And so the mysterious Shadow of Red Haven hit the streets, spreading fear into the criminals of the district.
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Hmmm...looking at the other heroes, I notice they have lower Ability stats. Did I do something wrong in my build? Just curious, not having used the system before.

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